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  1. Got a new green water bottle with spout and the green lanyard, pleased with it all
  2. I love Zerolemon extended batteries! Very reliable
  3. Got the Flip 3 and Galaxy Watch 4, new gadgets yay!
  4. I forgot to post this, the 9/11 Shantae bundle from LimitedRunGames, took more than a year to get but I'm happy v
  5. I I'm glad he isnt gonna be wasting the money after watching the WAN show. My concern is that it's such a waste because of how TV tech advances each year. It definitely won't be worth it to spend that much money on something that'll only be good for a year or two. Dunno why people think he should donate to charity or something like that, there's already plenty
  6. She's popular lately! Use those wisely!
  7. Got a pair of the full size pillows! Very pleased, will definitely buy more!
  8. This morning I noticed my snapchat notified me of a log in from Turkey, I changed that password fast...