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  1. * thread moved to the New Builds and Planning section *
  2. Same here, tried the last 2 videos and it's working and available ...
  3. * thread cleaned * Please stay on-topic, and if you're unable, or unwilling, to help, then there's not reason to reply.
  4. * thread locked * Enough with the brigading. Regardless of the OP's attitude and claims, this isn't right (will be cleaning the thread to remove that).
  5. I have skin issues, it's always worse in winter. Thankfully, I already had cream that I prefer (some cream leave your skin oily, I hate that). Was already using cream because of the regular hand washing, so it's not too bad now that cold / winter is here.
  6. * thread moved to the Networking section *
  7. * formatting fixed for dark theme users *
  8. * thread locked * The post and title was never corrected to fit the Tech News guidelines, so please continue the discussion in the Tech News thread that was recently posted.
  9. Not sure how is has any bearing with the current discussion. I have used 8086 PCs and up, never got anything older than that. I think the slowest connection I ever used was on a 386 with a 14.4k modem ... damn I'm old ! As for the Minitel, I'm from Canada and grew up in the 80's, Minitel was in France in the 80's. So it was the right years, not the right place though, so not something I could've epxerienced.
  10. Exactly !!!! There was nothing else back then, so it was totally normal towait. To have an internet connection so fast that you didn't have to wait for a webpage to load back then WAS ungodly fast, quite incredible at the time. It would be the equivalent to have a 25/10 ADSL connection, and then going to a synchronous 1Gbps connection ; no video / media buffering.
  11. * thread moved to the General section ; this isn't Tech News (please read the posting guidelines) *
  12. * thread locked * This thread is against the Community Standards for multiple reasons.