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  1. About 3.5 inches, since that's what the type refers to.
  2. Airpods are meant to be used with an iPhone as primary and that's where you configure everything from. You can pair with other devices to but no configuration, firmware updates etc.
  3. He reused the cables from the old PSU with the new PSU instead of changing them, and they were wired differently.
  4. As I understand the goal is that both the parent and the kid can use the same account, so their parent has whatsapp on their phone, they can enable whatsapp web for the kid once with the QR code and then they're both set to use that account with no problem.
  5. It should eventually get to around MSRP, whatever that is in your region/country.
  6. It's shared memory, and still available to other programs if the GPU doesn't need it.
  7. Kilrah

    /32 DHCP

    A lot of routers allow plugging the USB 4G adapter in a USB port and handle failover automatically.
  8. Most likely not if it wasn't advertised to be coming when the product launched. Regardless of technical feasibility companies typically don't just give you freebies that improve on the original specs like that. Technically it almost certainly needs hardware support.
  9. A fan draws almost nothing so if that caused a problem your PC woudld already crash all the time.
  10. Did you install the Apple driver package or is that what it doesn't let you do? If so you might be able to extract it and install the drivers manually.
  11. You still did not specify what system you have exactly. If it's a laptop then low end ones often can't fully power both CPU and GPU at the same time, so they downclock the CPU to give more of the available power to the GPU.
  12. Either doesn't need more, or throttling down under load either due to thermals or power, can't say much more without the whole system info.