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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1500X
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450 Gaming ITX/AC
  • RAM
    24GB DDR4
  • GPU
    Sapphire Pulse RX 570 4GB
  • Case
    Silverstone ML08B
  • Storage
    Optane 800P 58GB + Patriot Burst 240GB + Toshiba Q300 240GB
  • PSU
    beQuiet SFX Power 2 400W
  • Display(s)
    Philips TV (1080p 60hz)
  • Cooling
    Ryzen Wraith Spire
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K55
  • Mouse
    Logitech G203
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  1. Hm, I've only really seen the reviews on the 1 II and 1 III's cameras. Hopefully they're better than the 5 II, doesn't sound like those are too great.
  2. I'm planning to buy an Xperia phone sometime in the near future. For me, the most important features are generally a great camera, a headphone jack, decent hardware, and a phone that'll last me a long time (I'm aiming for about four years here). I've narrowed my options down to two phones; the Xperia 1 II (about 700e used), and the Xperia 5 III (1000e new, but will probably go down in price). Which phone should I get?
  3. I guess, I just did 1TB as looking on eBay it's cheaper per gigabyte than buying 128/256gb
  4. Problem is, it would be very very expensive, as each Chia plot is 101GiB large. 1TB of DDR3 RAM on eBay is about 2,000$, so you'd spend at the very minimum just under 200$ per plot.
  5. Also as for whether you could do crypto mining.... I mean... after electricity costs if 1-3$/month on an RX 550 is worth it to you
  6. Right now graphics card prices aren't the best, so the RX 550 you selected is actually pretty bad value for money. That power supply also isn't that great, and you also don't have a case. This build is better, but the graphics card is the 3200G's integrated GPU (the Vega 8), which will run the games you want to, but a decent bit slower than the RX 550. Hold on to that until graphics card prices get better, and then get something like an RX 570 for 150$. PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor ($128.99 @ B&H) Motherboar
  7. The M1 Macbook Air works really well for video editing as of now, but how that'll scale in five years... I'm unsure. It's probably a better idea to wait for the higher end models if there are any. 16GB of RAM would also be good, especially as you can't upgrade the memory as it's soldered (but you can add external storage)
  8. I have an M1 MacBook Air and one thing I'm surprised about is the DaVinci Resolve speeds; I use DaVinci Resolve and it runs well, but I didn't know it was that good
  9. Honestly I think chia mining is just a fad.. it probably won't cause HDD/SSD shortages. Atleast it uses less electricity than GPU mining though.
  10. You'll have to basically migrate everything to a new email, oof. Try to do that in the twelve days you have.
  11. Hm, I wonder what the performance figures will be (especially on the iGPU, which is unbelievable already on the M1)
  12. The absolute majority of the time it's in the M.2 format, though there are a couple of U.2 2.5" drives which use NVMe; those are mostly meant for datacenters though
  13. Oh my god. I left my computer to mine with my RX 570; then it started shutting down every few hours, then minutes... when I went into Linux everything was slow too, so I went to check the sensors and OH MY GOD MY CPU IS AT 105ºC