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  1. I can say I've done it, it worked as it should, and didn't take long. But I fully understand your hesitance considering all your data is at stake.
  2. If it's happening at startup I'd suspect possible PSU issue. Maybe get it load tested.
  3. I would say that all the cards use the same driver AFTER it has been built to support them.
  4. Well for starters you can clearly see different font sizes in the original reddit post. If people gonna say settings are the same then they need to make all the settings the same.
  5. That's not a fan curve. It's fan speed. It doesn't really tell you anything without a temperature comparison.
  6. Firstly if something doesn't make sense it should ring alarm bells. He says "Haven't used it since I bought it because I didn't have a gpu" but both those CPU have integrated graphics. Secondly if he's cutting corners on the test bench with incorrect plugs, no CPU fan, etc, then I'd say he's voided any onus on your part. If you did feel inclined to offer a refund then I wouldn't pay it until you have received the motherboard back at his postage expense.
  7. Someone may have already said this... check all the hardware is correctly mounted. For example "twinkle toes" might have partially knocked the wifi card out of it's slot.
  8. I would suggest mentioning the browser you are having the issue with, and also provide a link to one of the webpages and mention what element you think is incorrect.
  9. Nah. I just can't be bother writing long explanations. And IMO if he has to ask then it needs one.
  10. There's normally spare plugs on a PSU which you could take either 12 or 5 v from. No need to bother with the fan header.
  11. They should fit and that's all they need to do. What's more they shouldn't fit in an 8 pin port on a GPU so that's covered too.
  12. I doubt you need low profile ram. You can either lift the front fan up or remove it from the front altogether. I don't have the exact measurement but it can fit ram up to about 62mm
  13. So have you unplugged all usb devices except the keyboard?
  14. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10
  15. Download from MS because then it has all latest updates applied. A disc will most likely be outdated.
  16. Also have you tried the methods on page 3-2 from the previous link?
  17. That switch would work. Disconnect the switch from your current cable and replace it with the new one. Then cut the red wire in the middle and put it on the other 2 terminals of that switch.