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    Robotics, Minecraft, YouTube, RC, Audio, Music, DJing, Linus, Computers, Programming
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    Check out my YouTube channel SilentShock42 for an awesome tech, robotics, and PC modding videos!
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    University student studying mechanical engineering


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    Intel i7 4790K
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    ASUS Sabertooth Mark S #1095
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHz CL11 (modded)
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    AMD Vega 64
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    NZXT S340 (modded)
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    Samsung 850 Pro 512GB (x2) + WD Red 4TB
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    Seasonic Platinum 760 + Silverstone white sleeved cables
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    Samsung 58" 4k TV
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    Corsair H100i (custom loop WIP)
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    Coolermaster SK630 White
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    Logitech MX Master 2S light gray
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    2x Behringer NEKKST K8 studio monitors + 12" Acoustech subwoofer + Scarlett 2i4 + 2x AT2020
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Dell XPS13

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  1. I don't see what the need for keeping 86TB of data is anyways. If I had that much data that would mean I'm either a hoarder or was running a datacenter or something. In the first case, you can just get rid of stuff since it's not important, or compress videos, or something. In the second case it's probably a real job in which case $1600 is nothing since you make that back through the work you do.
  2. Mistake 1 was not having an off-site data backup, or at least a secondary place even if it's just hard drives on a shelf. Mistake 2 was plugging your data into a computer you hadn't boot tested yet Mistake 3 was using the wrong PSU cables or plugging them into the wrong ports Very sad tho sometimes you can take the PCB from another identical HDD and swap it and you can get the data off yourself, maybe look into those DIY data recovery videos. If all your drives are the same maybe you'll only need to buy one new one and you can use the same PCB for eac
  3. Probably an issue with the monitor, but you can always try a different cable with a different computer to be 100% sure.
  4. Set the default device in the windows sound control panel.
  5. They should both work. If you look into used stuff you can find a vega56 or 64 for pretty cheap too, those are better and newer than a fury.
  6. You're welcome Some old AMD cards had 6 mini DP outputs natively but that was a long time ago. Now they almost all have 4 outputs, so you only need a 1 to 3 DP hub, so you might find one for even cheaper than the 4 way hub.
  7. Any consumer AMD card can do 6 4k outputs, you just need a displayport splitter. https://www.amazon.com/SIIG-Port-DisplayPort-MST-Hub/dp/B0761DWK8K/
  8. You need to look at fiber optic cables for that much bandwidth (48gbps) at 25+ ft. https://www.amazon.com/ConnBull-Fiber-Premium-Optical-Supports/dp/B07VRQPWMR https://www.amazon.com/Pacroban-Long-Cable-Fiber-Optic/dp/B07VF9YZ3S
  9. The problem is not pins bending, it's pins shorting, because the case is metal. Unless you want to fry your board you need to use standoffs.
  10. Don't copy any OS or program files. Choose manually which folders and files to move. Also do small bits at a time, not 400GB all at once.
  11. Yeah whenever I have strange software problems like that I reinstall windows and everything works good as new.
  12. There is no performance benefit over x8, it only matters for stuff like PCIe storage or network cards that can use that much bandwidth. With PCIe 3.0 your GPU won't be bottlenecked at all.