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  1. I've seen this issue before with older applications that couldn't handle disks that were too large (or rather too much free space). Basically they calculate the free space e.g. using a 16 bit number and a too large value causes an overflow and results in a negative number. So… try filling up the disk first?
  2. Which contradicts your initial statement that there is no chip shortage for big companies. You managing to buy a laptop with a high end GPU doesn't proof or disproof anything. Governments getting involved to assess/address the situation is.
  3. You'd need: The knowledge/skill to identify the broken component An appropriate spare part A soldering iron and a (very) steady hand But as @Albert F said, depending on what exactly is broken you won't be able to repair it even if you have the skill. Either because you can't buy the component separately and/or because the cost of diagnosis and repair is higher than the cost of a replacement card.
  4. Big manufacturers have contracts in place, so they get priority over individual consumers. Nothing suspicious about that. The mobile 3080 also isn't the same as the desktop variant, it's a cut down chip. Doesn't mean HP doesn't feel the silicon shortage as well. Buying a single (premium/overpriced) laptop doesn't exactly tell you how many laptops are available overall and how many customers are going to wait a long time for theirs to be delivered.
  5. A server is simply a computer that provides some kind of service. The number of components (or applications) you need to install to provide that service depends on what exactly you want the server to do. In the case of Wordpress that would be the aforementioned LAMP. Wordpress is an application build on top of other applications, so you need to install them to be able to run Wordpress. As I said, LAMP is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. I mainly mentioned this in case you find that term somewhere, so you know what it is. Sometimes tutorials will simply say "you need a LAMP envi
  6. Do you want the drive to be usable in combination with a regular operating system? I that case, I think you may be limited by the smallest addressable unit for storage devices (a "block"). The smallest one supported by modern operating systems is a 512 byte block size. You also need a little room for the file system's metadata and metadata for each file (e.g. 1024 byte on NTFS). So you'd probably need a couple of kilobytes to make it usable in a practical sense. If there's no such limitations then theoretically you could go as small as a single bit, as others have menti
  7. This and the card is factory overclocked already. Chips that clock up to 1400+ MHz probably got sold as Nitro+ cards.
  8. Yes, you need to plug in both. If your PSU doesn't have enough cables, then it probably isn't powerful enough. Might help if you mentioned which GPU and which PSU you have.
  9. The pro should be slightly more powerful than the air, so for video editing it's probably the better choice. As for 256 vs 512… that depends entirely on how much space you need. Just keep in mind that you can't upgrade it later on if you change your mind, so bigger is probably better in that regard. It's not like you can have too much storage.
  10. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/storage/disk-management/extend-a-basic-volume
  11. No, you delete one then resize the other to fill the available space. Otherwise the space of the now deleted partition is simply free/unpartitioned. Note: All files on the deleted partition are gone. So create a backup first if you want to keep them.
  12. Wordpress is a web application. To host it yourself, you need a server somewhere on the internet. This server needs a host name (aka domain name) and (preferably) a valid SSL certificate for HTTPS. You want HTTPS so sign in is encrypted. The server needs an operating system (e.g. Linux), a web server (e.g. Apache2), a database (e.g. MySQL) and PHP installed. This is often referred to as a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). You could possibly replace Apache2 with nginx and MySQL with MariaDB, but it's probably best to stay with Wordpress defaults if you don't know what you're
  13. You could enroll your phone with an MDM (e.g. Android Enterprise fully managed) use it to only allow the apps that you want and then set a random password on the MDM so you can never modify it ever again
  14. I guess? But it would be a pita to write in the first place and essentially impossible to debug and maintain.
  15. CPU > heat pipe > metal frame would give you a fairly large surface area. Adding some fins to the frame and a fan might do the trick.