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  1. Have you tried launching it from the terminal to see what it's stuck on? Also, try Synaptic. Not fancy but works just the same.
  2. Ubuntu and its spins Mint, Zorin, and PopOS are pretty good. Fedora is also very handy with gaming. My rule of thumb is to stick with Debian-based distros as they've the greatest shot at compatibility and support. That's not to say others won't/don't, only that Debian is the most widely used/support for Linux gaming as a whole.
  3. Nothing wrong with Mint 19. Also you can check it out in a VM
  4. I believe they answered you... And I'll second their "dude, chill" as you're coming across as rather terse.
  5. Running 19.10 from a clean install. Never run the in-place upgrader (GUI or terminal), as it still causes problems (or has for me). Also. Yes 19.10 is laggy and buggy as hell. I'm surprised it left beta this way. 19.04 is as good as an LTS by comparison. Do yourself a favor and stick with 18.04 until 20.04 drops.
  6. Noob friendly && well known/widely supported == Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Zorin, and Fedora. Basically any distro will do what you're asking about in terms of python programming.
  7. TBF with Clear being from Intel, if it didn't work well with their own systems, it'd be embarrassing. My concern is about how responsible they'd be with it such as nerfing performance on AMD systems. Time will tell.
  8. Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu (any flavor), Pop!_OS, OpenSUSE, MXLinux, and Manjaro are good. They're not hard to set up once installed and will get you to work quickly. Fedora is part of the RedHat camp, and they may have an edge.
  9. Not sure if Wayland could run that. Though not toyed with Wayland in a while either.
  10. I'd like to try some of what you're on. Seriously. If MacOS was that great, everyone would be using/buying Apple computers in droves all the time regardless of the price or would be Hackintoshes. Hell, I could swap MacOS with Linux or BSD in that quoted snippet to make the same "point" about [xyz] causing people to dump Windows in droves, but it still won't make it a fact and neither is yours in that one.
  11. Not everyone runs FOSS drivers for their systems, but some do. It varies. Still overall a better UX.
  12. Linux OSes give you the user full control over your computer. You're not held hostage to the whims of what Microsoft (or Apple) thinks you want/need. Linux systems can run on a wide range of hardware with better integrations all the time. Most programs will run on Linux systems (especially considering most things are web based now, making them OS agnostic). Those that don't run natively have been getting growing support from w.i.n.e., Lutris and Proton (apps and gaming). That being said, it's understandable that it's not everyones cup of tea and that's fine. However, it
  13. As with any/all tech support questions, it's best to recall that we cannot and do not read minds. Please provide actual details of the problem, steps you were on, error messages on the screen, etc. etc. etc. ...