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    I9 - 9900k @5ghz
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    Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master
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    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB @3200mhz
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    Asus ROG Strix 2080ti OC
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    Logitech G502 Hero Wired
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    HP EliteBook - 4th Gen i5, 8GB ram, 240GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro. Only use it for testing/setting up network equipment when doing on-site work.
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    Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G - 512GB
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  1. Wireless N is outdated and slow, I would recommend getting a wireless AC extender or possibly doing powerline adapters. It would be nice to know your current speeds and equipment.
  2. Was the 3080 working before? Did you buy it used or new? If the 3080 was in the upper slot when it went dead it's possible whatever happened to break the slot also damaged the 3080. The 3080 should still work in the x4 slot, well enough to get display from it, I wouldn't try to game with it in there. I recommend testing the 3080 in different computer if possible.
  3. Looks like it is thermal paste yes, a Q-tip or new toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol would clean that right up. I wouldn't risk it being there in case it's conductive paste.
  4. AM3 processors are discontinued and no longer manufactured, in order to get one for a good price you'll have to buy used. Check Ebay and your local classifieds, Amazon is pricey because they are brand new. If you are looking for new then you're going to have to pay the higher price tag. Unless someone here lives in your exact area no one is going to be able to help you look, that's up to you.
  5. Get a motherboard for your current system that doesn't have built in WiFi? Upgrade the system to a modern board, cpu, and ram that has up to date wireless AC. If the system is 5 years old I'd go the upgrade route personally. It should be as simple as disabling it in the bios or in Windows Device Manager, however if it's not disabling and having more problems just take the hassle free approach and instead of racking your brain trying to figure it out do one of the two things I suggested. Unless someone else on here has any other ideas, I honestly wouldn't use the board since you know, you stabb
  6. Which mode are they in? Extended, Mirror? If it is detecting two monitors and shows them working it could be a dead backlight in the monitor that displays nothing but a black screen. Have you tested the monitor individually as the only one plugged in?
  7. Are the monitors configured correctly in display settings within Windows?
  8. I saw after posting that you meant GPU drivers. Yes, driver updates would be a must try for OP. Motherboard bios update as well if it has one available and is still having an issue after the graphics driver update. OP needs to make sure they are getting the drivers through the manufacturer webpage for the product as well and not through Windows updates as Windows updates usually gets outdated or even just the wrong drivers.
  9. Are you talking about GPU drivers? GPU bios is rarely ever updated and it's not consumer friendly to do.
  10. You should not have to update the bios on a brand new GPU.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's RDNA exclusive, I think if they do add it to the older cards it will only be to the previous gen of RDNA(5600 to 5800XT) cards nothing older. It just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint to take a new feature and put time and money into getting that feature to work on old discontinued cards that they don't even manufacture/sell anymore. It's not impossible for them to do it, but it's very improbable.
  12. 128GB of ram even for modded Cities and Skylines is completely overkill and absolutely unnecessary. Depending on the mods 32GB is all that is needed, maybe 64GB max if you're heavily, heavily modding it and the mods are unoptimized as shit. Is the cooler and case something you already have? Because they aren't sold anymore. You can build a brand new rig 3080 included for $100 less than what you have put together with a 1660... use that extra $100 to upgrade to 64GB if you really need too, I know C&S mods can be pretty ridiculous but 128GB of ram is not worth it for a gaming rig, not at all
  13. The GT 1030 is not a gaming card, more so a basic display adapter. If they want to play the game in Ultra graphics at over 75fps 1080p they will need to spend a bit more than $50. An RX 450/550 like @Skiiwee29 suggested or if they can find a deal on a RX 470 or 480. Depends on the used market in their area.
  14. While they may do this it would only be for Microsoft Exclusive games, meaning only one or two AAA games a year. And nothing that is also releasing on Playstation. It just wouldn't be worth it in my opinion, Playstation has the better exclusives. Personally if I were in your shoes I'd keep the PS4 Pro and save where I could to get a PS5 before the game support ends. It would be especially pointless for you to get an Xbox if you already have a PC, "Xbox" exclusives were changed to Microsoft Exclusives because they will all be releasing on Windows as well. So if you already have a PC an Xbox wou