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    Time Person of the Year 2006
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
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    ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact
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    TeamGroup Dark Pro 2x8GB 3600C16
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    RTX 2080 Ti
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    Lian Li TU150WX
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    Gigabyte AORUS 2TB PCI-E 4.0 NVMe
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    Seasonic SGX 650
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    Acer Predator X34A
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    Custom loop with MO-RA3 420 Pro
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013
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    Razer Naga 2014 Right Handed
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    Schiit Jotunheim | AKG K712 Pro | Audeze LCD 2
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. Cooking tip: You can cook pasta way fasta if you swap the salted water for 100 octane gasoline, old family recipe passed down from Grandma 👌

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. piratemonkey


      I feel like that'll give you a lot of gas tho

    3. minibois


      Cooking tips with Nicky V Dildor the D

    4. Frankie


      Or E85 for that natural experience. 

  2. "internationally certified PC hardware professional" This HAS to be bait.
  3. This post was made by the ear rumbling gang: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensor_tympani_muscle#Voluntary_control


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    2. minibois


      wait, there are people in the world who can't do that?

    3. FakeNSA


      The internet says so, so it must be true @minibois!

      I have no idea though.

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      holy shit, you're saying i can shoot a gun without ear protection if i do this?


      I'm gonna try with a .22 and make my way up to 200 grain black powder


      apparently popping your ears on command isn't normal either.

  4. Steve vs Jay with the RTX 3090 K|NGP|N.


  5. Old forum was best forum


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    2. fpo


      at colonel mortis. Plz fix

    3. handymanshandle


      ah fuck I hid my original post

      this layout is a blast from the past

    4. Benji
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    2. WaggishOhio383


      @fpo my family had foxes at our old house (it was a farm property out in the country), and they sound like a young girl screaming. It's a very odd sound. Definitely not what you would expect.

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      2 foxes: *fight to the death*

      other fox: 


    4. Benji


      @fpo No, the fox says heeheeheehee, there's a YouTube video about that as well :D

      Well, that's hilarious. The woman filming it is apparently also dying.

  6. Nope. Nothing will happen to the card. It'll just display a message during POST that it requires additional supplementary power connectors.