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  1. The PS4 controller (V2) is the only quality controller local markets have in stock for the foreseeable future. I need a controller, and I don't know if I feel like waiting a full month before I get the chance to buy another one. I need it for gaming and reading (I use a controller with Xpadder to navigate pages on Acrobat Reader and to highlight text). Priced at over $60, it is a bit expensive for what I believe should be the cost of a controller, however, that is the price of the Xbox 1 controller as well (were it in stock). So it is not necessarily overpriced for the
  2. Looking for a replacement for my malfunctioning Logitech F310, I found out about the MSI Force GC20, and I thought it looked very good: excellent reviews, great price, and decent build quality... except for the fact that, according to the comments, it seems that these controllers are at a high risk of the left analog stick malfunctioning after a while: it could be an hour, it could be a few months, but a lot of people have this complaint. On Amazon, it's rating is 3.7 out of 5. 51% of the reviews are 5 stars, and 20% are 1 star: most of the one-star reviews mention the left analog
  3. It is good that you have picked up PC-building as a hobby. You should keep developing it. With that said, that build is not very viable. First, that is not even close to cheap. And those parts for that price are bad value. Second, the 1050 is not worth overclocking (or even buying in 2020). Third, why side with Intel? Ryzen is the go-to choice for best value. @Plouffe has the right idea. Don't get discouraged from this btw, everyone makes mistakes. I'm sure your next recommended build will feature better parts. EDIT: I just saw you
  4. Their free games are a decent incentive. I never would have learned about Oxenfree had it not been promoted by Epic.
  5. So... what action do you recommend taking?
  6. It is the only way to experience the gaming medium as a form of art: seeing how the visuals convey (and interact with) the world, seeing and experiencing the story as it unwinds and affects the player and the universe, developing feelings for virtual characters on the account of their narrative and their role in the gameplay, and indirectly interacting with the developers as you interact with their idea behind the product (think leading the player into certain situations, be it scripted or unscripted). I don't see why you would say that. There are tons of non-competitive single-
  7. Hello. I'm using an Antec GX500 Window Blue case. It came with three fans: one front intake, one side intake, and one back exhaust. I find the side-fan annoyingly loud. It gets very irritating, especially when I'm trying to do some work on the computer and I prefer silence. It is not connected to the manual controls on the top of the case, so I can't even manually turn it off when I don't need it, as I do with the other fans. It's a constant drone at all times. So I considered moving it forward as an additional intake fan. But I read that the side-fan is the most impor
  8. If we're talking vanilla, the ones that come to mind are Metro Exodus and Battlefield V. COD WW2 was also strangely impressive when the filter didn't get in the way. I can't talk about MW as I haven't played it. I would also add the Resident Evil reboots. But, I'm curious - what are the system specifications required to run the ultra-realism mods discussed here? When I first played GTA V on a 7th gen i5 and a 1060 6GB, I was baffled at how bland the graphics looked (tbh MGSVPP looks much better) and how insanely demanding it was (could play at mostly Very High, and still chopp
  9. Seeing these responses makes me realize that I probably won't even qualify as a gamer to most people here. I mostly play singleplayer, and, when I'm done, I move on to another game. I can't brag with a whole lot of hours in a single game. No matter how much I replay some singleplayer game, it still can't amass the kind of play-time that exceeds 200 hours. But I don't think playtime is the only ways to gauge which games you play the most. The games I've played the most in regards to playtime are not games I've actually enjoyed the most, or games I would play again.
  10. I think there is something wrong. I don't know if Speed Fan is incompatible with my motherboard (MSI B450 Tomahawk Max) or something else, but I am not seeing anything of what is in the video. Under Configure, the Temperatures tab shows only the three hard drives (even though one of them is an NVMe, not an HDD). The Advanced tab is empty. So is everything else under Configure, except for Options. When I check Advanced Fan Control, the Add button is greyed out. The only field that is not completely empty is the Exotics tab, which shows my CPU cores alongside my thre
  11. I installed Speed Fan. But other than the the temperature of the hard drives and CPU usage, the Readings tab shows nothing. I don't think it recognizes the fans (or anything else other than the hard drives for that matter)
  12. That is an informative read, but it's from 2018, and it is about Ryzen 2, not 3. It also does not have the AMD High Performance setting. I game and work with Blender 3D, among other CPU intensive software. Should I just switch from one to the other depending on what I do? There is also a slider in the Power & Sleep settings menu. Currently the slider is in the middle. Should I slide it to the right (towards Best performance) or leave it as it is? I tested it last night with Metro: Exodus, and apart from the game slowing down to 45 FPS (on both settings)
  13. I checked the fans. The side intake fan is plugged directly into the motherboard, and the front and rear fans are plugged in the manual fan-controllers near the top of the case, which is itself plugged into the motherboard. This also explains why, when using the controller, the front and the rear fans turn off/slow down, but the window fan keeps going at full speed. Considering that turning off the front and rear fans does not make the case significantly quieter, could the window fan be the one to blame for the majority of the noise? Could yo
  14. Yesterday I got my new system. The Case I am using is an Antec GX 500 Window Blue (I thought I had ordered the windowless Black version, but this one is the same except for... well, the window). It is loud. According to specs, the GX 500 should have had the same noise levels as my previous case - yet it does not. It is significantly louder. Sound Meter, the app I use to measure noise levels, shows 45 db. Online reviews measured the noise levels at 35 dbA at 100%. It seems that the fans are running at full speed. I have no way of knowing if they are 100%, but... it
  15. Is it a good idea to leave the power plan on Balanced, and just change it to High Performance whenever I'm rendering, working, or gaming? Does High Performance over-clock the CPU automatically, or does it just allow it to work at its default clock, i.e. does Balanced run at lower than the default specs? Doesn't High Performance wear out the CPU? What qualifies as "the cooling" and a power bill that "isn't killing me"? Will I get a substantially higher power bill if I go for High Performance?