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    Optiplex 7010mt mobo
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    12gb ddr3 (2x2x4x4gb)
  • GPU
    Zotac gtx 1050ti
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    Optiplex 7010mt case
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    250gb 5400rpm hdd
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    Evga white 430w

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  1. My gosh I’m so dumb! The laptop has an extra usb-c port I didn’t even notice. Sorry guys!
  2. My dad’s work sent him a laptop and multiple monitor setup, and I’ve been putting it together. They sent a dock that takes usb c from the laptop, and connects to two monitors, a mouse and a keyboard. The problem is that the laptop charges through usb C, so when he’s using the dock he can’t charge his laptop. Are there “splitters” out there that can send information to the dock aswell as charge the laptop at the same time? He’s using the thinkpad p53s
  3. Moved into an apartment complex that has no ethernet and compared to the laptop I have, my desktop has crazy high ping and low speeds (with the old ass card that's in there now). I honestly know nothing about cards. Tell me a decent wireless card under 50, and I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  4. I’m taking the vaccine ASAP. It’s already been tested for months on thousands of people per fda standards
  5. Dice Onions and lemons, Imagine being overwhelmed by an awe-worthy tsunami that obliterates your body, and if possible, apply makeup blush. Do all that and lastly, try not to think about the massive windfall you are about to acquire
  6. Imo they’re quite tacky, but I can see why someone would want them to put personal style into their build. They all have the same art style however you can get characters from totally different content.
  7. Optiplex and used gpu from ebay. Doable just do your research and beware of insufficient PSU
  8. You’re legit just spouting buzzwords. Like a SV startup with a terrible product trying to bs it’s way into VC money.
  9. Plug your display cable into the graphics card, not the motherboard
  10. The big tech campuses promote a culture where “everything you need is at work” free gyms, massages, showers, entertainment etc. which leads to people spending a lot of their personal time on campus, and working longer hrs. Good for the company as it promotes loyalty because your social life is engrossed in the company, but bad for the employee long term. Imo it’s best to make your closest friends and have the majority of your social life outside of work. Dating too.
  11. I’m with WFH policies. Companies can get more qualified candidates that exist outside their region (the bay area), and those employees have a chance at better jobs without having to uproot their lives.
  12. Oh that’s cool, didn’t know that. I have an iphone 8
  13. What’s the best way to get started with video journaling? I’d preferably be able to use my phone with some software to automatically upload to the cloud, and store the date too.