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  1. BiotechBen


    yeah, its like one or two steps up from integrated HD600 graphics...
  2. BiotechBen


    its really a replacement for the gt710 basically. its designed for things like cube farm workstations that are moving numbers from one spreadsheet to another and watching videos in HD. its the "oh, you need three displays? here, take this basic-ass display expander"
  3. if your board has enough 16x slots, try booting into the bios and seeing if they both appear.
  4. okay, have you tried other HDMI/DP/DVI/VGA cables? on my RX 480, the cable I had been using for years just suddenly quit on me for no obvious reason. do the cables work with the 1060 in the other configuration? when that happened, it spun up and did everything it should do, except just a black screen would appear...
  5. my vengeance lpx 3200 memory doesn't stably run above 2866mhz at 1.37v, it thinks it can run 3200 at 1.2v but it just can't no matter how hard it tries. with a 2700x, the Zen+ architecture usually doesn't accept stock speeds above 2933. so running at 3200 it considers overclocking, and you gotta get the voltages and timings just right
  6. @flabaldo do you know if you have enough power running to it? what power supply are you using?
  7. Sometimes a bad SATA cable can do this, happened to me. Boot priority can also be screwy, make sure to have boot manager first priority.
  8. Sweet. I go for the free option. Why pay for more when you already have it.
  9. I'd still go with a windows image, they can revoke licenses they issue without warning for things like that should they want. I personally have a WD Blue 2TBfor mass storage, not the fastest but drop dead reliable.
  10. If you already have a windows device, you can make a system image of that, and use that to have an operating system on the new system. And that should save some money to upgrade something else. The legality is grey on that, but it is unlikely Microsoft would come after you unless you are selling windows machines without proper licenses.
  11. When screwing them in, when you encounter resistance, you are done. If you know what cam-out is, when the screwdriver jumps out of the head, when you get close to it being all the way in: ease the pressure on the screws and when it cams out, you are done screwing it in. As long as you are using the correct screws that are included with them, you should be more than fine.
  12. Update, it shows up but won't read a disc
  13. the main page gives me: UEFI Version: Processor type: Processor speed: Microcode update: total memory: DDR4_A1: DDR4_A2 DDR4_B1 DDR4_B2 _________________________________________ would it appear under Advanced\Storage Configuration with the SATA drives I have?
  14. tried both master and slave, no change, tried another drive with the system, m=both were fully functional on old machine. where would I find in in the bios, (ASRock b450 pro4)?