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    Ryzen 3 3100 > OC'd to all core 4300Mhz w 1.175v (AVX stable)
  • Motherboard
    B450M S2H V2
  • RAM
    2x KHX2133C14/8G (HX421C14FBK2/8) > OC'd to 3200Mhz CL18
  • GPU
    ROG Strix GTX970 > OC'd to 1519mhz
  • Case
    Rampage Xcube
  • Storage
    Samsung PM981A 256G and bunch of 2.5" drives from previous laptops
  • PSU
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    Acer EG220Q + Acer S221HQL + Dell E2214H
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    Mi A3

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  1. Let see how stable it is with a AVX load. Do the Prime95 heaviest(it's called something else) test. I don't consider non avx loads stable. In theory as long as you can feed it power and cool it, there is no limit. But in reality it depends on how good of s chip you got.
  2. I very much disagree with that statement. As someone who religiously used latest software up until the release of windows 10, I can list many points on why windows 10 is the worst operating system Microsoft ever released. I can also argue that windows 10 was not a finished product before 1809 release which was released in October 2018, 3 years after it's first release. Windows 7 and even 8 were miles ahead when it came to overal stability.
  3. SLIC injection wasnt really a thing with most Windows 7 devices. Those devices usually came with pre-activated windows installs and recovery partitions(hence when you reinstall from the official ISO you would loose activation and activation key that came with the device wouldnt work).
  4. STILL havent found a decent, space themed 5760x1080p wallpaper.
  5. I am going to stick to Windows 10 unless there a major selling factor (so far there is none). Microsoft's business model of releasing operating system without QA testing is really getting on my nerves and I would rather upgrade once Windows 10 is EOL. That being said, I am already slowly migrating to Linux and OSX, only reason why I even got a windows machine is gaming.
  6. I have a folder of LTT cringe on my PC. Here are some.
  7. I didnt say it doesnt support it did i? I also used SATA devices with XP. MSDN/NonModified ISOs do not come with SATA drivers.
  8. Windows XP does not support sata natively. It doesnt matter if its an SSD or a HDD. Since I installed my old 840 Evo to it, I just installed Samsung Magician.
  9. As long as you are able to plug it, there is no reason why it is "incompatible". You will have to some third party software for trimming the SSD though. I have a netbook from 2008 with a SSD running windows xp.
  10. Sadly ram and SSD does nothing to improve it. I actually tested a 8G sodimm and it does absolutely nothing. CPU is the main bottleneck here and since its BGA, upgrading it is not feasible. Also if it is the same motherboard as mine, it should also have single DIMM slot and that makes upgrading the ram unfeasible as well.
  11. I also have a HP laptop with the identical specs and also a 850 evo in it. This thing is slow whatever you do, I got linux mint installed on it and that does help quite a bit but still it is bad. Issue with Windows 7 is that drivers, you cannot find drivers for your system. Dont bother with windows 7.
  12. Google photos: a cloud based service provided by Google. NAS: network attached storage. You cannot make a "Nas" with "Google photos". What you can do is maybe create a nextcloud server on the Chromebook (no clue if you actually can) and use the said disk as storage device. Other solutions include actually setting up a Nas and a VPN server.
  13. Levent

    Gold Boom

    I cannot comment on 100 years ahead with certainty but gold has a major use case scenario with electronics, and so far no other material is there to replace it while being cheaper or while offering much better material properties. So, no there havent been any significant enough developments to devalue gold that much.
  14. you either can connect it to your laptop or to your pc if you get a SODIMM to DIMM adapter for it. Other than that I bet there are devices that are built to test RAM sticks but i doubt it be worth it for a single time use.
  15. Levent

    Gold Boom

    Nope. Gold is a finite material, even if production stays the same reserves will be depleted, demand for it hasnt really dropped down significantly in the past 10 years other than last year and one could attribute that to people not wanting to buy jewelry during a pandemic and a global economic crisis. It will reach a equilibrium instead of dropping down, I assume you came up to your conclusion at your third grade maths classes?