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The Org Contents


Hey guys!


Our stickies/important threads seem to be getting a bit OTT, so I’m gonna keep stickies to this thread and the main thread from now on. This thread will be focused on community-created items of interest such as @rucdoc’s org membership data thread, or @rentaspoon’s gaming nights. Along with this I’ll be consolidating most info into this thread, so stay tuned for that :D


Star Citizens Homepage

UOLTTs Homepage - WIP currently being built by Judahnator but may change once a separate forum is made.


Getting Started

If you're new and want to buy your first ship, feel free to use our referral code doc, found here!

Then get yourself over to the main chat forum page and read up on the FAQ and get your ships registered with rucdoc here!

if you are an affiliate please follow this link


Meetups In Star Citizen

Currently the Organisation is meeting up via Operation Eden, this is a fortnightly meetup in Arena Commander to get ready for the Persistant Universe


Interesting Forum posts

Art Repository: For all you creative types

Operation Brawl: A competition currently running by @Napper198

Operation Eden: Help prepare the org for Star Citizen and join the Military!

Operation Monarch: -REDACTED-

Operation Ocelot: -REDACTED-

Operation Royal Salute: -COMPLETED- A gift to CIG.

Take The Top Gear Challange: Help @rucdoc farm data to determine the best current combat ship.


Voice And Text Chat - Talk to org members

Currently we are using Discord as our voice and text chat, it's very new but features are rolling in every day. It already features a phone app and can be used in browser or via a client.


Our server


The Conglomerate Outside Star Citizen

The Conglomerate Steam Group

Run by the High Council for anyone looking to play together via Steam

Current Leaders : Slick, Blade of Grass and Myself.

Current Moderators : rentaspoon


The Conglomerate R* Crew

Run by the High Council for anyone looking to play GTA5 or any other R* game together.

The Conglomerate YouTube channel

Want to showcase your manliness?! Send your videos to rentaspoon, Napper198 or myself!


Think we've missed something? Feel free to PM me!

Thanks rentaspoon for writing this so i didin't have to



"You know I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You feeling me cocksucker?"


"Ethernet is internet juice. You have to press the internet really hard and you will get it."


"My quantum milk machine brings every boy to all the yards." non futuis et sursum


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Please take a moment to look over the forum CoC here.


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