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  1. thank you. same cable, HDMI. it's a DVI to monitor and HDMI to PC. Same cable though. Res is the same with both, at 1080p. thx again
  2. Hi. This is a weird one. Moved away from the Core i3-4130 to the G4560. Well, basically I changed a PC. Long story. What I am puzzled by is the change (to the worse) in display / graphics quality. I have the same monitor, obviously, but it just turned from so-good to crappy! All because of the change of my PC? Anyone can give an advice on WHY this is? The i3 has the Intel® HD Graphics 4400. The G4560 has the Intel® HD Graphics 610. I did went into the intel Graphics Command Center. Tried to make things loo
  3. I believe that's what I did. Unless I am missing something. In the video he shows how to do that. Meaning - I disabled DHCP in the secondary router.
  4. So, I connected the main router to a secondary one via ethernet cable to get WiFi on that location. I used this guide (see bellow): It works well. The problem I am getting is this: When I move from one location (network) to another, the device can't seem to get an IP address. It will not connect. The way to fix this is to reset the router. Something about moving from one location to another creates this issue. I can't realize why. Any advice? Thanks so much!
  5. Hi. I know this is weird, but 2 windows 10 installations were made on 2 different SSDs. Each installation was made when only one SSD was connected to the PC (so the installer was not "aware" of the other SSD, is that matters). The issue is that I can't seem to choose to boot from SSD1 as default / automatically. Is there a way for me to tell the PC which SSD will be main, while both are connected? I even tried to put SSD1 on SSD2 SATA cable, thinking it'll fix the issue. But PC still booted from SSD2. THANKS
  6. Thank you for this. Never heard of this flicker issue. There are screens that are actually known to have flicker-free panels? This is interesting. Are these usually more expensive?
  7. @boggy77 @aDoomGuy thank you both for replying is IPS better on the eyes as well? For a all day reader? Just curious about this point. Also - what is VA? Also - so TN is basically shi!@? Thx!!!
  8. Hi! I need a monitor. I am done looking at my laptop. Trying to keep it budget friendly. I do not game at all. All I care about is readability and eye-fatigue. I was wondering if I should put the extra $ into an IPS display. I am not too techy when it comes to this. I see that IPS has better viewing angles. Is it worth it? Or is it just another gimmick to get my extra cash? Thanks so much!!!
  9. Hi. So, I installed Manjaro on a separated HDD which I connected to my desktop PC. Just now I removed this drive, and I am getting an error - something about the drive is missing or something of this sort. I guess the Manjaro installation "injected" a boot manager (not sure what's it called) into my main SSD (which has windows 10 on it)? Can this be reversed? Thx so much!
  10. Thx for replying. At the same time - no way. So i guess this is not the issue. But the main router does hold many devices. Here is a pic. Sorry for the low quality: I will actually take a minute to describe the local (home) network in case this brings some light to this issue. There's a main router that was given to us by the internet/tv provider (they are both a tv and ISP prorider). The main router box has many satellites scattered around the house. Around 6 of these satellite devices (I am assuming these are APs). There's also a phon