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  1. Nah, you just can't think of anything Windows has not less issues than Linux itself
  2. Chunchunmaru_


  3. They also say Curious to see how Windows performs compared to Linux on that machine, but I think they did that mainly to cut the license prices
  4. The entirety of my systems are only exposed to the internet with OpenVPN and Apache web servers, hope nothing bad happens. Just updated everything at the cutting edge Debian 10 release. All my windows servers are in the intranet.
  5. People forgetting that the project itself is just code? There will be tons of audacity builds for all windows and linux distributions out there with this, simply disabled
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  7. If you want something more advanced, you can try zimbra https://www.zimbra.com/
  8. Why should they switch to an old school monolithic kernel? That's so 80's Their kernel architecture is let's say "modern" and fine as it is, and a sudden change would require a massive rewrite of all the drivers and basically making a new OS, I would concentrate making a finally stable update architecture which doesn't messes up something every ******* time and maybe more filesystem compatibility and WSL integration
  9. Don't use filezilla, every linux distro has an ftp client integrated in the file manager, just access through the server with ftp://foo.bar Then it will ask for credentials
  10. Those are just ACPI errors, nothing you can do about it, or to worry about. A BIOS or kernel update may change the dmesg output
  11. I'm upping this thread again This time I decided to do this in the "physical" way, I found two free ports I can use I want to connect those VLAN's by untagging those two ports, and connect them together in the switch with a short cable I untagged the VLAN 11 to the port 9, connected them to the default VLAN port 35, disabled the STP protocol on those two (in case the loop detection kicks in) but still i can't get the DHCP from VLAN 1, am I missing something? In this way, the traffic coming from the AP which is a trunk por
  12. Sadly no, all the other SSID's have their VLAN because of other networks, so I guess I need to shout at Sophos because of something this stupid for their AP, but thanks anyway Funny thing when you have the central management subscription it actually lets you do that, but it expired so I must use the XG firewall.
  13. Hello, I need help with an odd VLAN setup, basically because my new AP does not support adding SSID's on the default VLAN when there already are configured other multiple VLAN SSID's, I thought I could just create another VLAN id bridged to the default one on a Cisco SG 350, but I never did that and I don't even know where to start. A quick look on the internet showed you can create bridge groups, but those do not work via CLI (I have only the bridge multicast command on the vlan interface, not bridge-group) Another thing that I can do is to just waste two switch ports, untagging them
  14. Does that mean we get a new MySQL version featuring neural networks from idiot TikTok videos?
  15. Elementary OS has a custom set of packages and differs from the usual "ubuntu" I don't think you can get to work another DE that easily like on an official ubuntu flavor
  16. Just try to use the Gnome-Disks app, it's more like a fstab frontend and you can edit everything from there
  17. Mh no? Is there any need aside embedded devices to have half a millisecond difference in boot? In 2020 I suppose everyone has an SSD
  18. The problem is that Exchange mail servers are widely used, and Linux mail clients have no decent support to it
  19. Even if it's improving, what I think is really missing right now in Linux Gaming is decent optimus laptop support, obviously you can't tell someone to edit environment variables just to make it run to a specific graphics card, not to mention that it's not even close to what Windows offers (mainly no dynamic discrete graphics card loading, plus consuming more power) I work in the IT field too and all of my servers run on Linux, including domain controllers, with a few exceptions, and myself for managing them I feel much more comfortable, I absolutely LOVE to work with Remmina, i
  20. Android IS based on linux, if you are just trying to run terminal programs you can just root the phone and install a terminal emulator. You can even run Ubuntu through chroot
  21. are you sure eth0 is the name of your physical adapter? I ask this if you copy pasted the iptables commands from somewhere without editing it
  22. It would be nice if that would still work and not break anything after every windows update