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    Gaming, Video Editing, Overclocking, Guns, Shooting.
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    I9 - 9900k @5ghz
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    Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master
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    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB @3200mhz
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    Asus ROG Strix RTX 3090 Gaming OC
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    Phanteks P500A Digital RGB (Noctua Chromax Black Fans)
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    512GB Samsung 970 Pro Nvme, 1TB Sabrent Rocket Nvme, 512GB Samsung 860 Pro SSD, 2 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus Nvme
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    EVGA 850 GQ
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    Asus Rog Swift PG279Q 1440p 165hz IPS G-Sync Monitor
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    Corsair H150i PRO XT
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    Corsair K70 MK. II
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    Logitech G502 Hero Wired
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    Hyper X Cloud II
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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    HP EliteBook - 4th Gen i5, 8GB ram, 240GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro. Only use it for testing/setting up network equipment when doing on-site work.
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    Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G - 512GB
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  1. One Drive is available on Android and Windows. As long as they are signed into the same account they will backup/sync all devices connected and allow for file sharing.
  2. Hello welcome to the forums. Are they on a Windows PC or Apple? If they are on a Windows PC and you want to keep it simple just set them up with One Drive. Apple has iCloud which can be used to backup files. On both you could use Google Drive Backup and Sync which is inexpensive and fairly straight forward.
  3. It's not a bad headset, they're pretty cheaply made. A friend of mine got one because they were on sale last year(they still are). He said they sounded good, the mic was meh, but the main issue was the build quality. It supposedly feels very cheap and it broke on him after about two months the product reviews are mostly saying the same things. If you're looking for a $40 or below headset it's probably fine.
  4. With that PSU it should be fully modular, while it only came with two pcie 8 pin cables it should have an extra spot on it for another or a couple more. You should just be able to buy an extra cable for it. You shouldn't need to buy a whole new PSU.
  5. Depending on the year model or when the PSU was bought it may only have 2x pcie 8pin power cables. So OP will have to order an extra one if they threw out the cables or it's a version where it only had two included.
  6. You could get a 1440p monitor but it will run poorly in newer games and at higher quality settings with a 1050ti. Downscaling to 1080p will look muddy(blurry) as it is not the native resolution of the display it will be even worse on a 4k monitor. I would suggest getting a cheap 1080 monitor for now and buy a higher quality/higher resolution one when you upgrade the GPU or use your current monitor until it fully dies or becomes unusable. It's up to you if you want to buy the new high resolution monitor now, just no you may not have a smooth gaming experience until you upgrade the video card.
  7. Is it a modular PSU? Can you add an extra 8pin pcie power cable? What model is the PSU and GPU?
  8. If you were running a VM with Windows 7 it is going to be setup using Legacy(MBR) which is not compatible with Windows 11, even if you upgrade it to Windows 10 it will still be in Legacy. You need to either make a new Windows 11 VM that is setup in UEFI(GPT) or make a fresh Windows 10 VM in UEFI and then upgrade it to Windows 11. Otherwise it is not going to work. The easiest way for you to get Windows 11 running on a VM would be to just set up a new VM, not try to reconfigure your old one.
  9. It could also be the display itself or the display cable you are using. Try a different cable, if it still does it with a new cable then test the computer on an entirely different display. If it does it on another display entirely then you know it is 100% the card. Have you updated all drivers for the card? You can try uninstalling and fresh installing the display drivers. You uninstall them with DDU and reinstall them using Geforce Experience. If none of this works, as in it's definitely the card and the driver reinstall didn't fix it you're most likely looking at a hardware problem and
  10. No, to be honest I didn't really think about it. I only use the computer for gaming and video editing. I don't download anything other than games from legit launchers like Steam and GOG. I use it for media consumption too, but I typically stream with HBO Max or Netflix and watch YouTube. I use an adblock as well as have Malwarebytes browser guard. I used to run a scan once a month and after several of it not finding anything I kind of spaced it. I plan to do scans once a month or twice a month from now on like I used to.
  11. Windows also has a built in MBR to GPT conversion tool in command prompt that may work. Or doing a UEFI conversion using a partion editer/cloner is also possible if data or program loss is not an option.
  12. Correct, this is a good point. However, the average consumer isn't going to go this far.
  13. Exactly. Even built in AV like Windows Defender as good as it is said to be can sometimes not be enough, it will still miss things. I'd still pair it with a antivirus/malware program like Malwarebytes. Same thing with Apple devices, they still get viruses and malware and browser hijacks, and due to Apple's marketing and people believing that Apple devices can't get viruses they don't understand how they get them, I've had people claim I put them on there when it was on their computer before they even came into the shop it's crazy.
  14. Malwarebytes is the only Antivirus I recommend. I've done cleanups and have worked on computers with everything under the sun on them and Malwarebytes pretty much crushes everyone of them. It not only gets a lot of stuff missed by other Antivirus programs but also doesn't cost as much or use as much processing power/resources while running.