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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to LAwLz in Richard Stallman of GNU leaves MIT email leaks   
    After reading through what he wrote I have to say, I am on his side on this. I did not read the particular emails in question as him defending a pedophile despite what some news sites like Vice tries to make it out. 
    He said some very specific things which I agree with. He also asked revelant questions that people might not be comfortable with answering. 
    I think that a lot of debate regarding things like age of consent and prostitution always turns into people shouting and acting irrational. You can't even discuss the issue because as soon as you quastion anything with our current legal system and don't have the opinion that "if someone has sex with anyone less than 18 years old they deserve to die a horrible death!" then you're suddenly a pedo or defending pedos. 
    In this instance a friend of Stallman had been at a party where a 17 year old offered sex to him, and he agreed. People started accusing him of rape and pedophilia and Stallman started defending his dead friend by saying things along the line of "was it really rape if he believed it was consensual".
    I you were at a party and a 17 year old (you didnt know their age at the time) offered you sex, would you see yourself as a pedophile and rapist? If they came up to you and offered you the sex that is. Also assuming both of you had been drinking alcohol. 
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from TechyBen in [UPDATE:Bugfix bricks USB, audio, and more] The Very Hungry Cortanapillar - Cortana eating 40%+ CPU usage with update despite tester warnings   
    They seriously need to consider making avaiable the stable branch of that OS even for Home and Pro version of Windows
    And please don't start saying people can just use Linux, in businesses you can't even think to make your customer use Linux on computer clients with an AD domain especially (they can barely use Windows anyway) with rare exceptions
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to ryao in Far Cry New Dawn Benchmark shows performance on Linux within 2% to 3% of performance on Windows   
    I know multiple people who have switched for those very things.
    You seem to be forgetting that Windows itself fails to be “a product there to serve them not a hobby to be learnt”. I find using Windows to be nothing but one headache after another. If Windows were problem free, I would not have friends and relatives asking me to help them with it. After I give them Linux, I often stop getting help requests. It is rather similar to what IBM found when giving its employees Mac OS X systems:
    I took care of the installation process for them and made certain that everything just worked, so they did not have to deal with the installation hiccups that others noted here. Similar things can happen when installing Windows too due to missing drivers. Installing Windows 7 on my Ivy Bridge system the other day had numerous issues from missing drivers that I had to hunt down. The most annoying of which was not having support for a newer Intel NIC in the system.
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from xWood4000 in Far Cry New Dawn Benchmark shows performance on Linux within 2% to 3% of performance on Windows   
    "Plug and play as on windows"
    Well... ? most of the time
    Where are you supposed to use the terminal to make things work?
    Linux is even more plug&play than Windows since you don't even have to download the drivers manually (exception made for Nvidia, but you are still using a GUI for that)

    I think you are confusing how things were years ago, the real problem here is making things work if you don't have the driver because you are using Debian or Ubuntu LTS for example, and you just bought a 5700 XT, the development here is slower (means you have to wait for updated drivers on your system) unless you pick a distribution with costantly updated (and unstable) drivers, this imo is where the problem really is.

    You have to choose between compatibility or stability, at least on Ubuntu LTS you can install repositories (you could do that even with a GUI) it's not properly "plug and play" to set those up, but is not even that hard or different than finding drivers on the internet like on Windows, you just have to know where to look, the majority of the Linux community is really confused here and will just recommend to install another distro, something like Manjaro, instead of using a stable distro with small parts of the system slightly more updated and this is the correct way.
    Some people are not even able to do that in Windows... Generally is not that different or harder
    As for steam proton, this is just what you said, it lets you play games without fiddling with wine and it's plug & play
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to ryao in Far Cry New Dawn Benchmark shows performance on Linux within 2% to 3% of performance on Windows   
    Not having to deal with malware, antivirus slowdowns, fragmentation slowdowns, privacy issues, forced updates, system breaking updates, etcetera makes it more than an alternative to me. It is simply better in many ways. It’s support for various games is the main area where it is behind, but it is catching up. I originally gave up Windows games because of all of the other advantages. Now many Windows games are an option on Linux and it is great.
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to ryao in Far Cry New Dawn Benchmark shows performance on Linux within 2% to 3% of performance on Windows   
    The kernel has been patched with a change that Valve proposed to increase performance and the latest release drivers have been used, so this is likely a sign of things to come rather than the current out of box experience with Linux. However, if more titles become like this with the latest changes, we could see a situation where the performance difference becomes negligible after they become part of mainstream Linux installations.
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from BuckGup in Android is becoming a bloated mess   
    Android runs on a custom Java VM and the RAM allocated you see in Linux using htop isn't even remotely the same as the one you see on a Linux desktop.
    The android VM is ALWAYS allocating more memory for programs even if they don't use it
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to RejZoR in No Google Apps...   
    For me, it would be a reason to get the device. It's almost impossible to get one without stupid Google garbage infesting it. If only it wasn't Chinese and with such weird reputation as of lately...
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to DrMacintosh in Android 10 To Fix 193 Open Vulnerabilities   
    Very cool. Now if only anyone would actually get the Android 10 update. 
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from tridy in Need Help With PureOS and amdgpu   
    Uhm... I probably understand why
    I have noticed you are using a Vega GPU, this is fairly new and Debian probably doesn't have the right kernel driver.

    Mint is based on an Ubuntu LTS and I imagine you are using Ubuntu 19.04 for your test, so the issue was probably about the kernel driver rather than the firmware
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to LAwLz in Teenager tweets from smart fridge after mother confiscates her phone   
    And just to prove my point I did this:

    It took a while to get my account registered as a developer, hence the delay.
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from TechyBen in Trying to not hate Linux   
    I did, has some limitations though

    For now only Turing has no power draw when in "Optimus" mode, means it's basically useless for power save.

    Also, the only successful "optimus" tests I made were with glxgears and glxinfo, vkcube refused to load (but probably some 19.10 regression since it doesn't run at all) but any steam game i tried with or without Proton or OpenGL were still running on the Intel

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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to Video Beagle in Is nothing sacred? Buttplug hacked!   
    what if their kink is kink shaming?
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Sauron in Linux From Scratch   
    I think the best way to try this is compiling a simple binary to test?
    Even though, you could just use -march=native to be sure to have optimized binaries for your cpu
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to Kisai in Huawei announced their new Operating System: HarmonyOS (HongmengOS)   
    Nobody is going to adopt this OS any more than anyone will adopt Tizen (Samsung) or WebOS (LG), so keep dreaming Huawei. All the third party Android vendors want to drop Android so they can get people to buy from their own store, and existing alternatives (eg Tizen) have lots of security issues that the company doesn't care about until it's embarrassed in public about it. They all know Android is bad for their long term business, but have no Android exit plan unless Google forces it on them.
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to That Franc in Huawei announced their new Operating System: HarmonyOS (HongmengOS)   
    Open source?
    Pressing (x) to doubt really hard, but also kinda curious at the same time. If it's actually open source without any dirty tricks, it might end up being good.
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to handymanshandle in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
    Update: this thread hasn't gone well.
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to poochyena in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from moriel5 in Malware for the Linux desktop. Yes, really.   
    It's more about finding vulnerabilities rather than the classic "user" malware like this one
    Also luckily enough, the security teams working on Linux distributions are a steap forward and system administrators should be quick to apply the latest patches 
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to Master Disaster in Installing MAC OS in Windows 10   
    Few things...
    1) macOS is only free if you own a Mac otherwise you're running it out of license.
    2) The download comes as a Mac disk image (DMG) which Windows cannot use. There is software which can read the contents in Windows but that doesn't mean Windows can use the file.
    3) It's technically possible to run macOS on VMWare however it's incredibly involved, requires multiple patches to workaround issues and even then it's not really useful as VMWare tools doesn't install correctly so you have no hardware video support.
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from realpetertdm in Epic Games donates $1.2Mil to open source 3D software, Blender   
    is it going to lose Linux support like the other things they touched
  23. Funny
    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to Curious Pineapple in Why is this McDonalds wifi so fast?   
    Ever tried to download a borgar?
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from jagdtigger in Next Windows 10 update will be about polish not features   
    The real question is: will it break anything?
  25. Agree
    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from strajk- in Windows 10 1903 breaks VPN connections if you have telemetry disabled   
    That's only when using the Windows network manager to set up a VPN connection, right?
    This shouldn't be affected by users using a browser plugin or other frontends like OpenVPN I suppose