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    Cheap, Unremarkable, no window
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    2 Sata SSDS
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    650w Bronze. Antec maybe. It’s kinda old.
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    Crossover 30q5 pro, now dead. Having to use an old 1080p monitor. Dell maybe? I know nothing about it. It’s quite old.
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    ViperX 6 pipe chrome with diamond paste
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    Cheapest one I could find
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    I forget. It’s wired optical
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    Some sound bar I found at target. It has an optical connection which I ise
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    Win8.1 now win10
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    17” MacBook Pro it’s really old. Haven’t touched it in years. The battery is probably gone.

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  1. “Our society” may be narrow. Apparently most of there were sold in mainland China and there could be specific uses there due to legal differences. I just don’t know.
  2. Well that’s a whole lot of information that directly contradicts other stuff. I haven’t heard any specifics about “mining companies”. I’m assuming you mean companies that make mining cards as someone merely doing cryptomining would have absolutely no use for a bare chip. I’m not saying what you are saying is false, I’m just saying it’s got an internal inconsistency which may be coincidental and lacks any evidence. Got anything to back it?
  3. No information about what gpu or case or bracket is involved so I don’t see how this one might be possible to answer.
  4. There are many parts to a gpu and many things that control it. Cooling the gpu processor, which is all such a thing would do is likely to be no help. The fan speed increase might be cooling OTHER parts of the GPU which is making things work better, but a hybrid air cpu cooler system would likely make that worse not better. You might gain something from looking up what was found by extreme over clockers that have messed with that particular model in the past, but just blindly strapping a big air cooler to the processor does not seem like a promising solution to me.
  5. There are videos of hacks of how it can be done. LTT even did one I believe. It’s not easy, and generally involves heat sinks, zip ties and fans. One seems to mostly be trading noise level for form factor convenience.
  6. If your max temps are that low there’s probably something else stopping you besides temperature.
  7. Apparently it can do it, just not for very long without modification. If you don’t need to make something more than a few minutes long it doesn’t matter. Price might be a factor. 8k cameras with decent optics aren’t cheap.
  8. Functionally Not having a side panel won’t actually hurt anything. If you need to keep the case closed to keep the dog out you could put just about anything over it from a piece of wood to a cloth cover to just about anything else really. It won’t be as pretty, but the glass panel is just a cover you can see through. Cases didn’t even used to have glass panels. There are many ways to make something that even looks the same if you want. Not so cheap, but it can be done.
  9. It’s generally easier to put them on the outside of the case. Then you just pull em off, wash em down, and slap em back on. They use that flexible plastic “fridge magnet” stuff for an outer attachment point. Some steel screws might be enough. If you want to go really overboard there’s also the possibility of some brass L channel material for the wood edges.
  10. Makes sense. Might want to test before doing the cut in the frame. It sounds like a pita and may not do much.
  11. They sell removable magnetic fan filters but I don’t see anything they could stick too. There are round grills available in various sizes but they’re not really filters for anything smaller than a finger. I used the hook half of some adhesive Velcro and stuck fiberglass filter material over my inward fan ducts. It can be had in charcoal coated (which is black) or a blue I don’t particularly like myself. I don’t know if either color would work well in your situation. The super cheapass solution is old pantyhose. Might look even worse though. Could at least be had in a brown color.
  12. There’s a thread in the motherboard section useful for this. My suspicion is you want to be looking at the low end of b450. Anything that is “3000 ready” should work. There may be warnings for “may not be compatible” but this only applies to motherboards actually manufactured (not designed, just manufactured) before the 3200g came out and that was so long ago few of them even exist on shelves anymore.
  13. Sounds like they don’t really disagree but there is a definition of terms issue.
  14. As for what’s the best value Nvme ssd? The conventional wisdom is the cheapest one that has cache, since for current games higher speed doesn’t give much gain. Once you get to SSD speeds it stops mattering for gaming and even most other things very much. The cache thing is about longevity not speed. there is apparently a way to avoid the need even that for smaller newer SSDs. Not sure if it applies to 512 or not though. The deal is it uses system memory as cache to do basically the same thing. Not sure what it’s called. As for enclosures, lots. like really, lots. There are a bu
  15. I’m Not sure what you mean but that may not matter.