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    South Australia
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    Varied technology
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    Started getting into PC's at age 13
    486 DX4-100 @ 120mhz

    I'm now in my 30's, that's a lot of technical knowledge taken in...
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    InHouse Custom PC-Builder


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    i9 10850K 5.2Ghz Allcore
  • Motherboard
    MSI z490 Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    32GB 3200C14 at 4200C17
  • GPU
    MSI VENTUS OC GP 2080TI +135/666
  • Case
    Coolermaster COSMOS S (Aged)
  • Storage
    500GB NVME, 1TB SSD, 3TB HDD
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    35" 1080 Phillips, 75Hz, 4K 75Hz via Nvidia DSR 4x
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    Deepcool 360mm AIO
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K50 Raptor
  • Mouse
    ......cheap, light and fast.
  • Sound
    Altec Lansing 2.1 + Tt Shock Spin Headset
  • Operating System
    W10Pro x64

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  1. 2080Ti, 1440p Extreme, DLSS-Q

    YT studio tells me its in 4K (processing complete)

    But its not 1440p or 4K for me...


    Anyone else?


    1. Spotty


      5 hours ago, SkilledRebuilds said:

      YT studio tells me its in 4K (processing complete)

      But its not 1440p or 4K for me...


      Anyone else?

      Works in 4k for me.




      This status update was 5 hours ago so I guess it just needed a little extra time to finish processing. Youtube be weird sometimes.

    2. SkilledRebuilds


      Thanks, it came good many hours later after it said it was done.


  2. Winter vs Summer ambient temps? Aka Turbo boost metrics maybe...
  3. Frederick Bishop is "The Runner" Gallipoli Peninsula, Spring 1915

    A Battlefield 1 War Story

    Watch it here:

    Early Sneak Peak (Unlisted still processing 4K60)


  4. Playing the SP Teaser at 1440p RTXUltra DLSS with my 2080Ti


  5. Considering these are FPS & CPU sensitive scenarios for the most part I'd ONLY get the 5600x, between the two.
  6. Castle

    8K+RT + 2080TI

  7. Village in 8K+RT on 2080TI

  8. Yes but WHAT M.2? NonDRAM drives and extended Writes.... (Now using SYSRAM after just a couple GB written & is actually System busy during copy/write time). I've experienced this Multiple times, different PC's with cheap NVME and they were all Dramless drives so if you don't have a DRAM drive that's a likely cause of this symptom.
  9. RE8 + RT



    (First time)


  10. RE8 + RT





  11. You can actually pull off 8K + RTX on RE8 Village Demo with a 2080Ti. 29-38FPS Range across the more demanding Village area.

    (Altho I didnt get bitten in Village so The attack visuals may in fact drop it for a brief moment and recover)


    Max Everything Preset..,then apply 4K at 2.0Scale,Set the interlaced renderer enabled, and set RT Reflection to Medium leaving everything else at Max, or tweak yourself for higherfps.


    1. tikker


      Dang that's actually pretty impressive. Overall the game performs surprisingly well. Even with my 1080 Ti (so admittedly no RTX) it managed to comfortably stay above 100 FPS at the times I checked, aside from certain encounters where it did tank big time for some reason.

  12. Tried comparing Vsync on vs Vsync off? Probably depends on Monitor Refresh rates... If you can't maintain fps for 144Hz for example... it may induce a stuttery feel. Just like some hating VsyncOFF and frame pacing in games also being a factor. PC has more variables to account for maybe...
  13. Grass is notorious on GTAV for worse fps than expected. 1080p Maxed -High Grass and No Advanced options should have you sitting pretty... rest of system specs? Ram Spd and Timings? Its also common in GTAV to not maximise decent GPUs even at decent settings because the way the game is threaded internally, high core count chips don't get to shine and you are reliant on PerCore speeds and Memory subsystem speeds/latency for a few cores it uses.
  14. WHAT 3200Mhz RAM is that? SPD/SPEC? I heard Ryzen is RAM SPD/RAMLatency sensitive.(because it all compounds together so make the best of it).. didn't think 3200Mhz would cause issues though.. Maybe a RAM OC/Test you can easily reverse or compare against.