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  1. “ Fake news” is a more serious accusation than inadequate evidence. What is described sounds ver believable to me. The consumer enthusiast gpu AND CPU markets are both dualopolies, and in each case the competitor is AMD. For intel and Nvidia to collude on something to the disadvantage of AMD makes a certain amount of sense. It’s not unreasonable. Whether it’s LEGAL is an entirely different matter. There are SERIOUS structures put on dualopoly systems over and above if there were multiple competitors in a given marketplace. Whether it even happened also seems to be up in the air.
  2. One possible problem I can see is that while a 1600af is a lot like a 2600 it’s not quite the same, and neither a 1600 or a 2600 can support 3600mhz memory. The motherboard board may be having trouble with it too. Good chance the fast memory defaulted to base speed (2166?) but it could be just hanging everything too. I dunno. Something to maybe look at if other troubleshooting doesn’t pan out.
  3. They may have been experiencing a marketing halo which may not have been actually deserved. I suspect there is a certain amount of information lag. As example, ATM there seems to be a general popular opinion that “AMD CPUs are just better” creating obnoxious retail price adjustments which drive AMD cpu prices well above reasonable price for value. Ryzen CPUs were never “just better” than intel CPUs. What they are (were) was better priced relative to performance. A 3300 is a great cpu at $120, which is what they were initially offered at, but it’s a crap CPU at $200. Which is what they are
  4. I remember reading here that in practice limiting Pcie lane throughout has little effect on real world gpu performance if things are at least reasonably close. It does hamper efficiency, but the effective loss when things aren’t way off is measured in single digit percentage points. Has to do with the gpu doing most of its work internally. Or something. I suspect I totally fail to understand this one. So not enough to actually hamper actual functionality really. It strikes me as counterintuitive, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the case. This means that in this case the loss would be only
  5. Haven’t seen the GT moniker in a long time. 9800gt was the last I remember, and that was a while ago. Apparently someone thinks there’s a market for something less potent than a 1030. Won’t have anything on a Xe iGPU except it could have a lot more video out ports. I can see that being useful in specific situations.
  6. LOL. Don’t even want to talk about what replacement parts for my old buckling spring IBM keyboard cost now. The things basically don’t break though.
  7. I didn’t know about the ipc jump. That is interesting. I blamed it on the dual core ness. I do know a 2.4ghz core2duo could mop the floor with a 5 ghz single core celeron though. The word was it was the extra core that made all the difference. If it was ipc not dual core that made the difference though that has modern implications.
  8. I don’t know. I don’t know if it would be docker if it did. I don’t even know what docker is either. A docker used to be half a pair of pants from JC penny. Pretty sure that’s not what you mean. If docker is some sort of windows app, it would mean windows10 was running and if windows10 can do it it might have happened. Likelyhood isn’t high. More likely that a spontaneous cosmic ray or whatever. If the machine really can write to it’s flash BIOS then it’s probably a hardware problem, at which point the motherboard got checked for problems anyway because of the flash thing.
  9. Just had a weird weird thing happen with my phone.  It wouldn’t connect to the net either through wifi or cmt (if this thing even still uses cmt and not something newer.  I haven’t kept up) so I restarted it and everything was fine, but the phone dropped a significant number of actions. It restarted at what I’m pretty sure was an earlier point than when I was using it. Might be normal behavior.  There was a weird glitch that messed stuff up, so it tossed the data that wasn’t probably clean. An oddity, or at least something that felt like one.  Computers aren’t smart though.  God chance it was doing what it was supposed to.

  10. This is a lot more likely to be software than hardware. One can change all sorts of hardcore basic settings that don’t take effect till restart. I don’t know it the OS can write changes to the BIOS or not. If a system won’t post it means there is either a problem in the bios, or in some hardware that bios uses. Remember an OS is just a program a computer runs. Windows compatible machines can have any sort of bios, but it must be able to run windows. If the OS can affect the bios, it could corrupt it without showing an instant problem. Such a thing would require reflashing the bios to so
  11. The other part of this is it’s as I understand it (and I may not) 16gb shared. The OS will use x amount, and the game will use y amount, and the two together need to equal 16gb. The xbo and ps5 both use OSes that take less than 8gb, they’re both leaner than win10, and win10 can run itself and at least one other app generally on 8gb. The machine will never have the full 16gb available, because there has to be at least some OS going, likewise it will very possibly have more than 8gb available for a game. This may be why they have the whole game switching thing. The total memory could be big
  12. careful now. The problem with beautiful lies is people like to believe them so much that even a bad lie will work because people would rather be fooled by it than face the cold winds of reality. Even the silliest most badly done magic tricks can work if someone wants badly enough to believe they are true.
  13. Time to play “can you guess which thing is not like the others” with this. Most of it I agree with. There are a few points I think are less demosteratble. One is not so much that the 16gb on the AMD cards is overkill, so much as it produces a card with a longer working life. Historically this has been the case. The 580 is also a card with “too much memory”. The thing about the 580 though is not all applications have heavy hits on the same parts of the card. The 580 was a slower card than the 980. It can run things the 980 can’t though. They’re still selling 580s. The 980 is long dead.
  14. This is true in many many areas of computer tech. Moore’s law effectively documented the progression of the wave front of a technology explosion. Even if it no longer accurately does that, I don’t think the fuel has been used up yet. Progression may not be as fast as it once was, but that doesn’t mean it’s slow.