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What Ship/Package You Can/Should Buy (Updated: 1/30)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

TL;DR: You don't need a bazillion dollar package to play the game. CIG is making two games: Star Citizen (MMO) and Squadron 42 (Single-Player). You only need to pay 45 USD to get access to the MMO. 15 USD extra for the single-player game.



And here:


And both:




I recommend the Mustang Alpha as that is more fun to fly as a ship, but lacks some versatility. Also, it is worth more (real monies) just in case you decide to upgrade [NOT NEEDED].



You've bought or thought about buying Star Citizen. You look in the store and what do you see? Too many packages! Star Citizen is a complex game with an even more complex store (that really should be fixed CIG)! I'm making this post to help all you newcomers out there so that way you don't have to flounder through the stuff that stands between you and your new game, but first, we need to clear some things up.


Basic Package Info

There are two games involved here: Squadron 42, the standalone singleplayer game, that ties directly into Star Citizen, which is the Persistent Universe  (PU) which is the large-scale universe, massive multiplayer part of the game universe. They are tied together but that does not mean you need to have both in order to play either. Every single copy of Star Citizen (The PU) comes with a ship. These are called game packages and they range from $45 all the way up to $15,000 (What?!). You can, however, buy ships that do NOT come with the game (either Squadron 42 or Star Citizen).


Please be aware that the package split has already happened. In case you are unaware, the game Star Citizen, the multiplayer PU, is not going to include the standalone title Squadron 42 (singleplayer campaign-esque thingy), which costs an additional $15 [redundant]. The campaign will have ties to the PU, including starting money, status, and npc relationships but it is neither detrimental nor necessary [also redundant].


In terms of starter ships, you can either pick the Aurora MR or Mustang Alpha "starter" packages that include the ship, some UEC (In-game currency down the line), and a hangar, as well as a few more tidbits, for $45.


[You can currently buy a starter package that comes with the Aurora MR or Mustang Alpha with both SQ42 and SC.]


Be aware, however, that you can always upgrade from these ships if you get a case of ship-lust and just have to have a ship, without damaging your package OR INSURANCE and only changing the ship (This does, however, mean that you don't get the additional stuff that comes with the "standalone" version of the ship). You cannot at this time downgrade your ship to get store credit without "melting" your entire package (If you do decide to melt your package, you have one buy-back guaranteed for the price you purchased it at).


Insurance Info


You will notice, when observing your potential package, that there is an insurance length (3 months most likely). This is an in-game/PU mechanic that will be implemented. It has not been implemented yet. It will act as the means through which you can recover a ship that has been destroyed or lost. You will be able to renew your insurance for a nominal fee in-game (when it has been implemented).


Now, now, I know what you're thinking: "Wait! What if my insurance runs out when I lose my ship!" Well... You'd lose it.


Now, now, I know what you're thinking: "Wait! I payed for that with real monies!" Well... you can always fix that in-game. You can crew a ship, do odd-jobs, and other missions to earn enough UEC to get a new ship. Yes, your ship will be unfortunately lost (Unless LTI), but it should not keep you grounded for too long. Remember: no risk, no reward.


Some Upgrade Paths

Most people, when upgrading from these ships, if you pick the Aurora, is


Aurora MR -> Aurora LN (More militarized version; great all-around ship) -> Avenger Titan/Variants (Better handling and also a good all around ship) -> TO INFINITY!


If you choose the Mustang Alpha -> Mustang Beta (Exploration ship; think camper) -> Larger exploration ship


-> Avenger Titan/Variants -> TO INFINITY!

OR just do whatever you want...


B-b-but the Ship-Lust is too Strong!

Here are some of the more expensive ship packages if low-balling it isn't your style:


Avenger Stalker: Capable ship; Prison Pods; Aimed towards Bounty Hunters

Cutlass Black: Multi-crew ship; Cargo space; Aimed towards Pirates

Hornet F7C: Single-seater; tank; small-storage box; Feasible Single-crew; Aimed towards Military types

Freelancer: Multi-crew ship; Cargo Hauler; 18-wheeler; Feasible Single-crew; Aimed towards Cargo types

Constellation Andromeda: Multi-Crew Multi-role Ship; Difficult to Single-crew; Aimed towards Explorers/Cargo Haulers/Transport


[All of these more expensive packages come with extra goodies (e.g. better hangars and an OST)]


[Additional Note: Once Beta/Release of the SC PU, all ships will be obtainable through in-game means and you will no longer be able to purchase them for monies]


Additional Info

Basic Common Ship stand-out attributes (some of which are not yet implemented) in no particular order (Be aware some of these ships are unavailable for purchase now, but you can expect to see them in the mini-PU):

  • Aurora: Single person multi-role, versatile ship; flies like a brick; tanks damage like one too; tough little ship
  • Hornet: Single person fighter-oriented ship; Not very well-rounded; Tanks damage well
  • Super-Hornet: Dual person fighter-oriented ship; most often used in Arena Commander
  • Gladius: Single person fighter-oriented ship; Slightly borked at the moment; Handles well
  • Mustang: Single person varied ship; Variants range from military to light transport; Handles extremely well; slightly borked
  • Mustang Delta: Single person fighter-oriented ship; Militarized version
  • M50: Single person racing ship; Extremely fast and agile; small loadout; made of paper
  • Avenger: Single person multi-role ship; Agile, handles well; A bit fragile; Slightly unbalanced at the moment
  • Freelancer: Multi-person freighter/exploration ship; 18-wheeler of the game; Will be able to carry lots of cargo in the future
  • Cutlass: Two-person (?) multi-role ship; pirate-y; versatile, jack-of-all trades; slightly borked at the moment
  • Vanguard: Two-person deep space fighter; No cargo; tanks damage; straight-line fighter
  • Vanguard Hoplite: Drop-ship variant of Vanguard; Lots of seats; Weapon racks
  • Retaliator: Large crew, long-range bomber ship; Think Flying Fortress
  • Khartu-Al: Alien scout ship; agile; giant hitboxes; big-ish guns; no flares
  • Sabre: Single person fighter-oriented stealth ship; Large loadout; Hard to hit; doesn't have as much armor as super-hornet; Stealthy in the future
  • Constellation: Large crew, versatile large ship; Used for exploration or hauling; Tanks damage
  • 300 Series ships: Single person multi-role(ish) ships; medium loadout; handles well; looks good(?)
  • 350R: Single-person racing ship; fastest ship in the game; handles slightly more poorly than the M50; loadout isn't great
  • Starfarer: Multi-person tanker; Creates fuel; Transports it; Massive; You'll get lost in it
  • Starfarer Gemini: Multi-person military support ship; Stronger shields/hull armor; stronger turrets; militarized
  • Reliant: Dual seater cargo mini-hauler; Rotates; Doesn't have too much space; Largish hitbox; Medium armanent
  • Argo: Single-seater utility snub craft; Parasite ship; Cargo/transport/repair variants; No quantum/jump drive
  • Herald: Single-seater info-runner ship; Fast in a straight line; Camper style; Info array; Ejects hard-drives into space
  • Caterpillar: Large multi-crew ship; Modular; Highly versatile; Has a detachable command module; Cargo all the things

Ships On the Horizon

  • Dragonfly: Coming soon
  • Buccaneer: Maybe coming soon

Lifetime Insurance Info (LTI)


So, you've been checking around on the interwebz and you've discovered this term LTI. All that it means is that the insurance (that automatically comes with ships nowadays anyway) doesn't ever go away forever. And its "free" (You're still paying for the ship) This is not a game-breaking/making feature that could cripple you. It is good for providing an extra layer of piece of mind. Remember, as stated above, insurance will not be a debilitating cost towards your ship maintenance.  


That's about it... I think...

I will update this as new ships become available to the mini-PU

Anyway, sorry for the long-ish post. If you do decide to get it, check out LTT Conglomerate and hit us up on Discord for any additional paling around and questions (discord.uoltt.org). See you in the 'Verse!


Glossary of terms:

Star Citizen: Massive Multiplayer game with a Persistent Universe, which is a representation of the year 2944 2945 2946 2947

Squadron 42: Singleplayer game based in the Star Citizen Universe

Mini-PU: The smaller sandbox universe that does not currently (SoonTM to change) have persistence; It's where the developers test out features for the expansion into the entire universe

CIG: Cloud Imperium Games; the developers

Package: Multiple items

Ship: Why are you still reading this?


If you have any additions, feel free to add.

I only lurk... wait a sec-...

My only two contributions to society: SC Ship Guide / Squadron Logos

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the best ship


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Just now, Wander Away said:

Don't judge a book by its covers... it might have a dimensional storage technology which hides a barrage of missiles inside :P

Still, you'd have to get the Vanduul come to you. 


Or you might want to use it as ammunition for the Retribution's particle cannon. 

New to Star Citizen? Look no further!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 minutes ago, Wauthar said:

Still, you'd have to get the Vanduul come to you. 


Or you might want to use it as ammunition for the Retribution's particle cannon. 

You goofballs! Quit making silly posts in an informative post! :P

I only lurk... wait a sec-...

My only two contributions to society: SC Ship Guide / Squadron Logos

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On 02/07/2016 at 11:52 PM, Gyre-Taenn said:



3 hours ago, Gyre-Taenn said:


Shamelessly self promoting your own work, I like it :D

I hope you continue to update this as time goes on because CIG doesn't seem to be slowing down with new ship designs!

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