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  1. I consider 1440p better. I have a 27" one that has g-sync and can do 165Hz It's nicer looking than 1080p, but it's much easier on a gpu than 4k, especially if you want to do 100+ fps gaming without sacrificing much in terms of quality (depending on your gpu and game you're playing)
  2. Wasn't trying to be a dick. Just saying that I don't think there's any way your laptop will be able to work with that monitor.
  3. I looked online and from what I can see there is no using two cables for one monitor. I'm pretty sure it's not possible to essentially divide signal bandwidth between two outputs and have the monitor be able to put them together on the receiving end. I looked online and 3440x1440 @144Hz uses somewhere between 15 and 20 gbps bandwidth. I don't think there's any possible way for your laptop to work with that monitor. Only thing I can suggest is try to find a monitor that has an hdmi 2.1 connection
  4. Would your laptop even have the graphical power to put out 3440x1440 @ 144hz? That's a pretty big demand from what I understand.
  5. Technically if a GPU goes beyond its vram amount it will use your system ram, but really you don't want that at all. Vram is within centimeters of the gpu which is ideal. If it had to use your system ram, you'd get a performance hit, since it's much slower to access your system ram than the onboard vram. Also your system ram which is likely ddr4 is slower speeds than the gpus.
  6. Shooter / Action. No horror.
  7. Can't say. There's no hint or clue about what Valve is planning to do as far as a new VR headset (that I'm aware of). I do have a Valve Index and I do think it's pretty damn nice and legit, though I haven't touched it much lately cause Beat Saber and HL Alyx were the only vr games I have that I like (want to get more but don't know what).
  8. one thing I just thought of, isn't it a case with 4k gaming that the gpu becomes the bottleneck and not the cpu?
  9. A friend of mine has a pc with a 3600 cpu, his gpu being a 1060 6gb. When I built the pc for him he carried over his gpu with the intention of buying a new one when Nvidia had their big launch, but we all know how that went. So he's been stuck with a 1060 and his display is a 4k tv, which needless to say isn't ideal at all for a 1060. I let him use an old 1070 I had to help alleviate things a bit. One of the things he says he plans on doing is buying a 3080ti when it comes out, to which I responded with "good luck on that". Another possibility he's hoping for is the mining bubble officially po
  10. How much you willing to spend, and are you looking for high refresh rate monitors? This one here is one I would strongly consider myself if I was looking to get a free sync monitor. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824012018 it's 27 inches, ips free sync premium with 170hz
  11. No clue. I'm better at figuring out problems when I have direct access to the pc. Only thing I can think of is if you can access the bios then try downloading new bios from the motherboard manufacturer and updating the bios. You will need a usb and another pc to download the file.
  12. in that case could be a graphics card related issue. taking it out and putting it back in / checking all cables going to and from it is only thing I can suggest. Other than that, if you have another gpu or can borrow one to see if it is the gpu that's the problem.
  13. ctrl+f on the list and searching crucial only showed 3 results and none of them was the same model number. realistically speaking I do think there's still a good chance it could work, but it's safer to search for something that is listed as compatible.
  14. I tried searching the model number on this list and it didn't come up. https://storage-asset.msi.com/file/test_report/TR10_2548.pdf
  15. what kind of pc is it? prebuilt, custom? what all parts does it have. fans turning on but nothing else could potentially be a motherboard issue. Could try taking ram sticks out and putting them back in, sometimes something as simple as that works, or putting them in different slots. Could try resetting the Cmos. Some motherboards have a button on them, but if yours doesn't I believe resetting the cmos requires unplugging your psu power cable/turning it off as well, removing the motherboard battery and then holding down the power button on pc for 10 seconds.