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  1. Tbh I don't really care for the most part. I have most launchers anyways. Admittedly I also have the epic game launcher as well because one of the free games that came with my graphics cards was through epic games store and some of the other free games deals they had. So yeah I probably would still use both steam and epic games store like I currently do. Would I primarily use epic games store? That ultimately depends if the platform becomes more convenient than steam. Currently steam is still more convenient to me so I use that the most.
  2. Yeah I think that assumption is pretty ridiculous for firearms. I mean my dad goes hunting and has multiple different shotguns and rifles depending on where he is hunting and what he is hunting. Same goes for Facebook as well though as I have seen alot of bots on Facebook as well and shady profiles.
  3. Again for advertising you want daily active users. People who only go on your site once a month doesn't mean much to an advertiser. Monthly active users doesn't show who uses the site consistently daily. If you have 200 million in the US using Facebook once a month vs 200 million people using Facebook daily the monthly active users would be the same yet these are two very different perspectives for an advertising agency. If it was only 200 million once a month then advertisers wouldn't put much value to it but of it was 200 million daily they would attach way more value to it. Anyways until I
  4. I call bs on those numbers. I'm talking on a regular basis not simply having an account. If that graph were accurate then that would be 2/3 people in the US use Facebook when out of the people I know hardly any use it. Sure do they have an account? Yeah but that doesn't mean shit for advertising. Daily active users is all that matters and I would doubt that those numbers are true.
  5. Who uses Facebook anyways? No advertising on Facebook? Who would actually care. I feel like there are much better ways to advertise than Facebook.
  6. You attract more flies with honesy than vinegar. If they hadn't done the exclusives deal they likely would have more marketshare than they do now and would have saved alot of money to do other deals and promotions. The huge hate on epic is almost certainly because of the exclusives and had they not done that people would be way more open minded on using it. Sure some wouldn't because they still prefer steam but at least it wouldn't repluse people away like they did with their exclusive deals.
  7. I see my wording was probably not the best when I originally responded. When I said if they just did free games and invested into the platform I was implying that they would only do those things meaning no exclusives resulting in obviously no boycotts as they don't have exclusives. They would have likely be much more well received and had more success. As for the critics reviews I would say that I personally don't like critics in general as they usually focus on things I personally don't care about. I always look at the general publics opinion over critics as critics tend to have very differen
  8. I would have to very much disagree with your assessment of epics store. The sorting sucks and the only reason that it is somewhat redeemable is that they don't have a huge collection of games that they sell. Also shopping cart is a pretty big deal and is not hard to implement for a company who throws millions at expensive deals. And yeah they did get boycotted because they did exclusivity deals like I said. If they hadn't I would pretty much guarantee they would have received way less flack. I would also say that not having a review system is a big letdown as well. I like to see reviews like y
  9. I'm sorry but the e in the intel logo font really bugs me. It just looks weird.
  10. Steam has competition but they suck so nobody wants to use them leading to companies feeling the need to sell through stream to get to the market they have. Thats not steams fault and it is not on steam that the competition made their platforms so terrible that people can stand using them. If there is a real problem it is that the competition needs to improve their platforms so that people will actually want to use them and gain marketshare allowing companies to put their games on there without having to worry that they won't be hitting a huge part of the gaming market. I think if epic had put
  11. No its not for the very same reason that I already explained. Sure it might not matter to you that your frame could be 6ms old by the time your monitor refreshes vs at most 3ms when at 300 fps but for some that extra 3ms in delay is important.
  12. I would try a different monitor and see if that makes a difference. It could be some issue with the monitor not liking your settings. Also you have to turn gsync and freesync off otherwise they can mess up when you are running above your refreshrate. You could also try using fast sync. Its a system that works much better than traditional vsync with significantly less input lag.
  13. Less input lag. The concept seems hard to understand to some but really if you are running at 300 fps then that means you render 2 frames per refresh compared to 1. That second frame would be the one you see on the refresh of your monitor but you wouldn't see the first as it is out of date compared to the second. If you ran it at 144 fps then you would see the out of date first frame making you have higher input lag. Anyways thats the concept and you can sorta extrapolate that to concept to see why people want uncapped frame rate.
  14. I would say that the recommended for a 1660 is 450 watts so you are probably ok. I mean the 1660 generally pulls at max 120watts then you add the cpu which is 150 watts at most based on power draw benchmarks running prime 95 and probably less than that in typical usage tbh but I just like to overestimate. Then the rest of the system likely doesn't pull any significant amount of power. So you are probably just fine and I wouldn't worry to much about 450 watts not being enough. As for the quality of your power supply I have no idea so I can't comment on that.
  15. That legitimately has nothing to do with a monopoly. Thats people having brand loyalty to an unhealthy degree. Honestly it would probably be easier if the other stores didn't suck as its so hard to really see a reason to switch to a different platform if there is no better alternative. Also I would like to point out that steam isn't really monopoly simply because most people prefer using it over other services. That more so shows that they have a better platform the the competition. And again there are other alternatives and its not steams fault that people prefer steam over those alternatives