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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4
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    2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z, 3200 C16
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    Kotion Each G1000
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    Windows 10 64 bit
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  1. Just got some new wheels for the Corolla! These are BBS Moda M1's and I'm running a reverse staggered setup for autocross, 16 inch rims with 225s up front and 15 inch rims with 195s in the rear. I'm really liking how these tires feel, since they're both wider and lower profile than the stock ones. The rear wheels do look kinda funky though...
  2. I finished my first autocross! It was a ton of fun, even if my driving wasn't too great... I got the whole thing on video and the ones I'm posting here are my two fastest (and most aggressive) runs. Hope you guys don't cringe too much at my driving, I've never gone this fast and was more focused on making it out alive than driving perfectly. Besides that, my tires were screaming pretty much the entire time - I guess it makes sense for 700 treadwear all seasons with a 185 width. Even with all that, I managed to beat some surprising cars: 4 Miatas - 1 NB, 1 NC, and 2 NDs - a Corvette Z06, a 370Z
  3. I've decided to sign up for my first autocross event! There's only one little issue I found while looking over the car to make sure it's ready. A couple years ago my dad and I got kind of angry at a stuck brake rotor and used a hammer to get it off the hub, and it left a couple tiny dents in the rotor. I've never had any problems with braking afterwards and I haven't noticed any difference in brake feel. Would these small dents be enough to prevent me from passing tech inspection? I was thinking about getting an extra rotor just in case.
  4. I mentioned a long time ago that my dad bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well, he recently traded it in for a new Subaru Crosstrek because we foresaw some very expensive repairs coming up for the Jeep. We had it for just over two years and the suspension felt bouncy, the AC had broken, the brakes were weak, and black smoke had started to come out of the exhaust after accelerating from a stop. Needless to say he feels much more confident in the Subaru, and I'm liking it a lot as well.
  5. Been a while since I last posted anything here... Right now I'm making plans to repaint my car during the summer, probably in white. I also need to get new tires for the rims I bought forever ago, since what's already on them is nearly bald and extremely dryrotted. I've already got a bit of experience with repainting parts since I had to sand and recoat the hood/roof to keep rust from spreading, and I painted them in black. They both turned out very nicely but the black paint made it easier to see where I paused during the painting, and doing it in direct sunlight definitely didn't help things
  6. Back when I had an old prebuilt PC, the thermal paste had completely dried up after 10 years of not being replaced and I didn't have much money. So, I did what any 13 year old would do and watched a video about thermal paste alternatives that I could find lying around the house, and that's how I ended up using a mixture of toothpaste and vaseline as thermal paste. It worked great and I haven't replaced it since.
  7. No, the games are separate based on which platform you buy them on, so the steam version will run on steam and the xbox version will run using whatever microsoft uses for that. It is possible to play with other people who have a different version of the game, though. Is that what you're asking?
  8. I got a Gigabyte RX 570 a while back and it's been great. It doesn't overclock very well past +100MHz, but it's pretty quiet and remains relatively cool while gaming. Honestly, the reason I bought Gigabyte over the other brands was because they sold the least expensive version.
  9. A lot of my friends still have that "AMD sucks" mindset, while I'm sitting here with a Ryzen 5 1600 and RX 570 playing all the games that they are at max settings and without any framerate issues, no cooling issues either. Every time I mention something about my setup, they like to make jokes about how it's terrible but it doesn't bother me.
  10. A couple days ago, I was finally getting my car inspected after dealing with the weird airbag issues, but it failed unfortunately. Turns out the seatbelt was frayed in a spot that I don't normally look at... I was kind of sad since I planned to take it on a roadtrip to a drift event on the fourth of July so I could show it off (also because it's pretty fuel efficient), but that of course didn't happen. Oh well On the other hand, I was still able to go and there were some pretty amazing cars participating in the event. I think there were 2 Skylines and 5+ S-chassis, 2 o
  11. To be fair, tearing everything down and going through every electrical connection is exactly what I did when my old car had a problem with the reverse lights not turning on. That issue alone took two months of (occasional) work, with me going up and down the car trying various fixes for a broken part I couldn't find. It's also the reason I hate working with the electrical systems on cars, 95% of the time I have no clue where to look!
  12. Thanks for the advice, turns out there was a broken contact on the connector for the seat position sensor.
  13. I did use a scanner, but it didn't find anything. The light is on all the time and isn't blinking to give a code either.
  14. Does anybody know how I can get rid of an airbag light that won't go away? I disconnected the wiring for the driver's seat occupancy sensor this morning while taking the seat out and that light turned on once I started the car again. Currently trying to see if there's a fuse for it that may have blown.
  15. Just saw this on Instagram, and I've never seen a gear messed up this badly before. Anybody know what could have done this?