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  1. I run my plex VM ono ubuntu server, and I get the VM like 2 GB of RAM and its plenty happy. If you are direct playing that takes almost no resources at all, if you want to transcode that takes some CPU power but I have never seen it use much RAM.
  2. It sorta just depends. Higher doesn't always equal more stable. maybe try 1.25 on both, and go from there.
  3. Test each stick one at a time with XMP enabled. If they all work, it’s not the RAM, but the CPU. Remember, XMP is an overclock, and the IMC (integrated memory controller) is not guaranteed to run them at those speeds. 99% of CPU’s can, but you may be the unlucky person who’s can’t. Test each stick, if they all pass, the CPU just can’t handle it. May be able to play with system agent voltage, and/or IO voltage in bios to gain stability.
  4. 4GB of RAM today is a very minimal amount. 8GB is about as low as anyone should have especially if trying to game.
  5. No, it’ll be fine. Better question is, why do that? PC parts don’t mind running a bit warm, and maxing fans out just makes then loud… you can just let the GPU manage it’s fan on auto, it’ll be fine
  6. Why would this affect RGB? You can put the fans on either side of the radiator, so if you want the RGB facing out he front panel, put them on the front of the rad pushing in. If you want the RGB on the inside of the case, put them on the back of the rad sucking in... Don't put them all as exhaust, this will not work out well. But you can just flip the fans so they push or pull, depending on where your putting them and what you want...
  7. Exactly as others said, not required, but I chose to use it… I spent close to 2 grand on all the hardware including 10x4 TB drives, what’s an extra ~100 bucks in RAM to get ECC. Also, if you want to run VM’s, I would look at virtualizing freenas as running things under freenas is not ideal. I use ESXi and run a few Ubuntu server VM’s alongside Freenas, and a windows VM as well. I used to try and run things under freenas, but that was just a headache.
  8. Try without XMP... its possible you got really unlucky and the IMC can't handle 3600. Technically, its an overclock, its not guaranteed. Try no XMP and see what happens.
  9. A CPU undervolt can cause ram issues, yes. The IMC (integrated memory controller) is inside the CPU… having more slots populated puts more stress on the IMC. I would reset all CPU options to auto and test again. If you can repeatedly show it to only be one bad RAM stick by taking others out, moving it from slot to slot, and if the issues only happen with that stick, yes that stick is certainly the issue. I would set all CPU voltages to auto tho, with your CPU temps there is no reason to underclock, it’s just adding one more unknown for no real world gain. 75c is pretty cool.
  10. Not a concern at all. PC water loops will never have enough heat in them to cause a failure in this way. You would need to turn a very large % of the water into water vapor for this to be a concern, and if your loop was that hot, your PC would have overheated and melted itself way long before the water started to boil.
  11. This. @Luvs2Splooge A RAID card flashed to IT mode working as an HBA is the best option. I forget which one I have, it’ll be in my dig under my homelab parts.
  12. Its been what way for 2 years? If there is an updated BIOS, update it... Maybe something was finally fixed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. I just saw that as well. This could be the issue... 8x @ 3.0 is still pretty fast though, SLIed cards run at 8x for instance and are "fine". But, OP, have you done a BIOS update..? Good ol AMD can always benefit from a BIOS update.
  14. With a PSU that low powered, I doubt it has a PCIe power header… even if it does, yikes. I’d look at a newer generation card that doesn’t require external power. The PCIe standard allows for 75 watts over the PCIe socket itself. You wouldn’t want to draw any more power then that anyways…. So don’t get anything that needs a 6 or 8 pin PCIe power cable. A 1050 would be a great option if you can find it for a good price.
  15. I don't think you will be able to game like that, no. But you will be able to use them all for desktop, yes. Gaming, as far as I know, all monitors need to be same Hz, or at least if you want to use any version of adaptive refresh assuming your new curved monitor has that.