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  1. Is that a four patty burger? Lol I don't go to 5Gs anymore because its too expensive to worth it.
  2. Loving the Fold 2 as daily driver. I imagine they'll make the out screen as wide as the default S20+ screen, that would be awesome. As for the stylus, well I've been a Note user upto the Note 10 and its still not very critical to me at least.
  3. Expect stock to be evern worse due to leaked reviews putting it above the 3090...
  4. Definitely gonna be fun filling this up!
  5. I can't decide what upgrade path to go with for a new Gaming PC but I have chosen to go pretty big with the case. This thing is looking to be gigantic @_@
  6. I know everyone is swooning over the iPhone 12s but I'm actually going Samsung for my main phone for once v
  7. You're importing, of course it'll take awhile.

    Gonna be watching this for awhile v




  9. Well obviously the M1 is just the first gen step so future iterations will definitely make OP's claims much more realistic.
  10. I love how it is low-end products announced yet the M1 out benchmarks Intel and AMD lol, good stuff!
  11. All my Apple stuff has be 'mine' for more than two decades.
  12. I came in thinking the dirty little secret was the fact they often fire their manufacturing technicians before they can get significant seniority, at least with the facility in my city lol