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  1. It wasn't a bad link, just Rick Roll Thought It would be funny I apologize if it was too on the nose
  2. Apple has not really had much favor for gaming, but with apple making the OS, the silicon and device their products should be very efficient. Especially at their targeted audiences like media creators. I am really glad apple is making this type of dive into being better optimized. It also showed on reviews, content creators who usually needed decently powerful computers for high resolution video editing can do it seamlessly on their thin Mac books. Its not perfect but its a nice step
  3. Linus had mostly upkept the idea of being reasonable with being environmentally conscious, I dont think He has made sole videos to Climate change. I honestly dont think there is much value and I am sure he does as well. Other channels cover this well and specific things like excessive crypto mining is not something their content might solve. But he does mention every now and again when applicable, about waste like through Right to repair or Carbon emissions from efficient power supplies and so on when it is necessary
  4. In most laptops unfortunately they run through the integrated graphics regardless, only some laptops have a dedicated switch to handle moving from one to the other. Alex covered it in a review video recently, but I cant remember which one it is at the moment
  5. I am from South America, and I moved to the US. Lets assume it works perfectly, the system is a bit more complicated and I will explain why. In South America, Advertisements that YouTube show are much less and hold less value, as such removing those ads would cause a small dent in the ad reach. Compared to the US where more advertisements are shown with much more value, as such the cost is higher. By value, an example would be like a big brand like Chase banking, compared to ads in south America which can sometimes be overseas brands, but mostly are some random online g
  6. With a 7700hq with TPM 2, its very unfortunate that windows 11 is just right out of reach. I guess its windows 10 until I upgrade
  7. Based on Ifixit's Take on this, I don't think its an easy fix, devices have had this 'rolling shutter' effects for years, but they design them so its less noticeable. For example laptop monitors like mine has higher refresh for the top row of pixels horizontally, so only scrolling while the display is rotated to vertical arrangement would show this rolling effect. Hardly any one would do that and as such notice. They did point out as well, the iPad Air has the display in a different configuration to make the rolling effect only in horizontal mode, which is less used for scrolling. I
  8. Somethings to elaborate on: what model ssd do you have and when/how did you purchase it? for example through ebay or gift from friend etc How do files not show up, after simply copying an item over or through an application where you download games like steam or Origin ? are both true but only for some files? If games dont show up does the application like steam give an error or does the game still run? Have you run Samsung Magician? its a free soft ware, you can download it from here Samsung Magician Software or look it up on their site. It g
  9. I had no idea all the sources were posted on the forums, also surprised at the lack of comments, Great work Team !
  10. Windows 11 might not like that old cheap cpu option
  11. I mean dont go crazy, try to find a rough estimate from online of where the voltage of your CPU should be and work your way towards that slowly while testing stability and you should be fine I dont think there is too much danger from under volting, as it is a trail and error, but still be careful and use small increments That being said, I have never used Trottlestop, but Intel XTU usually resets when your computer crashes if the undervolt is too much and on restart goes back to the preset value so you can do more trails
  12. I would say as a Chemical engineer it is up there with Aerospace, those Fluid Dynamics and Transport Phenomena hit hard, otherwise though the math is fair But most chemical engineers end up working in Chemical plants working along with mechanical and electrical engineers. The hard math only hits you if you end up with minority of doing Research type chemical engineering jobs or pursue higher degree in chemical engineering
  13. Especially given that Direct storage is going to be a thing in the future, It might be a decent investment to go NVME
  14. I was going to say the same, although it can be a bit clunky to take around, for dusting one computer maybe not, but if you see using compressed air a lot or for other uses It could be a benefit
  15. Oh awesome, I have a S21 which I was concerned about initially but their website seems to suggest it will work perfectly fine. I will let you know how it goes