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    Tamesh16 reacted to arothunder for a status update, I'm back at it again to give an update on my Ryzen 3600 build. For those who haven't   
    I'm back at it again to give an update on my Ryzen 3600 build. 
    For those who haven't seen my last post, I started buying my pc parts, starting with my Ryzen 3600 and my Gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard.
    So I just learn something today, I know I have to update my BIOS for my ryzen, but just today, I realize my motherboard has a Ryzen 3000 ready sticker on it. As far I know, when you have a motherboard that has the sticker on it, it should have the updated BIOS just for the ryzen 3000 compatible firmware. I could be wrong, I learned it from reddit.
    Also, my case came in last week, and my storage drive, and my power supply  just arrive today as well, I have ab pic to show to everyone. My ram is soon to follow the next day and the next following is my gpu (I'll make sure to take a pic with all of my part together and assemble). Unfortunately, I originally planning to buy a gtx 1660 ti but due to budget constraints I had to switch my gtx 1660 ti for a non ti. I know performance won't make a big difference, but it kinda sucks to lower your cost when you're in a tight budget. But at least I have gpu.