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    keeper of the magical rowenta space heater
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    commonwealth in the former soviet banana republic of belgium
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    Breaking stuff, to make it better.
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    Microsoft Certified Ass..ociate.
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    Free as the wind.


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    Ryzen 7 5800x
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    32GB DDR4 3200 (corsair vengeance LPX)
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    asus GTX970 strix
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    Fractal Design Define R5 (black, no window)
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    2TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2
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    corsair RM750
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    2x BenQ BL2420PT, Dell UP2414Q
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    Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black
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    corsair K95
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    logitech MX master 2S
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    hyperx cloud | pioneer vsx-c300 | PE HSV 40T
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    MSX brickware edition.
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    Asus ZenBook flip 15 | Asus transformer book T101HA

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  1. i thought you dragged me back into an old thread for a second there here we go: the limit for anything you host out of your house is very simple: only for your direct friends. It's safe to assume that as long as you dont completely blow up your map, or arent 'the popular kid' in school (at which point.. those people arent your friends...) anything that is 2nd gen core i-something or better will suffice for vanilla and most modpacks. however... if you're planning on essentially opening this thing up to the public (eg. advertise it on mcforums, etc.)
  2. check smart data on the HDD, particularly read/write/seek error rates are something that comes to mind. past that, ye old standard troubleshooting step: open cmd as administrator and type: sfc /scannow something you can also try is to clear explorer's cache, i see your windows install is in spanish (?) so it'll be a bit of pointing and paraphrasing... - on the left in explorer you have a bunch of categories, the topmost one is 'quick access'. right click quick access, and click options. (options should translate fairly well..) - you get a popup menu, al
  3. i'm not sure how the forum rules stand on discussing how to emulate consoles.. so on that front i'll just say "google is your friend, there's only 2 or 3 options for DS anyways" past that, your pc will have no issues at all with DS, it's only WII, 3DS, and later stuff that's really heavy to run.
  4. from experience with building home servers in cases from prebuilts: if it's not 'for the sake of doing so' (for the joy of case modding, for the looks, for the "wife factor", etc.) it's a god awful terrible idea. past that: - what's the sort of storage capacity you have in mind? - do you want something with an SSD cache of sorts? (maybe run services off the SSD cache rather than off spinning rust - how well versed are you in the vareous software solutions? (windows/linux/freenas/unraid/ whatever applications you want to run on top of them) - mind ellaborating a
  5. i hate to be the manjaro-bashing guy again, but this has been my experience with manjaro for as long as i've used it, and i've used it A LOT... it may be rock solid at first (note "may"), but it never lasts... and the reason that is described in the past term, is because i decided to be sensible and use one of the *buntu flavours, because those tend to work.
  6. that seller is either unaware of today's GPU market, or scamming you.
  7. status update on my download of MS flight simulator 2020


    after 24 more hours of downloading (for a total of 30-ish hours) i'm now at about 60%, with approximately 7 hours remaining on my download.


    the reason why i'm not entirely optimistic about that, is because i also did the math 6 hours ago, and at that point i had 7.5 hours remaining on the download...


    welcome, to download simulator 2020.

    1. manikyath


      my new download speed is 3 fucking megabit...


      i'm literally using more bandwidth watching starship SN15 not take off than i'm using bandwith to download this fucking game...

    2. Cyberspirit


      That game's download is atrocious. It downloads everything one by one and unpacks them one by one as well. Even though I have pretty good internet speeds and it's on an SSD it still took like 8 hours to get it.

    3. manikyath


      1 minute ago, Cyberspirit said:

      That game's download is atrocious. It downloads everything one by one and unpacks them one by one as well. Even though I have pretty good internet speeds and it's on an SSD it still took like 8 hours to get it.

      i've got 200 megabit download speed from my ISP, getting 12 in the darn downloader, and had around 4 all afternoon today...

      from the look of things a total of 36 hours of downloading is going to be the net total on this one...


      in hindsight, this afternoon's horrible performance was probably because BELNET (one of our 3 major service providers) has endured "the biggest cyber attack in belgian history", but as of yet none of our lame arse news outlets have managed to actually put a number behind that statement.. (from my experience with BELNET.. you dont need much to make them kneel...)

  8. 3 fans into a single LNA, or each fan it's own LNA? also, how do the fans' power specs compare to noctua's? if you're running multiple fans, or fans with a notably higher power draw, off one LNA, it'll heat up more.
  9. quick dig trough my archives: - OpenTTD - AoE2 conquerors - SuperTuxKart (may run fine, dont know requirements off the top of my head) - rollercoaster tycoon 3 - sims 2 - 'transport giant' may actually end up working on your old banger.. (it sure as hell doesnt on a modern pc) - Anno 1404 (set to absolute minimum settings it runs pretty much anywhere) essentially, look at games released before when your pc was made, chances are if they're more "casual" titles, they'll run perfectly fine on your system.
  10. if it's just for the sake of having as many drives connected to a single system as possible (they dont need to be in any sort of raid array, right?) i'd just get whatever cheapest motherboard that still has 6 or 7 pcie slots, and cram it full with cheap sata HBA cards.
  11. if you have it, you may as well try it... worst that can happen is that your temperatures are horrible.
  12. you screwed up. find a replacement display, and put a new display in.
  13. i've seen turning usb ports on/off trough the BIOS, but i've never seen a software level toggle for usb ports...
  14. it's a matter of preference, really. for stuff like your GPU, there's often a 'measurable' difference in performance, especially for newer hardware. for laptops with fn key keyboards and 'special' trackpads, it's often best to get the manufacturer's drivers, because it's not uncommon for those to just straight up not exist trough windows update. but for stuff like usb controllers, audio, etc... usually its not worth the hassle to do the manufacturer drivers.