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  1. I got a usb hub as a gift, but it was usb type 3 and required a separate power adapter, My old pc only had one usb port, but I upgraded soon after to my current laptop with two usb a and 2 type c, so I just ended up never using it
  2. oh okay, I was worried it was a problem on my end, never seen a malicious redirect before now, hopefully they figure out how to fix it soon
  3. I tried to open the links to incognito and it seems to work there, but only if I connect my vpn (I use Expressvpn), not sure what is going on here, never experienced this before
  4. I was looking at reviews for the new ROG phone, and they included an ESS Quad DAC, so i decided to look it up, but anything to do with ESS technologies and their dac redirects me to some weird pharmacy site, is this normal, or is this some sort of malware?
  5. ohh okay, you were right, I remembered Mini LED, And thanks for bringing up FRC I had never heard of this before, it could very well be a technique rather than true 12 bit, but we shall have to wait and see
  6. I just saw this, I know micro LED has been a thing for a while, with apple I believe first using it on their products, but the 12 bit colour really hooked me. I was looking for 12 bit panel not too long ago, to only see high ends have 10 bit and even then the recommendation was a good 8 bit panel is better and much cheaper than getting an expensive 10 bit. Is 12 bit going to make 10 bit more common ? As a photographer using a 6 bit panel, I am hoping 10 bit becomes more accessible as it does help with colours
  7. I still feel like its silly, but I know if I ever use one, I might like it, None of my laptops so far have had touch screens
  8. lmfao, asking the real questions
  9. no no, I still want to know how to become a mod, I am hoping it slips out at some point
  10. My University would spy on all the packets that went through their internet and I lived on campus, so this is one of many reasons to get one, and If it was just normal googling I might be fine with it (even though it still makes me uneasy) I did do banking and legal stuff through the internet so I would definitely need that to be private, I mean some might get a vpn for just the assurance of being safe, but I dont think much of anyone gets it for no reason at all
  11. I was going to say, but I wasnt sure, Samsung Magician that comes with most of their drives have this performance boost thingy that uses your ram to speed up read and write speeds by caching, I never used it though cause I wasnt sure about it
  12. Yeah gotta agree with @Skiiwee29 this a very demanding game
  13. I thought this was just how it works but yeah some tasks become cpu intensive really fast, like warp stabilizer or fixing rolling shutter, and even adjusting anything in colour effects
  14. Yeah Definitely, My note 5 gets very hot, but I figure when I upgrade I probably wont get the same issue
  15. While It might be hard to find data on how the battery handles faster charging in terms of life span, more heat during fast charging isnt good for devices and usually lowers their life spans, thats why IT rooms are usually air conditioned as cool as they can Linus did say before on a WAN show that the heat issue is the main reason he doesnt fast charge, and I agree your phone gets really hot, but in terms of actual data I am unsure