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  1. Currently ongoing is the Invictus Flight Week "Every year in May, we gather to celebrate Invictus Launch Week. Though a time to honor those in the Navy and other armed forces for their tireless service, aerospace and defense manufacturers across the galaxy also take the opportunity to showcase their vehicles designed for (or influenced by) the military. So, join us as we welcome the UEEN fleet back to the Stanton system and the beautiful planet microTech. Throughout the event, you can test-fly military-inspired vehicles, discover new releases, and tour an in-service Javelin de
  2. Expanding on this, in the past we had our own sub forums for Star Citizen. We ended up moving past this into our own discord but instead of losing all of our posts it was merged into the PC gaming one. We are the LTTC Star Citizen group were we collectively talk, discuss and play Star Citizen together. This thread is basically our big mega-thread of things that have happened over time.
  3. Oh, I also forgot to mention but this has now made it to the LIVE alpha, patch notes can be found here - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//17564-Star-Citizen-Alpha-39 But main new features are: Characters Added microTech clothing collection. Locations Added New Babbage Landing Zone – Interiors Added Klescher automated prison Added microTech Moons: Calliope, Clio, and Euterpe Added caves and cave missions to microTech and its moons. Added food to shops and stands throughout the verse. Gameplay Gameplay New Criminal Mission: Hijacked Caterpillar Prisone
  4. It has content but there is not too much right now, latest changes have just hit the LIVE alpha code which gives us quite a few ships, a dozen or so missions and lots of exploration. There is now a minor survival aspect with eating and drinking. It is quite a buggy game all in all as it is still alpha (yeah I know, long time in alpha). Performance as stated by @ixi_your_face dependant on the patch, I have an overkill gpu and its not being fully used as I am RAM bound right now in game. Its pretty heavy on RAM wanting around 10gb usually. This patch with my RAM being hog
  5. This has now been made available for all backers against 3.9.0r Notable Changes / Additions New Babage Interiors available Esperal Prowler now flyable Prision has been added with Missions Prison Systems Personal Interaction System More than just my notes can be seen here - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/190048/thread/star-citizen-alpha-3-9-0r-ptu-5101286-patch-notes
  6. As per to the sites, they are both "Grey Markets" so they are at your own risk on if the sellers are trustworthy or not. They will be more expensive than buying it from RSI but it is a limited time ship that only recently went on its original concept sale so don't imagine it'll be any time soon. You can either risk it or wait it out in the hopes that it'll come back, well the 3rd option I guess is to pick something else that is on sale. You can rent ships if you play the game currently and earn enough aUEC so that might be another option, you can also buy those ships using the aUEC
  7. Loaded question I know, but for anyone interested in this free fly event that is wants to know how much org activity there is, is there any sort of meetups or gatherings that they might be invited to join? Maybe on a Saturday night at around 9pm gmt?
  8. As dizmo says, it is still in backing stage as it has not released yet. Sometimes it does go on sale but its not that often and not reliably during holidays. I think the anniversary of getting the initial funding goal is soon though so you might be lucky with that but I can't promise anything.
  9. Oh yeah sure that should probably be the case but people shouldn't make a dream SC PC any time soon. As I said before this is still alpha, they are implementing features over optimising performance at the moment, we are lucky that object container streaming has benifited our performance as much as it has right now. Before now the performance was heavily bottlenecked on the server side end!
  10. Urm yes it could be a bottleneck, not sure what you are asking Edit: SC is now performing pretty well where the server is no longer the bottleneck. Your own computer is now the limiting factor on your frames. As can be seen though, SC is still in alpha and performance is not final
  11. Unfortunately not, the game is still in early alpha and the performance is at a premium. Not played for a while now but I think there is an issue with the servers when it starts to get fuller due to the size of the universe and amount of ships about. There should be a net code change coming eventually but still no confirmed date on as to when as it keeps getting pushed back due to issues they keep finding.
  12. Far from it, though it is having a nice slow development its moving along nicely. Check out the year review one of our other members posted here:
  13. It's actually still in alpha but its slowly coming together, hell of a lot more content now than there was.
  14. Love it, as things go I have had a busy year but I hope to join back and be more active in meetup and such in the new year. As a current wing commander I should show my face more than I do and will try this year