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  1. As someone who has had a 1700 I would say that you probably want to upgrade your cpu before upgrading your gpu because often times the cpu will be the limiting factor especially qt 1080p and 1440p. If you are playing at 4k then I guess it doesn't matter though. The 1080 isn't a bad card and you can find cpus at msrp while gpus are not anywhere near their msrp.
  2. Tbh 4c/4t on pubg is just asking for a bad time. Granted pubg is just bad in general when it comes to optimizations so I would expect shuddering in it with your setup. As for fortnite I am a but surprised you would get such issues as I had thought it was fairly well optimized.
  3. Intel doesn't care about a max optimal speed like ryzen with 3600mhz being the most you want to go for infinity fabric reasons. Intel you can go 4000 mhz and it will be all good. Granted 3600mhz is generally the price to performance as you can get 3600mhz ram for similar prices to slower models. After 3600 mhz the amount you pay goes up quite a bit. Granted if you make money on what you do on your computer then maybe the extra price between 3600mhz and 4000 isn't a bid deal.
  4. Why spend that much when you can get better laptops new for that price https://www.newegg.com/eclipse-gray-asus-rog-strix-g15-g513qm-eb94-gaming-entertainment/p/N82E16834235881 I mean it seems like the razer laptop is overpriced tbh.
  5. They almost certainly meant 125hz and 165 hz. Honestly I read it that way and didn't even notice it until you pointed it out.
  6. Tbh I sorta find this verdict somewhat stupid. If the app is hosted on their app store then they should get a cut of the sales if that is how they are making revenue off of the app store and how they maintain the app store. Really I could only see an argument of making them allow a competing app store on IOS but I guess that likely won't happen.
  7. It totally depends on how the boost is setup. Most modern gpus have the boost being heavily tied to temperature. I mean if gpus didn't start down clocking before hitting a critical temperature threshold then that would be bad. I would imagine that the ps5 has something similar as it would likely be the easiest way to avoid having thermal shutdowns and other issues related to improper temperature control. Either that or they have the gpu at a fixed boost and created an overengineered cooling system to make sure that even at fringe cases the likelihood of thermal shutdown is small.
  8. They can't get info on how much they made off of info they sold that they shouldn't have had? Maybe it is more complicated then I think but surely they could come up with a way to make a rough estimate.
  9. You think it would be easy to just have the fine be equivalent to the money they made breaking the rule or somewhere close so that they realize that there is no incentive to break the law to begin with. Then even if it happens to small businesses it will only be an amount that is what they wouldn't have made had they broke the law to begin with making it totally fair.
  10. That is absolutely crazy. I honestly don't even need my ID for the most part let alone two on a day to day basis. I mean granted if I get pulled over by the police I would need it but barring that I hardly ever use my normal ID let alone something like a social security card which is rarely needed. The fact that you need two id's in Canada is a but weird to me. This begs the question if they would accept to digital forms of ID on your phone then? Or would you have to have two physical copies or one physical and one digital copy?
  11. In a static situation the d15 should be fine. If you are moving the thing then yeah the heaviness of the cooler could have an impact if you aren't treating it with care. That being said the same can be said with most coolers as at some magnitude of acceleration will cause damage.
  12. Yes but how often do you require to have two id's on you? For me basically only when I go to get my license renewed. My friend doesn't have a driver's license yet he still has a state ID so that is what he uses when he only need one form of ID and it would be weird to use your social security card as your only form of ID.
  13. You won't do much better with the 9700k (in regards to heat) and although the 9900k runs hot while overclocked it should be fine as long as it's at stock. It might thermal throttle a little but that should be fine also you can always upgrade the cooling solution later on if you want. Also the 9900k is significantly better than the 9700k while only being 20 bucks more. It would be stupid not go get it over the 9700k
  14. I would either get the 9900k or switch platforms. The 9700k is not all that great especially with quite a few games not playing nicely with it do to its lack in hyperthreading
  15. I think you are missing an important detail here. You are basically making it so you are carrying around a digital form of your ssn card all day every day when you have your phone on you. If you aren't using your social security card why would you have it in your wallet? I have had to use my card a total of 2 times this year and these were trips where the chances of being in danger of losing it where very small. Now compare that to having a digital copy on your phone all the time and you can readily see how this would be of a greater risk. Also having a picture of your social security card cur