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    keeper of the magical rowenta space heater
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    commonwealth in the former soviet banana republic of belgium
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    Breaking stuff, to make it better.
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    Microsoft Certified Ass..ociate.
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    Being proud about hating my job, apparently.


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    Ryzen 7 5800x
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    32GB DDR4 3200 (corsair vengeance LPX)
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    asus GTX970 strix
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    Fractal Design Define R5 (black, no window)
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    2TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2
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    corsair RM750
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    2x BenQ BL2420PT, Dell UP2414Q
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    Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black
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    logitech G512
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    logitech MX master 2S
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    hyperx cloud | pioneer vsx-c300 | PE HSV 40T
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    MSX brickware edition.
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    Asus ZenBook flip 15 | Asus transformer book T101HA

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  1. today i learned: the world record for pencil sharpening, for the category 10 pencils drillless was beaten.

    the record went from 2 minutes 21 seconds to 2 minutes 3 seconds.


    today i also learned: there's 34 people who bothered with submitting a run, one of which took 7 hours.


    it seems so ridiculous that i sort of feel inclined to get involved.. except that appareantly bog standard pencils are unexpectedly expensive... as it turns out, it's cheaper to order a box of "promo material print your logo on a pencil" pencils, than it is to just order a box of pencils.

  2. here's a protip to save more than 3 cents per day: - turn down your display backlight - dim the lights - put on an extra sweater in wintertime - dont have an RGB backlit keyboard - actually learn to power off your pc like a sane person (i'm the worst example at this one...)
  3. i've got a G512, because somehow the model *with* a wrist rest wasnt available in azerty layout (wtf logitech..) i got the kingston hyperx wirst rest, because it was in stock, and i'm very happy with it. https://www.hyperxgaming.com/belgium/en/keyboards/keyboard-accessories/wrist-rest the cloth gets a bit soggy after a few months, but it's the kind of fabric that pulls tight with a bit of hot water, and it doesnt hurt to clean your peripherals every so often
  4. for any theoretical difference there may be, at this level of power supply it's neglible. also, to make a point about how little it matters between a decent 80+ gold and 80+ titanium.. it's in the singular percent range.
  5. this. although my preference is oracle virtualbox, or microsoft HyperV, over VMWare player. only issue you may encounter (and honestly, even with going bare metal, because of how XP era games did GPU detection) is that games will probably throw a fit about the GPU not supporting the right modes. if it's for retro gaming, i'd suggest digging around for 'old but functional junk' on second hand websites.
  6. 1: i think there's some checkbox somewhere to enable proton on non-validated games 2: proton validation off memory.. that's my guess at least.
  7. i more so meant that as "from the support pages' perspective it doesnt exist". they literally dont mention any keywords anywhere i could find... as for the netflix side.. all i can say is "why does this not surprse me"....
  8. protip: your downloads folder should be empty ether way. either you put the files where they belong, or you put them in the bin. you'd be amazed how much space you can save just by tidying up.
  9. - it depends on the featureset of the TV's apps and personal preference. - it depends on the featureset of the TV's apps and personal preference. - from netflix's own support page: windows 10 app, MS edge, safari on macOS, along with some supported devices. - amazon's support is garbage, from what i can figure out from there, HDR isnt a thing in general. - if you're watching from the native TV app, sound doesnt go back to your pc, unless you set up some sort of line in towards the pc, but that's going to introduce a whole bunch of latency. and YES, it is a VERY notic
  10. because 100 volume settings is utterly useless, other than for the sake of expressing volume in "percent".
  11. manikyath

    Dry ice OC

    tbh.. at that level, just have a clump of dry ice squeezed to the cpu... EDIT: PS, dont expect temperature to make a darn difference on that sort of CPU.
  12. manikyath

    Dry ice OC

    you cant "submerge" something in dry ice -- as the name implies, it doesnt form a liquid. no liquid, means no submerging. also, pooring ice all over a motherboard seems a rather poor attempt at trying to cool it.. if it's a short term experiment, i'd just find one of those pin style heatsinks, zip tie it to the board, and upside-down can of air duster it down to the negative temperatures. i assume since it's a soldered cpu it's relatively low power?
  13. here's why i will NOT be buying a framework laptop:



    It's not about what is in this screenshot.. it's about what isnt.


    i wouldnt even be that upset if an azerty layout keyboard was a $150 add-on, but some people are just invested in a layout that isnt US english, and dont want to switch.


    the fewer companies realise this, the louder i'm gonna get about the companies that do care.


    it shocks me that the only company doing custom double-shot keycaps in AZERY is a freaking texas-based company...


    at some point.. just give me transparent keycaps, and stickers i can replace every 6 months.

  14. the cpu you have should be fine enough for most games still... it might be worth just checking if the cpu cooler is still on there solid, wouldnt be the first time i fixed someone's gaming performance by pushing an intel stock cooler back on...
  15. it's normal for a UPS to get fairly warm, they've got a big phatt 50/60Hz transformer inside them, i suppose the heat could have a fun reaction with the 'new plastic' smell... they dont create *that* much heat, they just dont vent the heat very well either, that's the biggest reason for the temperature. as for the buzzing... depends how loud it is, the transformer will make a bit of a 'hum', but it shouldnt be notably loud unless it is quite poorly constructed, especially when running from mains. all i can say about cyberpower UPSes is that they seem too cheap for