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  1. How many years of Support did they promise ? 10-15 ?
  2. emm that VRAM on that GPU is either damaged or just not working right
  3. Looks like VRAM is cooked
  4. What spam ? You ask for help, to provide that help CreativeName642 asks for more details CUZ THEY MATTER IN THIS CASE! And you are being simply rude to someone that wants to help you... Then the answer is simple YOU wont get one.
  5. Thats quite normal they like to hit max frequency for just a millisecond ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. If you still have the mobo go for some cheap AMD CPU lie 3300x/3600 and simply w8 for new Intel or even AMD stuff but if you want to go AMD route now 5900x would be the best choice but watch out as both are RLY hot chips and I would advise under-volting/aio... As for clock speeds yeah its, a mess if you come over from older Intel chip, AMD rates their Boost different so forget about max clocks with multicore loads... PS. Don't forget to update BIOS
  7. Its miles better from what you have now
  8. Yes, upgrade your CPU, UE4 Games dont run well on any Bludozer/Piledriver CPU You can mitigate it somewhat by lowering all CPU heavy options to minimum like sound channel count
  9. No weirdness with nvidia drivers here Yes the TRIM thing was fixed sometime ago in previous build (it would TRIM your SSD everyday/restart)
  10. I might have miss read or misunderstood something, sorry as English in not my 1st language. PS. Lets stop of topic here