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    keskparane got a reaction from DeaconFrost in Windows 10 shutdown question   
    No. It will restart. Sleep store info in RAM which loses power when unplugged. Hibernate write that info to disk.
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    keskparane got a reaction from driftz240 in why do power supplies bigger than 550W exist?   
    dunno. why did you buy a 750?
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    keskparane got a reaction from TheWahmenRespektor in Drive Cloning w/ Windows OS   
    Yup just use samsung data migrate. really easy
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    keskparane got a reaction from arvid_haland in Where do i find drivers for Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro?   
    That would work. Although I'd go 1 step higher and use https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html
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    keskparane reacted to Turtle Rig in Where do i find drivers for Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro?   
    Your not normal I promise my friend. hehe  none of us are on LTT lol.
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    keskparane reacted to Trik'Stari in ISP Charging Fee for Customer-Owned Equipment   
    If I had to guess, they are relying on the complete and utter ignorance of the consumer as well as the court system and legislature.
    Not to mention they appear to be saying "we have the charge extra to offset the cost of support, but we also don't support people using "not our hardware" " which makes no fucking sense at all.
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    keskparane reacted to TheNaitsyrk in Wake on Lan from a different network?   
    Well, it's kinda useless to me then. Thanks.
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    keskparane got a reaction from A_Game_Hacker.b1368 in 2 icons on bottom left of screens wont dissapear   
    What about things like shadow play software etc..?
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    keskparane got a reaction from MrSilverFox in Networking Issue w/ Two Routers & Packet Loss   
    I also suggest draw your setup on paper. Can make it easier to see whats happening (just in case words fail)
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    keskparane got a reaction from MrSilverFox in Networking Issue w/ Two Routers & Packet Loss   
    Just plug all wires from upstream devices into a LAN port rather than a wan port. Set tp link to network but dont offer dhcp.
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    keskparane got a reaction from SenKa in CPU Cooler starts and stops, cant acces BIOS   
    If first time PC build then make sure all cable connections are correct. Do you have the CPU power connectors attached to the MB?
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    keskparane reacted to Fluffy_1337 in Case Fans running at max Speed when gaming   
    Hey man, thanks for the help but I found out the issue. I thought it was the power supply. But then after tearing apart the PC and playing while its guts were hanging out  I noticed that it was actually the GPU. One of the three fans was being snagged by a 6+2 connector making the other fans go sicko mode. Pulled it out, played csgo for like 5 minutes and no issues. Once again I appreciate the helping hand. 
  13. Funny
    keskparane reacted to acoster in Laptop possibly bugged by police! Is this a sign that it has a hidden GPS tracker?   
    Hoping you guys can help me figure this out...
    I believe my laptop has a hidden GPS tracker, possibly put there by the police (I've been involved in some stuff before
    so it wouldn't surprise me if they had done this), let me explain and you'll understand why I'm suspicous.
    The first sign was noticing that my music would stop playing when walking with my laptop, at first I thought
    it was because the lid was closed, but then I performed some tests, I noticed that the music would continue to play
    if the laptop was not moving and parallel to the ground with the lid closed, so this made me think that either it
    was perhaps having the laptop on its side or the movement was causing the hard-drive to mess up... It wasn't.
    I then tried playing the music with the lid closed and the laptop parallel to the ground, making sure not to shake the
    laptop at all, started walking and 30 seconds later as always the music would stop... (it's always 30 seconds later)
    thought ah ok, it's because I'm rocking the laptop forwards and backwards as I walk, so I stood still, shut the lid,
    played the music and simulated the motion of walking... Music continued to play...
    This is the part where I started to become suspicous, because I thought to myself how on earth does my laptop know that
    I'm moving around? It doesn't have a WWAN module installed, I've checked inside and seen for myself that it's not there,
    my laptop also wasn't connected to WiFi... Opened Maps and tried finding my current location but it was unable to find me,
    so it doesn't have GPS capabilites that I'm unaware of.
    I cannot find a single explanation for this, nor do I understand why the music would stop playing anyway, if a genius could
    come along and explain it all for me I'd appreciate it, I feel like I'm being stupid and missing something...
    Obviously I will verify that what you're saying is correct since you could be the police trying to trick me into ignoring it
    XD I'm a bit paranoid
    I will get to the bottom of this, even if it means taking apart the laptop to find the tracker... If there is no logical
    explanation for this and it does suggest a hidden GPS tracker I would appreciate any help I can get to locate it.
    Also I haven't made any mistakes during testing, I've verified that the lid was shut, and done the tests multiple times,
    oh and I tried 3 different media players, also I forgot to mention that the music would start playing again if I stopped walking
    and would stop again after walking.
    P.S. Please don't ask about why the police would want to do that, thank you
    Cheers for the help!
    Model no. HP Elitebook 8460p
    Windows 10
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    keskparane got a reaction from Frogpuppy in 3 hours car trip with the pc   
    I wouldn't be overly worried about it. I would just suggest putting it in a position so that the GPU isn't horizontal. Even just having the front or rear of the case facing down would be enough. I do always put the seat belt on it.
  15. Informative
    keskparane got a reaction from cluelessgenius in How to estimate water volume requirements?   
    Dunno. I've got 1 x 360 x 25 and 1 x 240 x 25, gpu, cpu, small res, and only takes 600mls
  16. Agree
    keskparane reacted to starcoaster in how do i format my SSD to reinstall Windows 10?   
    create a windows 10 boot USB, use the windows install tool to wipe the partitions off the drive and install win10
  17. Agree
    keskparane got a reaction from Mr.Humble in Need some advice with my airflow   
    You have 2 in and 3 out. I would expect the case might balance this by drawing in some air in the most open spot. I would expect the most open spot to be around the riser ports where all that warm air is. I would move the rear case fan to the front and make it an input.

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    keskparane got a reaction from TVwazhere in Manuals .. manuals ...   
    Putting it in first instead of 3rd. 😛
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    keskparane reacted to TheFlyingSquirrel in Why are LEDs so bright?   
    LEDs in electronics are rated for output, so why manufacturers put in LEDs so bright that they are signalling Aliens from space I just don't get it.  Microwaves, Stereo Amps, PC, Routers, Kitchens.. Arggggh
  20. Agree
    keskparane reacted to Captain Chaos in Acer Predator X34 Failure. Customer Support awful.   
    So it swiveled and moved around just fine for half a year without you noticing any play ... and then suddenly the screws are so loose that it just falls off its own stand? 
    Sorry, but I'm having a hard time believing that. 
  21. Informative
    keskparane got a reaction from Strayan_Hades in How to make a custom Windows 10 backup / image with programs already installed?   
    Well you could just download the programs onto usb and install them from disk. Not like it takes long with a new system.
    You used to be able to create install scripts that would add apps to windows install. I expect you still can.
    Or just create an image without the extra system drivers. Load the image then add the particular drivers for the hardware. It's not like the old days when you couldn't transfer an image onto different hardware.
  22. Agree
    keskparane reacted to ch3w2oy in USB security camera setup ?   
    I would just buy a combo set online that comes with a DVR/storage device (don't remember much about it).. 
    I wouldn't go wireless unless it's necessary.. I use wireless ones on my house and it becomes a problem once in a while. Just wire it and know that it works without a problem. 
    I wouldn't use ones that hook up to your PC, I find it easier to just keep it separate and let the system run 24/7.
    If quality of the recording isn't super important, it won't cost that much on Amazon.. The one I got from Amazon (USA) worked with an app so I could look at the cameras anytime.. Worked good enough.. They can get pretty pricey so just get the basic features you need. You don't need 4k or 1440p unless you got money to blow or assets that are super important.. 1080p is more than good enough.. I wouldn't really go lower, myself.. 
    Like usual, read the reviews.. If you get a combo set, everything should "just work." 
    Good luck! 
  23. Funny
    keskparane got a reaction from TechyBen in Using a 6pin adapter on a gpu with 8 pins   
    Um.. whats that cable tied behind the plug?
  24. Funny
    keskparane got a reaction from TechyBen in Using a 6pin adapter on a gpu with 8 pins   
    Um.. whats that cable tied behind the plug?
  25. Agree
    keskparane reacted to Eastman51 in Software to see Watts Used for PC?   
    You probably want a specialized device that plugs into the power outlet, and has a output on it for the PC to plug into. A screen on the device will display the current power draw, in W, to indicate how much electricity you are using.