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  1. Generally speaking almost every triple A game engine (that has been updated in the last 2 years) attempts to utilize atleast 8 threads. Most older games will not benefit from higher thread counts at all, so single threaded performance will still matter with games using shitty game engines or older ones (like every other assasins creed game). So simply, single threaded performance is still as important as number of threads.
  2. OP looking at your newly uploaded screenshot, it seems you are missing the drivers for those devices. Download latest drivers and install them.
  3. So it seems that motherboard is wired for PCIE1 x4. So I am not sure if shares bandwidth between its two slots. Have you tried just graphics card or just wifi card?
  4. Sounds like it is a problem on your end. I am getting 50mbps on wifi tranfers even using a 2.4ghz network and maxing out my wired connection. Heck, I am even getting 3mbps on wifi to wifi SMB connections. You just need to setup your network properly.
  5. I'm totally up for unified phone / laptop experience. In 2019 I had to get a Celeron laptop just because it was cheap and I needed something to get work processing done. Device is an absolute piece of shit, I'm CPU bottlenecked everywhere (N3060). If I had an option to slap my phone into a "lapdock" I honestly would have preferred that. Arm is now getting mainstream support and I really hope a company like OnePlus (or any company that doesn't bloat the living shit out of their phones with shitty software) comes up with a solution for it. I would be thrilled to have Ubuntu running on my phone w
  6. I am not an expert on radio communication but I dont think you can magically carry more data over 5ghz bands just buy using higher frequency radio signals. 5Ghz offers more bands to be used resulting in less frequency sharing and resulting in higher speeds. Pretty sure latency is because the way data is processed in bluetooth stack, not just radio frequency because if wifi can have few miliseconds of communication delay between routers, there is no reason for bluetooth to have 100 to 200ms delay besides than protocol itself being the issue.
  7. Here is the thing, its apples first chip design running at higher tdps. Its too early to predict anything. I wouldnt lose my sleep over temperatures. I personally do not care about chip temperatures at all unless its throttling, never have and I never killed a chip due to "temperature".
  8. Well if you see CPU usage or anything noticeable happening during when FPS is low, it might identify if CPU is the problem. Let us know if you think you need further information.
  9. So are you trying to natively use your RPI at that resolution? I dont think TW can increase the resolution beyond what RPI is outputting. I know for a fact that RDP can do that but I am not sure if you can use RDP.
  10. Coil whine, it usually disappears after a while. I had 5 brand new graphics cards in the last 10 years and all of them had coil whine and all of them quited down after few months (longest one lasting full 3 months of crypto mining). I havent found a way to get rid of it reliably, it just dissappeared suddenly after a while.
  11. What you are describing here reminds me of what people were saying in reviews when FX8350 launched in 2012. Considering GTA5 will run on anything that has atleast 2 cores and 4 threads, I can suggest monitoring your CPU usage, CPU clocks and CPU temperature in game. AluminiumTech has a good guide here.
  12. So no quad core Zen 3 cpus for now?

  13. Sounds like bad sector or a controller to me. "Fixing" bad sectors using windows own utility just never worked for me, I always used HD sentinel to either fix it (its not a guarantee by any means) or destroy the disk completely. Either way half working HDD is a lot less valueable to me than non working hdd, one can be used as a ashtray.
  14. Launch Disk Management, find the partition that is missing, right click and click on Assing a letter. If you cant see your missing partition there, its probably corrupted.