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  1. I have played way too much high level PvP in this game. I've gone the full circle of hopeful, salty, zen, then hopeful again. It's a great "game" that has too much going for it to pass up. But it also doesn't have enough going for it to be worth spending money on unless you have the cash to spare. LTT Org discord: discord.uoltt.org / discord.uoltt.com
  2. Recently just spent too much of my life getting to 5th on the BR leaderboards. Not worth Get it.
  3. Who knows. The schedule keeps dropping network features one by one. The major refactor has remained untouched so far, but the actual FPS gains are to be seen. Also, I was right, the target date was moved to August @rentaspoon
  4. "late-July now for 3.0" LUL No "Finished before the end of next year?" LUL No https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report HUE HUE HUE No
  5. Exactly Hit the nail right on the head. It gets enough right that I stand the bad.
  6. As with all the good pilots, I now have a love/hate relationship with the game. It's the latest thing. Be moody and complain about the state of balance and crap.
  7. Daydreaming at work, eh? Seriously though, much easier to have questions asked and answered there. If me or Corwin is on, we can answer pretty much all the joysticker questions. Also, what's your discord name?
  8. HOSAS go-to (which I am using) is dual T16000m. More expensive right sticks are often used by top pilots. Warthog, VKB Gunfighter, Mamba, etc. Usually lefty is always T16km Don't buy Saitek. Words. Things. Join the discord.