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  1. Well, try to install something from apt without root... That's still the main way of installing things on most distros. Many try other things (snap, flatpak, AppImages...) but those all have their own issues and outside of a few major ones the apps distributed that way are often outdated/broken such that you have to go back to the package manager to actually get something you can use.
  2. https://mountainggshop.com/products/everest-max Awaiting mine.
  3. @CallumOKane Merged to W11 thread. Select Win10, enable EFI.
  4. Locked, discussion already happening there with many people having installed it both as VMs and on bare metal within the last day.
  5. If you really want to test first maybe you can borrow someone's card.
  6. Contact your seller's support if the machine is still under warranty?
  7. Kingspec is basically noname/factory reject/whatever bottom of the pile garbage (have one, faulty too, no support either). Consider it as gambling when you get these cheapo things, if it works you probably got a good deal, if not it's a pure loss.
  8. Systems that are fully sandboxed are so restrictive they become a major pain for other reasons, so no thanks. You can go use an iPad as computer, it's supposed to be the trend
  9. When you install Apache it does the right thing, that's good. Should you install RandomCrappyLinuxApp (as root, obviously) it could just as much go mess up anything else on the system just like on Windows.
  10. It's basically W10 with a slightly different skin, everything that runs on 10 runs on it.
  11. Same, but haven't complained about it because it's obviously not finished. There's no multi-monitor taskbar setting either, which would be kinda sus if it was intended for an OS that has its roots on a dual screen device Regarding registry, user settings etc... Yep, kinda up to the developer to clean up, or at least give an option to (the whole point of them being kept is often actually an advantage). On Mac OS for example everything always stays unless there's a specific uninstaller for a given app (the standard way of "uninstalling" an app is to drag it from Applications
  12. Why? Connecting one to each only causes performance loss.
  13. You don't have a 10400F by any chance?
  14. A triplet of electron guns that draw (smol) pretty pictures