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    No longer Chemistry Student, now Computer Science Student

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    Anything Hardware or Software related
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    Computer Science Student
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    Slave aka student


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    Asus Z97 Pro Wifi AC
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    16GB Kingston DDR3 @ 1646Mhz
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    MSI Twin Frozr GTX970
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    Zalman Z9 U3
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    Samsung Evo 240GB + 2x 2TB Seagate 7200RPM
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    Antec 750 Semi Modular
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    Samsung SyncMaster 2443FW 1200*1920 + Acer AL1916 1024*1240
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    Scythe Mugen 4 + some fans
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G600
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    HyperX Cloud
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    Loads of Linux distro's (from TinyCore to Ubuntu) and Win 8.1 Pro

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  1. Whats going on with the referral link to the SD7000? I get an Access Denied error...
  2. I'm still happy with my Surface Pro 3, but I were looking for a laptop I'd buy this (provided the Linux support is good enough). I don't get why this superior 3:2 aspect ratio is not more popular for productivity devices.
  3. Fair enough it would be useful to replace them, yes. But I reckon in the vast majority of such devices you cannot replace anything (jaybirds I don't think are very repairable). It would be nice if they were, but especially from Apple, it can't always be expected.
  4. What is the score for other headphones? Surely most of them are not at all user service able? For a device that small I don't really see how they could make it user serviceable without making it quite a bit more bulky. I don't like Apple but this sounds a lot like hating for the sake of it. (Of course I don't agree with non serviceability on other devices like the SSD in the new macbooks)
  5. Apparently AMD gpus are nearly always more powerful than the Nvidia cards, my gpu computing lecturer tells me. But Nvidia has the market share cuz Cuda and code is easy to write for that and a lot of code already exists
  6. Can't say I much mind most of those big youtubers getting less views. Most of them are absolutely horrible, producing poor quality content with clickbait titles and thumbnails. The less views they get the better.
  7. I do very strongly agree that Windows should warn against possible incompatibilities before upgrading and defer an upgrade if something is detected. My windows 10 install keeps trying to upgrade but crashes because of an asus driver which I need. It's really pissing me off
  8. Yes that is what I said. I used to have 2 AP's with the same SSID and authentication. However it does work fairly seamlessly and I didn't notice it that much. Thats because when I got out of range AP1 I just got connected to AP2. Not seamless, but the downtime wasn't noticeable in any normal usage (webbrowsing and such). Maybe for realtime applications it won't be ideal, but again, I don't know what kind of deployment situation you have there. I also believe that the current Wave 1 Unifi AP AC units don't support "zero handoff". But with my 3 currently deployed Unifi AP's I've neve
  9. I'm pretty sure that you need a special AP to allow external controllers to work with them. Stuff like Ubiquitis Unifi platform or Edimax Pro AP's. Most manufacturers offer something along those lines. What kind of setup is this gonna be? Home? Small office? I also think that if you setup AP's with the same SSID and wifi authentication clients can auto switch between the 2 AP's, although it won't be seamless (cuz no controller to handle the transition)
  10. Can confirm, Twitter is completely down. I also can't reach GitHub it seems
  11. I wonder though, if they would spend that extra upfront cost the set up the Windows computers better (more locking down, idk what they do that requires so much help desk use) how would they then compare? What is that 40% of people actually needing from the Tech support? That is my question here.
  12. I'm really curious on the price point. And if the dock adds any sort of processing power. If it doesn't, then its just a Nvidia Shield of sorts. If the dock adds decent power, then maybe it could actually be interesting.
  13. Well that seems fucky . Wouldn't be particularly surprising though. Got any sources on that?
  14. You say I should disable the page file fully? Because I don't currently have it disabled as I said