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    Cheap, Unremarkable, no window
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    Crossover 30q5 pro, now dead. Having to use an old 1080p monitor. Dell maybe? I know nothing about it. It’s quite old.
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    ViperX 6 pipe chrome with diamond paste
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    Cheapest one I could find
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    I forget. It’s wired optical
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    Some sound bar I found at target. It has an optical connection which I ise
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    17” MacBook Pro it’s really old. Haven’t touched it in years. The battery is probably gone.

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  1. It’s a scam if the user thinks they are getting something other than what they pay for when they pay for it. That is basically the definition of a scam: making the buyer think they’re getting something other than what they are buying. People who conflate not usefully prosecutable with not wrong are not precisely wrong, but they certainly aren’t right either. The two are different things. There are a couple of scams with this: 1. If you add up the monthly payments it’s not less expensive it’s MORE expensive. So hidden knife scam 2. It is possible to get away with murder
  2. How many is “first games” though. I didn’t do this test until I started to get suspicious. Would have been over a dozen games before that and at least several days.
  3. I tried pubG mobile. Did some testing. Almost no one is playing it. There are lots of “players” but they were mostly bots. I did some testing by doing nothing but hiding and running for the ever shrinking play area. Never used my gun once. So winning was not an option. All I was was a target. I always placed top ten. Average was sixth.
  4. One takes 1/20th as much and it’s not data that could be used for identity theft or the predicting of decisions. It’s just device use data for maintaining device functionality.
  5. This goes into what defines “pizza”. The story of Italy legislating the concept that they invented pizza and therefore being the only people that could make it is a storied one, and an exceptionally weak argument. They actually had to have a National contest to find a recipie that was even vaguely similar. It required a huge cash prize and still took over a year. The best they could come up with was a Roman round bread. I personally think the opposite is true: Chicago style pizza IS pizza. It’s the Italian stuff that isn’t.
  6. Ah. Cr2032 Batteries are cheap. A couple bucks. Simple fix. I assume that was tried?
  7. Cost is $144/year. That’s crazy. The thing isn’t just scary it’s more expensive too. Get a regular and borrow the money. It’s a better deal. totally aside from being safer, it’s cheaper.
  8. Android has only one problem: the over the shoulder peeking at literally every thing you do that it does. It depends on how bad you think that is. It creeped me out so much I switched to iPhone to if not exactly get away from it, at least make it a whole lot less offensive.
  9. “Getting rid of a BIOS chip” would mean soldering on the motherboard. Something I personally only mess with in the direst of circumstances and then only for power ports or other really simple stuff. It’s just too easy to screw up. Those things are made by pick-and-place machines not fingers. crash after boot is most commonly a memory issue. Refusal to mount drives can be a bios thing or a windows thing. Soldering on the motherboard though throws all that out the window.
  10. Samsung knows I think that if they weren’t hamstrung by android they could beat Apple. Be hard for them not to. Apple uses a lot of Samsung parts. Screens in particular. They even used to fab their processors. They keep on trying to do their own version though and it keeps on not working.
  11. If the work stuff doesn’t need rendering graphics it can be done with software. The problem with the software is there’s a lotta lotta video latency. Way too much for gaming. You put both monitors on the gaming machine and remote to it using a software solution. Cheap and easy. The nice thing about the software solutions is theyre also portable.
  12. “Critical” is the key word though. There’s a group of insurance agencies that put out safety verification tests which have done really a lot for automobiles. They’ve effectively mandated door bars and integral roll cages and air bags and seat belts and a bunch of other stuff. Even headlights and how high bumpers can be. The thing about motorcycles is theyre more or less just death traps to start with. If they mandated safety features for those things the first thing they would do is ban them. A lot of insurance companies don’t even OFFER motorcycle insurance.
  13. Yeah, but the thread wouldn’t last 5 minutes. people would be offended, so they’d reply, and if it’s an unpopular one there would be more of them and it would turn into a nasty shouting match and the thread would have to be locked. Everyone has unpopular opinions that are offensive to some. That’s easy.