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    AMD Ryzen 2600X
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk
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    16Gb DDR4 3000Mhz @2933Mhz Corsair Vengeance
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    Zotac GTX 1060 6GB
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    Fractal design Meshify C
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    250GB Samsung 970 EVO NVME SSD
    480GB other SSD
    NAS/server storage
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    EVGA 850W P2 Platinum fully modular
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    LG 29" Ultrawide
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    CM Masterliquid 240 lite
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    Aukey (RGB) blue switches (Outemu)
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    Logitech G502 Proteus spectrum
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    bluetooth headphones
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    Win 10 + Ubuntu VM
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    Lenovo ??? / Asus K53E - not used excessively, mostly for testing, or problem solving occasionally
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  1. 5 second google search https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/5-ways-to-make-your-macs-desktop-better-with-geektool--mac-44444
  2. This gives you the answer. Is it new from a retailer/MO/on-line retail? if so then yes the warranty applies.
  3. Day ? of doing the garden upgrades, getting sick of it a little now.


    Although I do love my new sliding mitre saw, can't wait to chuck a diamond blade on it and cut me up some concrete slabs up to make a nice pattern for the garden path.

  4. It could be the battery, sounds like it's resetting CMOS each time which is why it goes into the BIOS/UEFI each time. It's a very cheap and easy fix if that is the problem, just buy another CR2032 battery (if you don't happen to have them around anyway).
  5. OMG, the Anker soundcore Q30s are amazing! Noise cancelling is perfect, it actually amplifies the external sounds a little so you don't have to remove your headphones to hear what people are saying when in normal mode and "indoors". I've only been playing with them for 10 mins and in love with them already.


    These will now be my main ones, and maybe used for sleep (they seem very comfortable ATM, can barely tell that I'm wearing them), and my Anker Soundcore Liberty 2's will be my backup ones and maybe for car trips if I don't want to carry these ones around. I paid just £60 for them which is around 50% less than I paid for the Liberty 2s 😮

  6. Waiting on my new headphones, got a bargain with the Anker Q30's, they should be here soon 🙂


    A big selling point for me is their ability to be charged for 5 mins for an extra 4hrs usage, and 40-60hrs usage from a full charge, and the active noise-cancelling. Looking forward to playing some five finger death punch on those puppies 🤘🤘

  7. Taking a day's break from all the fixing problems and garden upgrades today. Been a few months almost IIRC since I started these, and it's been almost non-stop.


    Problems fixed include:-


    Sorting and moving all my dad's old tools and stuff from his shed/workshop. Which was extensive with all of the accumulated tools, and old crap he wanted to keep.

    Dismantling the ^

    Clearing the surrounding area of saplings and assorted crap again 😞

    Cutting down the approx 8' tall Leylandi trees, covering approx 25M length-ways, and around 8' wide too.

    Removal of branches and logging anything suitable for future use on our fire, and disposal of the rest (disposal is still ongoing as there is still masses of branches to get rid of.

    Digging up and sifting the gravel from the dirt of a fairly long and wide driveway... which was also left-over from my dad's idea of not using weed prevention fabric. As you can imagine this is a MAJOR job and PITA.



    New stuff and upgrades include:-


    New fences either side of the back garden. One is ours and one is our neighbours, ours is the good looking one, theirs is the hastily erected and wonky disjointed crap 😄 

    I've also installed some paddock style fencing to separate the lawn from the new workshop area, and from the new graveled part. The new gravel was actually a very good find of mine from a local company instead of one of the big chain stores, it's approx 50% cheaper but still very good quality... the only "downside" is it's delivered loose, so more work for me to get to the back garden area. I have laid down a LOT of weed prevention fabric this past few weeks, LOL.

    I have also put trenches around the lawn area where the Leylandi stumps are and at the base of the paddock fencing.... and filled with gravel.



    Still to do:-


    Finish the paddock fencing - just waiting on the rest of the graveled areas to be dug out, sifted and moved as it blocks my access currently.

    Dig out front garden's driveway too, it's almost as bad as the back was... and lay fabric, and gravel again.

    Make the paddock fencing for the front garden... it's very easy when you use an air compressor and nail-gun.

    Paint all of the paddock fencing, front garden and back.

    Level the lawn area with the sifted soil, and lay down grass seed again.

    Construct the new workshop, garden tool shed, and woodshed.

    Make the concrete path (Not sure if I will do this actually as I may decide to do a decking path instead)

    Construct a decking area... IF I decide to go that way.

    Make some new garden tables, benches, sun screens, and planters.

    Make a new Workbench, some tool storage etc for the workshop.

    Move all of my tools from my garage to my new workshop.


    DONE! - well hopefully 🤣

  8. Well I bought a new router, just not the kind you're thinking of 😄


    DIY garden makeover is still ongoing.

    1. TVwazhere


      LTT Router:

      Paddy's Router

      Pin on Tools

  9. Because the transformer is built in to the USB type C charger? which is usually a lot smaller than traditional power bricks. Also, desktop chargers are starting to get more type C connections on them now that more and more devices are using it... I know you could just use type A to type C cables, but there's something satisfying about it having the same port on both ends I'm looking forward to USB 4.0 which should see a fairly substantial bump to connection speeds, and IIRC should also fold thunderbolt into the spec, so it should be more of a universal cable type than havi
  10. Busy few days. 


    Cut down some bushes, saplings and scrub that were growing in my garden... fed them to the new chipper, very satisfying 🙂

    Mowed the lawn, cleared my dad's old shed of some rubbish.

    Getting ready to take down the Leylandi Hedges that border the garden and replace with some fencing.

    Ordering the wood to make the fencing.


    Finally got around to re-configuring my server: replaced the Ryzen APU with my 6700K and b250 mobo, cut the disks down to only 4x4TB HDDs and removed the HBA... and added a GTX1060 for transcoding duties. I have it running windows 10, with Jellyfin server. So far testing has been excellent, transcoding 4k->1080p at approx 170fps, GPU uses around 45-ish Watts while transcoding and 7-10 while idle. I haven't tested for total power draw ATM as that requires that I shut it down and reconfigure some stuff, and I don't want to, yet. I also have it set up so that I can use this as my desktop for most of the time, unless I need more cores and firepower for something.... and I can just put it into sleep if I don't need it to be doing something.

  11. If it's any help, my G502 goes up to 1000 polling rate, and 12,000 DPI. I have it set to 1000 polling and in normal use around 6,000 DPI.
  12. |Song for today



  13. Yes, this is correct. OP, sorry I didn't expand on what was required. This is the simplest way of doing things IMO. It may be slightly more complicated if you're trying to use passthrough on the receiver as that's only 1080p... so IMO you'd be best connecting the ps4/appleTV directly to the TV, then selecting that output on the TV, then on the TV selecting sound output to the receiver.