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    Official LTT Tinfoil Hat Wearer
  • Birthday Dec 31, 1988

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    You're on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.
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    Tech in general
    Mock the fuckin Week
    Survival skills
    The apocalypse
    Hating apple
    Hating CoD
    MOTHER FUCKING OUTLANDER SERIES. Watch it if you haven't seen it.
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    Bit of a nutjob. I'm a redneck survivalist hippy gamer (yes, a bit contradictory). I hate apple and CoD with a passion. I'm actually pretty open minded, at least on things you'd think I was against.

    https://youtu.be/jQkNxLU2wvk?t=3053 That time I was in The News. Luke's reaction to me being the author is exactly what I am going for in life. Legitimately my proudest moment in life lol
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    Pocket Sand Manufacturer


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    Intel Core I7 7700k
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    AsRock Z270 Supercarrier
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    4x8 32gb G.Skill Trident Z RBG 3400
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    GTX 1080ti FE custom watercooled
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    CaseLabs Magnum SMA8
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    A bunch of Samsung SSD's
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    EVGA Supernova P2 1000w 80+Platinum
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    2x Asus VE248, 1x LG 4k monitor
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    Custom water cooling loop. 1x120mm radiator and 1x480mm radiator
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    Corsair K95 RBG
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    Logitech G502
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    Sony 470w sound system. (dual 8 inch woofers, 14 "driver units")
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    Windows 10

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  1. The only true solution (in the US) is to amend the first amendment to include all generic social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. These companies should not be allowed to be the arbiters of truth.
  2. Agreed completely. Minimum is gonna be like $600-700 and that's without a keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, etc.
  3. I could make the same argument about the lockdowns and the deaths that have and will continue to occur from the mass economic ruination that is happening as a direct result of said lockdowns. I could also point out that the MSM has moved the goal post so many times now that one could reasonably make the argument that they cannot be trusted to report accurately or in good faith. First it was a "nothing burger", then "we just need to lock down a few weeks to prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed" and then it's moved into this vague "Stop the spread!" phase that seems to have the goal of p
  4. Because that is essentially the mindset that drives those kinds of organizations. Censorship is wrong. All this does is make them look more guilty and pathetic, in my eyes. Science and scientists are not a monolith, and do not always agree with one another on a given subject.
  5. The real question is whether or not Ring is still giving unfettered access to law enforcement without a warrant. That was a thing a while back, I don't know if they ever stopped.
  6. So this came out of left fucking field on me.


    About a year ago, my dad took a big pay cut from the company he was working at, because the company couldn't afford his salary at the time, but they wanted (needed) him to stay on because of his experience and expertise at what he does. They promised at the time, that they would make him whole once things started panning out (which has begun to happen, and would not have happened without my dad.). It's worth noting that this company has tried several times in the past two decades to get my dad to work for them, because they know his reputation and really wanted a manager of his caliber (he's almost 70 and will outwork 20 year olds without getting winded).


    Jump to last week, and my dad was getting kind of sick of it, because his (relatively new) truck that was factory new when he bought it in 2017 (I think), now has 108,000 miles on it, almost all of it from work. And they haven't been paying him mileage. So he put his foot down, and asked them to give him a raise, buy him a new truck, and give him a small bonus.

    They agreed to all of it, and in return, instead of trading his "old" truck in, he has given it to me, as in it's mine, not just "you get to drive it for a bit".


    I honestly don't know what to say, or how to thank the old bastard. It's still in great condition for having that many miles, frame has almost no rust, the inside of the engine bay is clean as hell, and it drives like it was new. It's a 2016 (according to the panel on the inside of the driver door) 1500 Ram Big Horn. 5.7 Liter hemi engine. IT HAS WORKING HEAT AND AC.


    It isn't actually paid off yet, but he's going to continue paying on it because his new truck (a 2021 model 1500 Ram with a full on Laramie sports package, all the fixins. Including a turbo) is being paid for by the company, but is in his name.



    I am tempted to find a field and a propane tank, and use the Buick as target practice, but I think I'll just sell the fucking thing for as much as I can, and give the money to him to pay towards the truck.


    Already said it once but I'll say it again, I am speechless. He hit me with this yesterday, and when he picked his new truck up at the dealership, he left the old one there overnight and paid for them to detail it.


    Will post a better picture tomorrow. Probably.


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    2. HalGameGuru


      Your dad is a classy dude, buy him a drink from me

    3. Trik'Stari


      I owe him more drinks than I can pay for lol.

    4. Trik'Stari


      And of course, it's freaking raining so I'm stuck inside all day. Damned weather.


    I find myself liking this channel more and more.

    1. Mateyyy


      One can't just not like Ozzy Man.

  8. Replicated and done entirely better on pc. I can't stand smart tv's. Everything about them is slower than if done on a pc.
  9. Less than if I waste my life watching their ads for products I have zero interest in. Often I will go out of my way to avoid a product or service if I find the ad particularly annoying. Examples include Progressive insurance or Sonic. Their commercials seem to be designed to be purposefully annoying.
  10. I've heard a lot of different reasons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving_dinner I've even been told there was no Turkey on the original day, but who knows. It's just something that's become a thing. I'd much rather roast a chicken. Far easier and tastier in my opinion. Honestly, I just love the idea of having a big feast day late in Autumn.
  11. Been enjoying playing with 3D printing. I need to build a 3d printed ceiling mounted GLaDOS that can control the lighting and temperature in my room.