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    I'm not a dreamer, I'm a realist.
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    United states
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    Hardware restoration, overclocking, general tech
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    jj's manager


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Auros B550 pro ac
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    16gb 3200mhz vengeance lpx
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    xfx rx5700 triple dissipation flashed to 5700xt

    Xfx rx 580 8gb- folding 24/7
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    Cooler master master box mb520
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    Sabrent 1 tb nvme
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    Cooler master mwe 650w
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    27" 1440p 144hz VIOTEK
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    hyper 212 evo
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    Shitty redragon
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    ultra shitty redragon
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    ultra shitty amazon headphone for my pc, airpods pros for general use
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    bootleg windows+ dual boot ubuntu

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  1. hey, any thoughts on the "HP ProLiant DL580 G7" I found one on offerup with 3 xeon E7-4830 and 96 gigabytes of ram for $250, the dude says he has the fourth CPU and cooler but the socket won't recognize it, he's asking $250 for the whole thing, wondering your thoughts?

    Just need it to run a variety of containers.

    1.   Show previous replies  5 more
    2. Letgomyleghoe


      3 minutes ago, Cela1 said:

      Damn, I would have thought the ram would be worth almost that much by itself, nvm the cpus and mobo.

      it's ddr3 1033, not exactly worth much. 

      I'm interested to find out though if it's the socket that's dead or the CPU, if it's the CPU i'll probably buy a new one if I can for that 32 core 64 thread goodness.

    3. Cela1


      1 minute ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      it's ddr3 1033, not exactly worth much. 

      Ah, fairs. I was imagining like at least 1866 lol.

      I have been spoiled by the ways of the desktop.

    4. Windows7ge


      24 minutes ago, Cela1 said:

      I feel personally offended. lol  😁


      In all seriousness DDR4 >> DDR3. Although I'm sitting it out here waiting for DDDR5 so I can skip a full gen :old-grin:.

      I mean, compute wise the jump isn't extra ordinary but newer architecture, DDR4 support, more cores, more RAM, NVMe support, etc. LGA2011 was great but now there's inexpensive better alternatives.

  2. yes install the latest recommended driver
  3. install DDU and uninstall your graphics drivers, then reinstall the latest stable version.
  4. any thoughts on pudding keycaps? looking at making a semi decent mech keeb, max budget for keycaps would be around $50. I would really prefer something that doesn't echo or add much sound to the switch,  as that is what's mainly driving me insane on my current keeb.

    1. Den-Fi


      They’re rather meh. 
      You might just need to lube the stabilizers. Is it just the 2U+ Keys? 

    2. Letgomyleghoe


      53 minutes ago, Den-Fi said:

      They’re rather meh. 
      You might just need to lube the stabilizers. Is it just the 2U+ Keys? 

      no it's all the keys, when I put my hands on home row they make a sort of echo noise even when I'm not typing, it's probably since my hands are slightly shaky. I was hoping to find some keycaps that just don't produce as much noise in general, they're very light ABS. I know jack shit about keyboards to be honest, but was hoping you would now some preferably thiccer way less noisy keycaps, the switches are mx style. 

  5. hey just wanted to say sorry, I didn't mean to be rude with the laughing reaction I was laughing at the "and (so far/knock on wood) haven't had a visit from the FBI in regards to pirating loads of shit."

    1. TempestCatto


      It's all good. I should have realized that.

  6. 1 fan is enough, but that cooler isn't really worth it for the price in my opinion, a hyper 212 BE will perform just a tad worse but save you like $30
  7. it wasn't meant with mal intent I was laughing at this. If you don't need/use ports open then it's fine, same with if you don't come in contact with people who want to ddos you. as for cracking. https://www.cnet.com/news/nordvpn-user-accounts-were-compromised-and-passwords-exposed-report-says/ this is a rather minor hack tbh, people sell bulk 2k nord vpn accounts for like $10 on the not so legal side of the internet. If you need further proof search up "nord vpn account cracked" or "nord vpn account gen" cracked nord VPN accounts fl
  8. nothing in particular with their service is bad, besides the lack of openable ports and DDOS protection. But they have little to no protection against cracking accounts, nord accounts are cracked so often it's ridiculous. Nord VPN offers a little of everything, but doesn't really specialize in anything, the cost is generally not worth it compared to competitors. Nothing in particular is terrible, but there's better options.
  9. It will either be in BIOS or in cooler master software.
  10. as long as it plugs in through USB, it makes no difference over a wired keeb, the device just sees a mouse.
  11. You might be able to, but I'm pretty sure corsair maxes out their kits pretty hard out of the factory. Again your best bet might just be to buy the kit with timings/speed that you want then see if you can overclock it more, I've learned to expect a 0mhz overclock, ram is super unpredictable when it comes to overclocking.
  12. turn your pump to full bore, the pump should always be at full bore.
  13. Get a gpu bot, to be honest. Or look around second hand all the time.
  14. set a custom curve and make sure to save it, what card model do you have specifically?