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  1. Geekbench is one that runs on pretty much everything
  2. There might be a setting in the router to enable UPNP...
  3. It's in your user profile\pictures\lightroom
  4. Same, first thing I ever programmed on I've put the English firmware on mine
  5. The Enable Remote Access in plex should use UPNP to open a port, the router should notmally support that even if you can't forward ports manually.
  6. Put the catalog file on another drive, the previews are stored in a folder alongside it.
  7. Has it always happened with that drive, or is it new?
  8. Are you properly "ejecting" the drive before disconnecting it?
  9. It's not a review, it's a sponsored showcase so by definition not neutral.
  10. Nope, it wouldn't need DP alt mode if it was a GPU which it says multiple times to check you have. It's just a well-known limitation of macOS not supporting multiple independent displays over a single DP Alt USB-C connection.
  11. You should be able to use 2 but you might be limited in terms of resolution/refresh rate.
  12. It doesn't always do it, I have 2 passive adapters and only one pops the notification...
  13. Yep it was updated 25 mins ago, when I posted they were both from sept. 9th 1.5GB of RAM needed just to view it I've made a bunch of 200MP pics myself, mostly 360° drone aerials. But the drone automates taking the photos just as needed so it's < 30 photos aligned just right. ICE stitches that in seconds.
  14. Windows normally pops up a notification to tell you it's not compatible when you plug a passive adapter.