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    South Australia
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    Varied technology
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    First PC 486 DX2, First OC 486 DX4 100Mhz at 125Mhz
    First Console - Sega Master System 2 (inc Alex Kidd)
    I have overclocked every architecture I've ever owned.
    Enjoy what YOU Enjoy
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    InHouse Custom PC-Builder


  • CPU
    i9 10850K 52x/49x Core/Ring
  • Motherboard
    MSI z490 Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    32GB 4x8GB 3200C14 47ns GSkill XMP at 4400 C17 18 18 37ns
  • GPU
    MSI VENTUS OC GP 2080TI (300w)
  • Case
    Coolermaster COSMOS S (Aged)
  • Storage
    500GB NVME, 1TB SSD, 3TB HDD
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    35" 1080 Phillips, 75Hz, 4K 75Hz via Nvidia DSR 4x
  • Cooling
    Deepcool 360mm AIO
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K50 Raptor
  • Mouse
    ......cheap, light and fast.
  • Sound
    Altec Lansing 2.1 + Tt Shock Spin Headset
  • Operating System
    W10Pro x64

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  1. Testing 2560x1440p Framerates on my PC.
  2. I use Both. CBP2077 for example. DSR to enable the 4K resolution (Zero Filtering at 4x but I use 33% filtering for 1440p) & In-Game Res 4K set with DLSS Quality/Balanced. Depending on the game of course... but it's much cleaner on the image than not using it and using lower resolution sampling.
  3. Sometimes you have to go to file properties and use the compatability tab scaling selection tweaks (App scaling or system scaling) sometimes on other game engines you HAVE to set desktop to 4K itself then launch the game and set 4K and it will work. Its not a perfect setting because game engines handle displaying resolutions in their own way, eG UnrealEngine 4 vs others.. KENA, the new game out this week. DSR enabled and desktop in 1080p always, ignores the 1440p and 4K in game, does not change anything. so I set Desktop to 4K, game to Borderless windowed 4K.
  4. Negative. 4K Borderless and a Vsync off Variable FPS given.
  5. Kena on my Hardware. (MSI AB Enabled)

  6. What games are you playing and what settings do you use for those games? I fail to see the point of a RAM OC without context of why...if your not targeting low detail highest fps possible gaming in a competative environment setting. Which is where it matters most. (Primary point) If you play a lot of singleplayer titles or use high details in games, you'll be GPU bound before CPU/RAM bound right? (Second Point) So my question is.. Is it going to be worth all the hours of repeated testing stability and changes made, if you are going to be GPU bound in mo
  7.  Enabling AMD FSR at 1080p for a 2080Ti and Overclocked i9 10850K


  8. Stable except with time... I wonder if your RAM is heating up over time with GPU heat and getting unstable..at say 45-50*c + Just something to maybe monitor.... Maybe throw a fan on your RAM or towards your RAM as a relatively quick test without having to change any settings. Different games, different loads, not always easily triggered, but if you have an example that keeps happening try to use that.
  9. Vanguard Open Beta PC

    2080Ti 1080p Low and 10850K 5.1Ghz with 4300C16 RAM.


    1. Bombastinator


      When I read “vanguard obeta” my first thought was a desperate charge by aquarium fish. Probably not what you are talking about. 

    2. SkilledRebuilds


      2 hours ago, Bombastinator said:

      When I read “vanguard obeta” my first thought was a desperate charge by aquarium fish. Probably not what you are talking about. 

      Er, negative, lol, sorry to mislead you with a Vague status

  10. Find your game .exe (Modernwarfare.exe) or whatever. File Properties, Compatability Tab, Disable Fullscreen Optimizations. Has solved it for me on another PC.

    Upscaling Removed, just AA.



  12. Reuploaded to fix some audio issues.


    "Remastered" through Mods.

    Texture Mod and Reshade SSR.

  13. Please note not all games are equal. Some have OLD DRM, which does not play nice at times. TOCA3 has DRM injected on startup files and Windows throws a BSOD Loop everytime booting Windows and normies would take said system to a shop to fix this loop... all because of that DLL file DRM being loaded. Safe Mode, Research, Remove Links to File and Restart. The GoodOldGames website has TOCA3 with no DRM,..so I got that. So... I'd RESEARCH OLD GAMES, before trying them first.
  14. I felt the same way.. 4790K 4.8Ghz and GTX1070 to 2080Ti and it was a shit show. The CPU can only drive so much and to be honest, 1080p on a GTX1070 gave good frames in AAA and alike... As long as the ceiling for frames wasn't so high it sky-rocketed CPU usages, but at around 90-120fps 1080p High or Ultra in many games you were still GPU limited with some small CPU headroom left, not a lot though.. With a faster GPU the frames want to scale, the scheduler loads or something makes it not scale anywhere near what you'd expect. Needing FPS caps to keep the CPU feeding the GPU