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    Cheap, Unremarkable, no window
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    650w Bronze. Antec maybe. It’s kinda old.
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    Crossover 30q5 pro, now dead. Having to use an old 1080p monitor. Dell maybe? I know nothing about it. It’s quite old.
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    Cheapest one I could find
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    Some sound bar I found at target. It has an optical connection which I ise
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    Win8.1 now win10
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    17” MacBook Pro it’s really old. Haven’t touched it in years. The battery is probably gone.

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  1. Is this maybe an apartment building with shared walls? Electrical wiring runs inside walls. If your neighbor with a shared wall had a fire it could have messes with you wall electric which could have in turn fried your PSU. (This will also make the landlord very unhappy. there may be open uncontrolled weeping. Not exaggerating.) the issue with PSUs that blow is they are connected all throughout a machine, and when they go if they go in the wrong way they can take other random parts with them. I got know idea what all may have been damaged in a fried PSU scenario.
  2. I would think the first step is actually knowing what is going on. That two systems are giving different readings implies they’re reading different things and something unusual is going on.
  3. Airflow is just weird and hard to predict. Doing something like taping a playing card somewhere can change everything. I suspect it’s just something you’d have to mess with. To randomly guess, it’s possible your in-through-the-front out-through-the-top system could be drawing off air before it ever gets to the parts you want to cool. My first experiment might be removing one of the top fans and replacing it with a piece of cardboard to block off the hole. No idea if it would help of course. This is the problem with airflow. It just does weird and unexpected stuff.
  4. Just to guess randomly, it Might be 3200 running at 2666 or 2666 memory with a controller capable of 3200 speeds.
  5. My memory is theyre one of the biggest talking birds too. That one is even not that big for a raven. The ones at the Tower of London were gigantic things a lot bigger than that one. The Tower of London was really pretty awesome. They had some dragoon’s boots I really wanted a pair of. I drew pictures of em.
  6. Hmmm…. I got the impression that the game just wouldn’t run at playable frame rates on my rig (4770kz97&rx580 1080p@60hz) I don’t know if this will even work with my system or if it would even be enough if it did. If does and doesn’t though this could put the game into potentially playable territory for me though.
  7. I don’t know but it seems to me to be probable that it would. The issue it seems is that thunderbolt doesn’t work like other systems and needs integration directly to the CPU. I’m afraid I don’t have any specific information. That is the sort of price range where such starts to become available, but I can’t find any reference to that board being able to do it so I don’t know. Thunderbolt cards for x570 that work with a given motherboard tend to be released by that same manufacturer and are designed in conjunction, so if there is an Asus or ROG thunderbolt expansion card, one might want to l
  8. Only some x570 boards will even take a thunderbolt card and those cards generally need to be designed for that particular board so without knowing exactly what board you are talking about it not possible to answer. It’s unlikely though as the ones that will take such a card are often higher end.
  9. There was a time rather recently when AMD had intel more or less beat cold in price/performance. With pandemic pricing though things have gotten more fuzzy and situational.
  10. I would say not important currently. A possibly unimportant difference.
  11. What about an 11700f as long as there is going to be a gpu there? I’d prefer an 11700 to a 11600k myself. Not sure if there is a powerful argument for more though. I’ve heard k chips have been going for the same price as non k chips though in which case there’s little reason not to get one. You don’t actuall HAVE to overclock it, and the k stuff tends to be better binned. I don’t know for sure that more than a 6/12 chip will be needed for a long time. I think it’s possible though which is the main argument for 8/16 over 6/12. The 5800x may turn out to be cheaper though because AMD motherboar
  12. A point. The only other app compared to is chrome which is much lighter weight than autodesk. Could be big apps that stress your hardware do that. I only recognize auto desk, but that is a heavyweight app. Much heavier weight than chrome. If it’s your hardcore stuff doing that but things that aren’t hefty don’t have an issue it very well could just be that.
  13. This smells like software but I’ve heard weird things about mouse drivers lately, so it might be worth looking at peripheral drivers as well. Mouse and keyboard stuff.
  14. Could happen I vaguely suppose without thinking about it too much. Base what I wonder? No matter.
  15. I don’t know much about that. All I can tell you is general things: What makes a motherboard pricy is often good VRM which you just won’t need for an i3. There is also probably a max memory speed limit for your cpu so there isn’t a lot of point in a motherboard that can handle faster memory than your cpu. It sounds like you’ve already bought memory though so you’ll need to be able to accommodate that. Other than that it’s features vs. price.