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  1. I hate that VPN companies are selling it as a 'hacker-protection-against-credit-card-frauds' ... every time I see a sponsored spot (not on LTT) with those talking points, my blood boils.
  2. An encrypted VPN connection is only encrypted end-to-end (from your device, to the VPN server), so the expectation that ALL your network activity is encrypted is complete BS, and in the general public, it's to access the internet, so all you've done is add a few servers in between you and the servers you're accessing. Having a VPN to access your office network is a completely different use case and if your workplace doesn't encrypt it's VPN traffic properly (all VPN traffic is encrypted), then people in the IT department need to get fired. I'm a sys admin BTW, and while
  3. no, no it doesn't. VPN isn't a security measure, this is marketing BS VPN resellers are peddling. All it does is obfuscate your ISP / location.
  4. Healthcare workers? Nope ... Professional athletes? Of course, because, you know, the amount of tax they pay means they deserve preferential treatment ... WTF of a stupid reason is that. Fuck him and anyone that think it's a good reason.
  5. lol Over protective parents that don't know how tech work is kinda annoying ... I say that as a parent myself! lol
  6. * thread moved to the Cases and Mods section *
  7. I love how he tells haters on Twitter or in the YT comments, straight up, to go fuck themselves XD
  8. That's part of the contract for the sponsorship, they HAVE to pretend they play the game, they have to say what is their favorite hero or something, etc... For context, here's a YTber that got the sponsorship paperwork, but told Raid to got eat shit, and then made a video to show what the contract is (language warning BTW) ;
  9. This 1000% It's infuriating, for the last few months, people have gotten complacent with the masks and aren't keeping their distances anymore. Every time I go to the grocery, I either have to move away from someone, or I have to tell someone to backup (second one mostly in line ups). Wear your mask AND keep your distance.
  10. He's not patient facing, when he was assigned there, he specifically told his supervisor he needed to be away from patients. His argument was pretty simple ; he didn't want to risk getting COVID, and he didn't need the job (he's retired and only works 2-3 days a week out of boredom). So he's not sure how he got infected, could be from a visit at the grocery store, or one of the staff at the testing site (he's not patient facing, but others were, for now he's the only one at that site to test positive and I'm not sure what is the testing schedule the staff is under).
  11. Mild for now, they're both over 65, and ironically, he's working part-time as a security guard for COVID testing drive-through ...
  12. Mom's BF tested positive, he started having symptoms and went to get tested. They're now in quarantine for 14 days and my mom is waiting for her test result.
  13. The XKCD isn't great for that IMO, but the message he's trying to convey is correct ; as a password, you're better with a long sentence that is easy to remember than a short (often people go with the minimum) random sting of character. As a sys admin I see this often where people take a simple word with a few numbers slapped at the end, then they do +1 when they need to change the password. That right there is a big issue. People can't remember passwords because they've been trained to have complex passwords, so they put in something simple (to them) with +1 at the end ... I've per
  14. I also take multi vitamins, only for the vitamin D and the Zinc. And same as you, it's under the recommended dosage (daily vitamins, but I take it once every 2-3 days). As others have said, it's effective against droplets propagation from the person wearing it, not against you getting infected. And while not perfect, it's better than nothing ... though, sometimes nothing is not much different than some masks sold out there !!