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  1. Excuse my boomer question. I took a rather long video on my Android device. It was uploaded to Google Photos. I then downloaded it to my Desktop (Windows 10). The video was downloaded as MP4 file. I need to cut a small portion of it. What is the easiest/fastest way of doing this? (PS - Can't upload it to a cloud service as it's too big) Thank you!
  2. The built in Chrome reader mode (enabled in Flags because google doesn't really want you to use it) is OK, but still misses tons (pics, twists, some text even, and some links). Firefox had a great one but I didn't use Firefox for a long time. (Safari was good too actually, but I am on PC). Anyone can recommend such extension? Low on permissions is a huge plus as well. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for this! These won't fit. The PC is TINY! Here: https://picopc.net/
  4. Thanks: https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Ethernet-Portable-1-Gigabit-Chromebook/dp/B00ZZ6NW5E
  5. Thank you. Like this? BTW- this does NOT require an outside power source?
  6. MiniPC has USB C, USB A, but no ETHERNET. I really need to plug it since there's no WiFi. What do I do in this situation? (if adapter - really hope no lost speed/no lag/latency) Thanks for the advice guys
  7. Wondering if this is the case. Does Netflix play lower quality when played on Chrome (instead of on new Edge)? If yes - why? Thanks
  8. I have a pretty banged up iPhone 11. Fell out of my pocket while driving my scooter - and it kept going for like 50 meters. Face ID won't work. SIM won't register. Display is broken. Bluetooth seems shady (but not sure). Such a bummer!!! Went to a mobile store, got a quote for $350. That's not worth it since I might as well get a used one. Are there any other options? DIY maybe (or too complicated?)? Thanks for the advice guys.
  9. if you'll see the wattage charges in my location you'd understand why I am trying to avoid this
  10. Wow I did not consider this. Is FAST STARTUP in the BIOS??? Thank you
  11. I disabled Hybrid Sleep just in case. Did not work. My PC will not wake up from sleep. This is a new thing. Is it the Power Supply Unit? In order to wake the PC back on, I have to turn off the PSU, and try to start the PC again. But sometimes EVEN this will not work. (typing this on my laptop) Yesterday I gave up and then at the evening I tried this routine again and suddenly the PC woke up and turned on. WEIRD! Is this a PSU issue? Thanks in advanced for the help guys.