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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from DarthSmartt in Should I upgrade my CPU or GPU?   
    A CPU upgrade will be (really) wise. That 1080 can still do a good job for games anyway.
  2. Informative
    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Mister Woof in Should I upgrade my Ryzen 5 1600 to a 3600?   
    Well, but I guess you'd want to hold that cocaine just for a little bit more few years lol
    Well, since upgrading to 3600 will be... Kind of unsatisfactory either later on, because Gen. 4 is closing enough, eh?
    Welp, can't kindly know actually. Probably can support or probably not (can't seemingly to find reliable source yet), but I suppose, probably 60% can work tho.
    Brother's personally have 1500+1050Ti tho. Still a good damn CPU that I actually use for Premiere render lol
    (welp my daily driver's below on my signature so, yeah.)
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Master Disaster in How connect 2 PC?   
    Your question is albeit confusing, tho. But if you just want to make a direct LAN connection, the most simple but effective solution is directly connect your computers with RJ-45 cable. Just use the first PC as 'gateway PC' with for the IP, and as the subnet mask, leave the default gateway as it is.
    On the second PC, use for the IP, subnet mask as like before, and fill as the gateway.
    It's way easier if you have a router, and just connect both PCs. IP will assigned automatically.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Herman Mcpootis in Rusting of memory   
    grab an eraser and try rubbing it off, helps clean up the contacts.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Unimportant in Multiple Questions, Stuck Here   
    First, research how the compilation and linking process works. Once you've done that you can put yourself in the compiler's shoes. Each source file is compiled separately. So when main.c is compiled, it includes complex.h and the function prototypes therein. At no point in time will the compiler see the contents of complex.c while it's compiling main.c. Thus, you should define struct `complex` in the header file complex.h, so the compiler can see it when it's compiling main.c. There is also no need for the `input` char array to be in the struct.
    Furthermore, what is this doing in complex.h ?
    mag(complex a); phase(complex a); First of all, they don't have a return type, your compiler should warn for that. In modern C, the canonical way to write things is to explicitly write `void` as a return type when a function returns nothing. In this case, there are no functions `mag` and `phase` in complex.c so remove these prototypes to non-existing functions.
    Then, in complex.c:
    struct complex a,b,c; When you've typedef'd the struct there's no need for the struct keyword. These global variables are also never used and should be removed.
    complex getcomplex(char *input){ char input[20]; complex a,b; scanf("%s",&input); sscanf(input, "%lf+%lf", &real, &img); } The function `getcomplex` takes a string (pointer to char) as argument, presumably the string to be parsed? Why do you declare a new array, also called input and read user input with scanf? Also, there's only a single complex number to be parsed, so no need for a `a` and a  `b`. You should explicitly point sscanf to the struct members. And you have to actually return the parsed complex.
    complex sum(double real, double img){ complex c;  c.real = a.real + b.real; c.img = a.img + b.img;  printf("Hasil operasi penjumlahan bilangan kompleks = %d + %di", c.real, c.img); return (c);  } This function is supposed to sum 2 complex numbers `a` and `b`. Why does it take 2 doubles `real` and `im` as arguments?
    The printf specifier to print doubles is `%lf`, not `%d`.
    Similar problems plague the other functions in complex.c
    In main.c
    char ch,p,q,r; p = argv[1]; q = argv[2]; r = argv[3]; `argv` is a array of pointers to char, not char.
    switch(ch){ case 'sum': sum(getcomplex(q),getcomplex(r)); break; case 'substract': substract(getcomplexA(q),getcomplexB(r)); break; case 'multiply': multiply(getcomplexA(q),getcomplexB(r)); break; case 'divide': divide(getcomplexA(q),getcomplexB(r)); break; } You cannot switch on an entire string. Comparing strings has to be done with a function like `strcmp`. Also, strings require double quotes.
    Final modified program, complex.h:
    #ifndef COMPLEX_H_INCLUDED #define COMPLEX_H_INCLUDED typedef struct { double real; double img; } complex; complex getcomplex(const char *input); complex sum(complex a, complex b); complex subtract(complex a, complex b); complex multiply(complex a, complex b); #endif // COMPLEX_H_INCLUDED complex.c:
    #include <stdio.h> #include "complex.h" complex getcomplex(const char *input) { complex a; sscanf(input, "%lf+%lf", &a.real, &a.img); return a; } complex sum(complex a, complex b) { complex c; c.real = a.real + b.real; c.img = a.img + b.img; printf("Hasil operasi penjumlahan bilangan kompleks = %lf + %lfi\n", c.real, c.img); return c; } complex subtract(complex a, complex b) { complex c; c.real = a.real - b.real; c.img = a.img - b.img; printf("Hasil operasi pengurangan bilangan kompleks = %lf - %lfi\n", c.real, c.img); return c; } complex multiply(complex a, complex b) { complex c; c.real = a.real*b.real - a.img*b.img; c.img = a.img*b.real + a.real*b.img; printf("Hasil operasi perkalian bilangan kompleks = %lf + %lfi\n", c.real, c.img); return c; } main.c:
    #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include "complex.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { if (argc < 4 || argc > 5) { printf("Tolong masukan minimal 4 argumen. //ex. namafile arg1 arg2\n"); return 0; } const char operator = argv[1][0]; const char* q = argv[2]; const char* r = argv[3]; switch(operator) { case '+': sum(getcomplex(q),getcomplex(r)); break; case '-': subtract(getcomplex(q),getcomplex(r)); break; case 'x': multiply(getcomplex(q),getcomplex(r)); break; } } The `divide` function was removed and implementing it is left as an exercise.
    Example command line:
    ./test_complex + 5+3i 7+2i output:
    Hasil operasi penjumlahan bilangan kompleks = 12.000000 + 5.000000i  
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    dhannemon13 reacted to mariushm in Extract Two Float/Double Numbers Out of a String on C?   
    You're referring to command line arguments... which can be read a certain way :
    See https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/command-line-arguments-in-c-cpp/
    Each argument is a separat variable, you just have to convert them to float/decimal/int/whatever using other functions ... maybe atof or stof :
    http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cstdlib/strtof/ (may not be available in plain c)
    also it seems optional, but you may want to convert the first argument to lowercase and then use ifs or switch ex if operation == 'add' then ...
    if you truly mean a string, i would look for the separator between the numbers ( +,-, etc) keeping in mind there may be a + or - in the variable ex 10e+2 so maybe look for [space][operation][space]
    Remember the index in the string where the operation is found, then copy the characters before into a variable, and characters after into another.. then use existing conversion functions.
  7. Informative
    dhannemon13 reacted to Unimportant in Extract Two Float/Double Numbers Out of a String on C?   
    #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { const char* exampleString = "-2.2+3i"; double real; double im; if (sscanf(exampleString, "%*[^0123456789]%lf%*[^0123456789]%lf", &real, &im) != 2) { printf("Failed to extract real & im!\n"); return 1; } printf("real: %lf, im: %lf\n", real, im); return 0; }  
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Kokomo in Ridiculous amount of lag while using Ethernet cable on PC   
    Worth to check.
    Superfetch or system sometimes sucks a lot of bandwidth.
    Even metered connection setting bypassed by them lol
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from SooWhat in pc crashing ingame   
    Whoops, not lags then, didn't read it carefully.
    But yeah, both crashes and lags can be the same reason either. That WD Green can affect it.
    It's from me, others can tell another.
    And get that SSD if you wanna survive the desperation of crashes lol
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Yeet thy feet in Looking for Thermal Paste for My Laptop, if Necessary   
    Actually found something interesting regarding that, on my local forum at my country. Using one of the back cover screw, said the screw is too long either, but he didn't screw it too deep anyway. And it said works well.
    Woulda works either. Have a try either. Or sacrifice your DVD reader or your HDD lol
    Good recommend, thanks!
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from The_Big_Grape in Looking for Thermal Paste for My Laptop, if Necessary   
    Actually found something interesting regarding that, on my local forum at my country. Using one of the back cover screw, said the screw is too long either, but he didn't screw it too deep anyway. And it said works well.
    Woulda works either. Have a try either. Or sacrifice your DVD reader or your HDD lol
    Good recommend, thanks!
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    dhannemon13 reacted to NelizMastr in Is this build any good? Plz help!   
    Not compatible. You've selected a H110 board with a Coffee Lake processor. You need to select a Z370 motherboard to support the 8000 chips. On this board, the fastest supported CPU is the i7-7700K, you can run an i5-7500, but not an i5-8400.
  13. Informative
    dhannemon13 reacted to Rejhan in Community Service (Free games for all)   
    If you go to Ubisofts home page right now you can get Watch Dogs, World in Conflict (Complete) and Assasins Creed Black Flag, all for FREE. You're welcome. Also, if you know any other similar actions going on somewhere else on the internet, sharing them here would be much appreciated.
    P.S. This only lasts until 23rd. 
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    dhannemon13 reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Need help extending dads wifi   
    Best way is to run an Ethernet cable into the garage or as close as you can and connect an access point to it to provide a WiFi signal. 
    You'll likely come across WiFi extenders, but I wouldn't recommend them, they tend to be crap. 
  15. Informative
    dhannemon13 reacted to Levisallanon in Should i use another router just to hook it up to my pc?   
    There is no DHCP mentioned here. This whole video is about the routing tables. Also in a routing table multiple gateways are able to pop up.
    If you look at round 9 minutes you'll see he is evaluating the router between the client and the edge router.
    The default router here is which goes to so. So this means the default gateway is set to the edge router on this router.
    If you look at 6 minutes in the video you'll see the route going to the router, so that means the default gateway here is the router which is in between. So @Lurick was right, and the guy in this video is saying it the same.

    Also about the things you said in the other topic, he has a network between the edge router and the second router. If he would have set up a dhcp server on this port than he would have set the range from to
    On the part between the second router and the client he has a network, which means if he would have set up the DHCP here it would be between and
    This has nothing to do with NAT. What he is saying here is, if you aren't using NAT you have to make sure the Routes are avaible on both the way in and way out. That's why for most consumer models you will set up a NAT if you are chain linking routers because consumers aren't aware on how to set up routes. You could also opt to use a protocol like OSPF or RIP. Some consumer routers I encountered allowed for RIP to be running on your network so you could discover these routes automaticly. You could also opt to add them manually, but it would require the knowledge of routing.

    Please understand that what in the consumer world is considered a router is just a very small piece of what a router can do. Most consumers don't use a router for it's routing capabilities. They only use it to perform NAT so they have one public IP with multiple devices behind it. And most people use it for the DHCP server which is build in. But the actual routing options are rarely touched, and tunneling etc isn't used at all. If people are using tunnels they normally have a VPN client running on their client itself to do the tunneling, they don't use the routers for it.
    If you are going to use these video's to prove your point please first understand what is mentioned.
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from LucasMadman in Windows File Server?   
    Standard Windows can actually use some "basics" of the network sharing, but yeah, not so reliable. Go for FreeNAS for better flexibility and settings, as it's the OS that dedicated for the function itself.
    And FreeNAS is free, either. I wouldn't spend a hundred bucks for NAS OS lol
    But from here.
    You can use Windows Server, or other Linux server distro (like Ubuntu server) if you wanna use this server for other use beside NAS. But this multi functionality really depends on your hardware you gotta use. So don't force it too much. 
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    dhannemon13 reacted to seon123 in How's this build looking?   
    I'm assuming you'll play at 1440p or UHD? Looks mostly fine.
    The Aorus 1080 Ti is among the worse ones. How much does the SC2, Gaming X and Strix cost?
    It's a decent PSU, but since it's a build with a 1080 Ti, you should be able to afford a better one. Longer warranty, and a more reliable fan are the main noticeable advantages
  18. Informative
    dhannemon13 reacted to seon123 in How's this build looking?   
    RAM speeds affect game performance significantly. ~5-15% from 2133 to 3200 MHz.
    600W is plenty. He would have no issues running it off 450W
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    dhannemon13 reacted to ♠FlamieMeister♠ in How's this build looking?   
    Looks ok to me, would recommend ethernet over wifi though, much better/stronger signal and faster pings.
  20. Informative
    dhannemon13 reacted to BluJay614 in Most Android-like desktop OS   
    To be honest, Windows is the best OS out there for gaming. There isn't much support for it on OSX and even less for Linux. Even there, you may have to run something like Wine just to be able to get things going, and from the last I heard, it still wasn't a guarantee. To be honest, there is a bit of a learning curve with Linux. Throw in the blessing/curse of there being thousands of distros, the choice isn't an easy one. The best I can recommend is a dual boot system, in which you use Windows to game. When it comes to learning Linux, and picking the right distro, I'd say if you have another computer you can play around with, download a distro onto a flash drive and boot off of it, then have fun.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to HarryNyquist in Cant use windows apps   
    virus/malware scan?
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    dhannemon13 got a reaction from Eduard the weeb in Please Can anyone help find me a laptop to run just these games and tell me how much i can sell my old one for?   
    Get a laptop with i3 or even i5 on it.
    If you interested you would see mine on my signature: GTA 5 on medium at around 40 FPS, highest setting on Dota 2 at average 70 FPS.
    Perhaps for gaming's sake, build a PC instead.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to MadModder in Building games?   
    Subnautica......if you don't mind building underwater.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to PorkishPig in How do I disable auto updates for my games on steam?   
    Nope. In a lot of cases, Steam will not even let you run a game while it has updates available. The most you can do is change Steam's settings to only update when you launch the game, as seen below.

    Doing this will allow you to play the games on older versions while in offline mode only, where it can't check for updates.
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    dhannemon13 reacted to tp95112 in Help me please   
    Well you can first tell us your budget and then we can actually help you