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    South Australia
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    Varied technology
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    Started getting into PC's at age 13
    486 DX4-100 @ 120mhz

    I'm now in my 30's, that's a lot of technical knowledge taken in...
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    InHouse Custom PC-Builder


  • CPU
    i7 4790K @ 4.7Ghz +500Mhz Cache OC
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97a Gaming 7
  • RAM
    16GB DDR3 2400Mhz Ripjawz @ CL11.13.13.31
  • GPU
    MSI VENTUS OC GP 2080TI +200/+800
  • Case
    Sound Dampened Case of some sort...
  • Storage
    1x 256GB NVME,.2TB SSHD,..1TB SSD
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    35" 1080 Phillips, 75Hz, 4K 75Hz via Nvidia DSR 4x
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken 240mm AIO
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K50 Raptor
  • Mouse
    BMW Level10m BLK
  • Sound
    Altec Lansing 2.1 + Tt Shock Spin Headset
  • Operating System
    W10Pro x64

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  1. COD Warzone Renderer Worker Count (Physical Cores used for the Game)
    2 vs 4 (to be split with HT & Windows Scheduling)


  2. Reading this I am surprised without tweaking the ini I'm already at 90-120fps (Downtown) with a 4C8T 4790K 4.7Ghz & 2080Ti (1440p Low) and 110-150FPS Outside the city ..I should really try tweaking this further in the ini and NVCP.. Cheers for the video showing the relevant info.
  3. Msconfig..... and set 1 CPU thread and 2GB MaxRam* Making Potatoes!!! *quite evil really

  4. Here is my PC's performance at 1440p Low, I don't play this normally, so I run around, Die and then Die, and then Die, then spectate....for the Win 🙂
    i7 4790K 4.7 (4.5Cache) and RTX2080Ti OC

    1. DriftMan


      It's actually doing pretty good, not gonna lie. That OC sure helps a lot, but still the i7 4790K was an impressive chip.

    2. SkilledRebuilds


      Rendererthreads set to 2 in the INI file for the minfps90 range downtown and stadium outdoors gunna mess with using 4cores and if minfps stays above 90 or drops below it.

  5. i7 4790K and 2080Ti to.........i7 3770 and GTX1650 GDDR6 and found it hard to tell the difference..
    Testing my older 1600x900p monitor :P

    While I'm here,.. here is my latest Photo in CBP


    1. SkilledRebuilds


      And just messing around with Photomode when I remember its there....



    2. dizmo


      I mean...with that monitor and that game it's probably not hard to run 😂

  6. Never buy a GPU from ALI Or a Phone Unless your versed in Aliexress and know what to look out for, you could have a very bad time. When chasing a GPU, do not pizza or french fry... gunna have a bad time going "cheap" Go to Quality Vendors.
  7. The Windows10 media creation tool? Do you know HOW TO BOOT from USB? Some boards need it triggered manually.
  8. You mean it flickers when switching apps? Thats normal for FULLSCREEN Games (not Fullscreen Windowed but Fullscreen Dedicated and locked in) to flicker when movong out of dedicated fullscreen mode to Windows. All GPUs switch the same way, some systems are fastwr than others, some slower doing this switch..
  9. It will be slower dependent on the tempreture,...or case it's going in due to turbo boost VS tempreture scaling the frequency over time until throttling point. Keep them both under 83*c always (75-77*c) and they should perform very similar if stock clocks are similar. A larger case than shown, with 3inches of room underneath instead will have a higher turbo boost due to cooler temps, every 5*c passing 50*c will drop 15Mhz from the 1920Mhz Turboclock the GTX1650 GDDR6 LP has.
  10. Fun to make.

    Cyberpunk 2077 MediumHIgh mixture at 85% of 1080p with Image Sharpening is a 35-45FPS Experience.


    I paired it with a 22" 1680x1050p monitor for a decent 10%ish FPS boost on top of 1080p panel settings I'd typically choose.


    Stock GTX1650 D6 Upto 1920Mhz 1.05v usually settles to 83*c and throttles to 1.037v 1755-1830Mhz with a 6000Mhz GDDR6 Clockspeed...

    Give or take some core mhz under load.



    Set at Upto 1860Mhz at Undervolted settings as 0.967v with then adding 0.8Ghz VRAM for a 6800Mhz GDDR6 clockspeed it sits at 1770-1830Mhz Core and 77*c.

    Gains 2-4FPS, loses 5-6*c



  11. So I'm swapping my Dell Plex SFF Front Fan with a Noctua 80mm and found this very useful answer to the annoyance of proprietary connectors.

    If you ever plan to SWAP an internal SFF Optiplex front fan (rewired 4pin into 5pin plug), without an adapter, you'll get an F1 FAN error.
    Single Wire Chassis FAN (Yellow) jigged into the YELLOW CPUFAN wire and BAM,

  12. Here are some experiences from others I found. Yours could be an outlier and need an RMA... as it happens.
  13. Prior to the Updates

    Should revisit.

  14. Do one stick at a time, loading Windows between sticks. One stick. look at Windows, itll be typical as expected I hope... Then add the other stick. suss Windows. cos PCs are sometimes that goofy and need the manual prod.