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  1. Yep i completely agree, i have a Note 5 which lost support maybe 2 years ago, and i will likely upgrade next year, so I would have had to own a phone with 3 years without support out of the 6 years of owning it, which is not great, especially since i have missed out on major security and new features, i especially miss OS level dark mode, but yeah an iPhone user doesn't go through this and in a normal phone update cycle of about 5 years, their users are guaranteed use, which even now isn't assured for android also i love the note line, but the new 10 and 11 are a bit too expensive
  2. i am still holding out for alienware, i think their machines are much better than dell and i have had good support for my laptop, but i can see they are slowly taking some of dell practices
  3. i hope you find a solution, i have the same problem with some sheets
  4. i use at as an off site storage, incase of hurricanes or flooding which can happen at any time at least some important data is backed up
  5. all my pictures are backed up there, i figured this would come at some point, but it was great while it lasted
  6. I was wondering if this was happening in that cpu block, but i dont think, but i think with that it brings more places for humidity to form, not only from the tec to the die, but after, as coolish water could move past the cpu as it has finished a task and cause some humidity on the way to the radiator, but a double back would be interesting, where from cool water from radiator, it went to cool side of TEC, then cpu, then hot side of TEC, then radiator, so water temps outside of that main block dont get too cold, but at that point you would need a fluid that doesnt freeze at 0 degrees cause th
  7. Another thing is the response, i dont know how the system is set up in that cpu mount, but the copper base acts as a delay for the TEC is get up to the required heat transfer, which was one of the main problems last time, but i knew Alex figured the cooling would be instant because he had a general purpose PID control, but that can only be so fast , but yeah that PID just increased voltage to the device with higher temps, so it usually just went to max as soon as a load was on, rather than account for any of the particular voltage response
  8. @tikkerrecently got a Rode NT-USB Mini, which seems to be decently good for a small usb mic, if that interests you
  9. i should create an app to track it (also i clicked the wrong image and had to reupload lol)
  10. Nah i think i got you beat, this puppy runs on socket P i hear in cinebench R20 it could pull a score of 2000 /1000 In single and Multicore !
  11. My mean comment for Linus would be my very first impression of him when i was like 12-13, i clicked a random video and thought 'why is this weird guy with earrings and spiky hair telling me about cpu cache'
  12. This is a specific topic, if you would like insight from 'Displays' Subforum click the link below and create a topic and submit it into the subforum https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/42-displays/?do=add
  13. i had to go for TCL 40S325 40 Inch 1080p even though i had extra budget space, they spent the rest on free shipping to get a tv fast 40 bucks for tax and free shipping lol they need their sleep time stories
  14. So a bit of a weird request, my parents bedroom television broke, so they just want a cheap replacement Ideally not smart since they have a fire stick they use on it and that might be work to figure out even, but its not deal breaker cause they just need to figure out how to get to the firestick and it doesnt have to be high resolution 1080p is fine, because its just stuff they put on to fall alseep to I have never bought a TV before so if you have suggestions so i could get them something so they get the most for their money that would be great ! so far the TCL 40S325 40 Inch