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    Anime, Games, Being Alone.
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    Just a cutie
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    Semi-Professional Rainbow Six: Siege Player


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    Ryzen 9 3900x (undervolted)
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    Asus Prime X570-P
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    Team Vulcan 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3000Mhz 16-16-16-36
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    GTX Titan X (Pascal) w/ uninstalled waterblock lol
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    Corsair 400c
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    1x 1TB Lite-on EP2, 2x 128GB Samsung, 500GB HDD, 3x 1TB HDD (Raid 0)
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    Corsair RMi 750w
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    e-Element Samsung PLS (85hz) / Dell S2716DG (1440p144hz)
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    Scythe Ninja 5
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    Corsair Stafe (Browns)
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    G900 Chaos Spectrum
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    Logitech z506, Sennheiser HD 598cs
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    Windows 10
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  1. No point. Performance will mostly not degrade by more than 5% unless there is hard artifacting on the card lol, this mainly depends on thermals though, if the thermal paste hasnt be re-applied after years and years, after a while the card will run warmer and not clock as high. Also thermal cycling is what mainly causes degradation. The only difference with buying a new vs used card, mining or not is how long it could last. Pretty much everything made these days would last 10 years or more if treated right, so if a miner uses it for 2, you got around 8 left, but after a couple more years it'l
  2. Parting out would come out to ~200 on ebay. After fees and shipping you'd get around $160-175. I'd say around $150 as a complete build, $200 if you part out and clean everything. A pre-installed OS is a selling point, but not a "drive the price up" selling point imo.
  3. Maybe the cable or the port on the monitor is going out? Thats all I can really think of. My Dell S2716DG had its HDMI port go out recently, its just flickering constantly now.
  4. 1fps is the lowest i think, but that shouldnt make it smaller.
  5. haha, no. I tried, and it looks like x264 wont take a lower bitrate, this is as good as it gets.
  6. That is the only way more will be squeezed out, I think x264 might support lower bitrate, but it will look far worse than av1.
  7. This is the smallest video possible. Floppy.mkv
  8. 128x72 12fps AV1, 6kbps, it literally wont encode lower. mono channel Opus 6kbps, it literally wont encode lower. I'm not 100% sure on if there is a better video codec, but this is the best audio codec, and its smallest size is 1.04MB. Floppy f.opus
  9. It's impossible to include both audio and video. I tried.
  10. Send the source, I'll send an attempt back. I'd suggest something like 240p20fps AV1
  11. I use Vulcan ram, have been using it for around 3 years or so. Pretty good ram, life time warranty too!
  12. Cod mobile may not be letting you play because of kb/m is what I'm saying
  13. Possibly irrelevant, but PUBG mobile will put you in with PC players if you use a mouse/keyboard, and its not optional. COD Mobile may be doing something similar. KB/M is considered cheating in mobile competitive games I think....