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    Athlon X4 860k
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    MSI A88X-G45 Gaming
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    1x8gb Crucial Ballistix DDR3@2133
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    MSI Geforce 9800gt
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    Seagate 1tb HDD
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    Seasonic 400w 80 plus bronze
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    Logitech G500+Logitech G203
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    Superlux HD668B
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    Windoze 10

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  1. Considered doing dual graphics with that apu and a dedicated gpu? EDIT:Ah, I see now that that is one of the am4 apus. Dunno if dual graphics works with those
  2. I'm with @orbitalbuzzsaw. I'd consider 35 shipped an acceptable price.
  3. Ebay prices=About $45 shipped Ebay prices suck though. I sure wouldn't pay that much.
  4. It'll be just fine my dude. The only difference you'd ever see between thermal pastes would be 1-2 degrees C at the most.
  5. It isn't as simple as putting in a frequency and voltage. When overclocking a CPU, you'll be increasing your CPU's clock speed bit by bit, from 3.2 to 3.3, then 3.4, and so on. You raise your CPU's frequency, then run a stress test to see if it's stable. If it is, great, try to clock it even higher. If it isn't, then you raise the voltage bit by bit (to a reasonable level) till it is stable. If it won't even boot after dialing in an OC, then either give it more voltage or give up. And you must be sure to not throw too much voltage at the CPU. Too much and it'll die. Older AMD stuff will take h
  6. PayPal wants to collect debt from a dead person. UNACCEPTABLE The government wants to collect taxes from a dead person. "The price we pay to live in a free society"
  7. Streaming and having more monitors doesn't put any more stress on the GPU than just gaming on one monitor. It's his CPU. OP, if you can find a good deal on an i7 4770k or 4790k I'd go for that, if you're looking for a new platform an x370 AM4 board (the x370 is a stronger chipset than b350 and the boards generally have better VRMs, for more futureproofing for future zen cpus) and an R7 1700 would be very good for streaming. Asrock and Gigabyte make the best X370 boards afaik.
  8. Oof, what's the stock voltage on kaby and what do most people need to hit 5ghz?
  9. What driver version are you trying to install? The latest version avaliable for a 9800gt is 342.01 from december 2016.
  10. I thought most kaby lake chips could hit 5ghz pretty easily, am I wrong?
  11. ??? The game isn't actually running any faster, it's just displaying more frames per second. You should actually have more time to react because you're seeing frames much sooner than you were before.
  12. Yes, I agree 100%. I'm saying that if I had just built my first PC I'd be wanting to hold every single part that I can. You read it different
  13. Yeah but cleaning thermal paste off a cpu seems an awful good reason to take it out of the socket and have a look at it. I lmaod at that gif