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    Locked i7 FTW. PC money > lunch money.
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    PC gaming, reading (mostly novels), programming, shit-posting, loving apple hardware and software


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    i7 8700
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    AsRock mini itx ac.
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    EVGA GTX 1060 single fan edition. (this thing is a beast!)
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    Fractal Design Node 304 white edition
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    120GB of SSD 1TB of HDD
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    Corsair SF450
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    Dell P2416D
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    Tada 68 With Aluminum base (Gateron Red)
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    SteelSeries Rival 310 (compares to my last mouse Sensei this mouse feels really cheap. but the sensor in it is better)
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    Logitech UE mini
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    windows 10/macOS

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  1. nvm problem solved, I just use cargo uninstall alacritty to uninstall the package.
  2. I followed this guide when I was trying to install Alacritty. https://github.com/alacritty/alacritty/blob/master/INSTALL.md#linux--windows I've installed the dependencies and cargo and rustup. Now if I key in the command `alacritty` the terminal will run. But I cannot find it on my application list. Also sudo apt remove alacritty is not working as well. How do I get rid of the version I am using right now, instead just install it using snapd or apt-install??? Thanks in advance.
  3. I just got this laptop from my friend and he said he barely used it. He already know that this laptop got battery issue. I may buy a extra battery and see if it works. If it does I will add one more RAM stick + a SSD in it.
  4. Right now I am using a laptop which my friend gave me. And after using it for a day I discovered that while the battery can be charged to full, but without connecting it to the power outlet the laptop can only last 15 minutes. Even sleep mode does not help with the situation. Is the battery dead? Or is it the motherboard's problem? I can't figure out which is the problem. If the battery is dead I will replace it and do some upgrade to the machine, if it is a mobo problem, then I will keep using it only when it is pkugged in. Has anyone encount
  5. I don't have anyone around me that I can share this with, so here it goes. Does anyone of you felt that as you grow older, as time goes by, you turned to become more and more content with how your life turned out? When I was a teenager, I went to South East Asia to study, and I always thought I was meant to stay there forever. But 7,8 years of trying and failing, it didn't happen. So I went back to my own country. I had a really hard time adjusting myself once I went back. It took me a good,5,6 years to just get used to everything and in those years a lot of stuff happened, like my
  6. Currently I am using a redmi note 8 pro. A few months ago I did install pixel experience successfully on the device itself. However after I installed the ROM onto the device TWRP section is lost. Can I just boot into fastboot or whatever and install TWRP again?? Also can I just update my phone normally and follow the OS update prompt on my phone if I want the latest version of Pixel EXperience? Thanks in advance.
  7. still, I think that less than 100 of that cyber dog is gonna get sold. who needs products like that??
  8. okay, I don't think this is practical AT ALL. why companies do this kind of thing??? copy open source solutions online and skin it so that the locals can be hyped??? I'm from China btw, but still. I think it is silly...
  9. wow. this is the best plasma setup I have seen...
  10. Them: Stop distro hopping!!! 

    Me: okay... jeez...

    Also me: starts IDE hopping immediately.... 

    1. JanitoG21


      I don't do a lot of "Distrohopping", but recently I did something like that (From Zorin OS 15.3 to Zorin OS 16)
      But I consider it more as an update

  11. Not having my own laptop and coding environment sucks. Trying to setup everything on other people's laptop just don't feel right... Also their laptop sucks as well. LOL

  12. I tried to install Xubuntu on an external drive using VMware. If I do not choose a physical hard drive as the install location, the VM can be inatlled without any issue. However if I choose the “use physical hard drive” option, I was greeted with a blank screen with only a cursor on it. Has anyone encountered similar issue before? My host machine is a laptop with 4 core 8 threads as well as 12GB of RAM. Here are my settings:
  13. @JOH451 I run Ubuntu 20.04 using VirtualBOX just fine on my machine. Given the fact that I did install the extension pack from VirtualBOX.
  14. Thanks for the in-depth explanation. I want to use the guest OS to do simple programming and give Xubuntu a try. I love to customize it and install VScode on it and do web development. I think it is a bit tough to do actual programming on a guest machine especially my host machine is not that powerful. At least I can install linux on it and have some fun customizing the DM and such.
  15. VMware 16 Pro support up to 32 processor and 32 cores per processor. So if I want to use all the threads I will put 1 and 8 in the form??