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    Ryzen 3 3100 > OC'd to all core 4300Mhz w 1.175v (AVX stable)
  • Motherboard
    B450M S2H V2
  • RAM
    2x KHX2133C14/8G > OC'd to 3200Mhz CL20
  • GPU
    ROG Strix GTX970 > OC'd to 1519mhz
  • Case
    Rampage Xcube
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    Samsung PM981A 256G and bunch of 2.5" drives from previous laptops
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    Mi A3

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  1. I am not sure but I believe temperature sensor is within GPU die. So this is not a easy task.
  2. Define enough. Enough for who? Enough for what?
  3. Strix 5700XT topped out at 279w draw at techpowerup's review, RTX3070 FTW3 topped out at 298w draw at also techpowerup's review. Although it sounds like you can run them, I am not sure if you can due to sudden peak consumption.
  4. You can find heaps of 1155 cpus on aliexpress and ebay. Not sure what exactly you are asking here?
  5. image.png.547f4f56f2a98630c558130adee8f386.png

    Username + pfp combination is spot on. You got great taste in music too.


  6. That is also not what I meant. I believe I am trying to do exactly what OP is trying to do. I am looking to use existing Cat3 cable to have LAN connection from one room to other without having to run cables through the walls (which is also impossible in my case). I currently dont have any RJ45 connectors to crimp but I will most definitely try this once I have them. I already separated rooms that I am looking to connect together from ISP connection physically. You dont need to run your own DSL connection for LAN. I am pretty sure this is possible albeit at 10mbps which is fine for me. ED
  7. I did also look into this recently, I even went as far as finding network endpoint where my house network connects to DSL. I am certain that this can be done but I am not sure how would one go about terminating ends to meet any kind of standards.
  8. You probably have a ARGB controller.
  9. You know your overclock is at the limit when its ambient temperature is 3c hotter than yesterday and everything starts crashing. Love it.

    1.   Show previous replies  9 more
    2. Levent


      That is exactly where my chips are at stock clocks. We probably have identical memory chips but yours were underclocked.

    3. FakeKGB


      Seems like it.


      So my "overclock" is really reverting the underclock. That's amusing.

    4. Moonzy


      I once undervolted my 3900x to the point where if it hits 70c under load it'll crash 😂

  10. http://www.idcooling.com/Product/detail/id/29/name/NO-12015
  11. I got 4 ID cooling fans and all developed bearing issues after a year and they are now sitting not used in my box of junk. That has been my experience and I rather spend my money on a brand that I know is better quality.
  12. It is a known better-than-stock cooling option that performs great for how little costs. I personally dont like ID cooling solutions as they arent that reliable long term. Not to mention, Hyper 212 has been out for more than 10 years now.
  13. I suggest you to give it a go with your system as is and see where your bottleneck is.