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  1. I loved it, don't think there has been any bad episode this season but the finale blew it all to the next level I've seen people complain about the CGI for Luke's face, but I don't care tbh. Also, Boba is moving up in the world, can't wait what he's up to next!
  2. Cut off one head and 7 will grow in its place
  3. I learned in a manual, my parents car has one and my own old Beetle is a manual too (though they were also produced as automatic and semi-automatics). I've driven an automatic once in a while, but I would prefer a manual any day.
  4. No lifting for me, but I do climb 2-3 times a week and that includes technique and strength training. It's basically all I need to stay in shape, but lately I've been seeing some good progress in muscle definition and my actual climbing grade. Plus I absolutely love it, so that's a nice added benefit
  5. Yeah, tell me about it. The absolute highest litre price I've ever seen was on the border of Switserland and Italy. Couple of years ago we were driving out of a long tunnel under a mountain and right at the exit was a gas station that had their Euro95 price at €2/L, never seen that anywhere since.
  6. This has been tripping me up for the longest time too, but earlier in this thread @Votivee gave some clarification: Also, Americans complaining about high gas prices seems pretty strange to Europeans indeed
  7. I don't know where you're looking, but the Pricewatch on Tweakers.net states the 3700x price at €359 - €399. Always compare stores before jumping the gun and buying without informing yourself.
  8. While the MSRP for our regular 95 octane is €1.77/liter (in the Netherlands), most pumps in my region are way under that. The prices have been going down lately, but are currently around €1.60-ish/L. I remember last summer I filled up my car with 98 octane, which my old car actually needs/prefers (no ethanol) for €1.34/L in Belgium ?
  9. Same here. We all had to invest in a TI-84+ for highschool math classes (plotting graphs, probability etc), so when going to college basically everyone had one. At college, I had accountancy classes which required us to learn many formulas. During the exams everyone would put those formulas as 'programs' in their calculators, so you would have a 'mental support' on you at all times. The school caught on, considered this as cheating and banned the use of graphical calculators during accountancy exams after a few years. We then had to actually learn the formulas ourselves, the h
  10. Banned for creating this thread and dooming us to come up with witty responses forever.
  11. Banned because I didn't know there were invitations for something I didn't know was going on.
  12. Banned for being out of the loop, I guess...
  13. Plus, for that $100, Microsoft even includes some games for every user! Who doesn't love a quick round of Minesweeper or Patience ?
  14. Here's a nice link to get Windows: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/windows-10-home/d76qx4bznwk4?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab In all seriousness, it's at your own risk. Those '5 dollar Ebay listings' may very well be stolen/grey licenses that either don't work or will be deactivated when you're using it for some time.
  15. What I mean by sideways is that that slot isn't usually used by GPU's or whatever is plugged into the PCI slots. What I gather from your image is that expansion cards use the horizontal slots to the left. (see attached image) We don't know exactly what case you're using, but if it's really a standard ATX size, your motherboard would be attached vertically so it would use the horizontal slots I mentioned for expansion cards. EDIT: I also see one slot has already been taken out. Did you do that or was there already something in place there.
  16. Seems like you have to remove the screw on the left on your outline and then the panel would be able to pop out. Are you mounting your GPU sideways in your case, though?
  17. Banned because I have absolutely no idea who you're banning ?
  18. Banned because I am from the period when we were only allowed to have three lines for a signature and the 'Show More' option didn't exist yet.
  19. https://builtwith.com/isitdownrightnow.com BuiltWith says yes
  20. I wonder how much of the internet is dependant on Cloudflare :C
  21. If I recall correctly, Plex can only use the CPU for transcoding. Is the GPU function a new one?