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  1. Yeah Definitely, My note 5 gets very hot, but I figure when I upgrade I probably wont get the same issue
  2. While It might be hard to find data on how the battery handles faster charging in terms of life span, more heat during fast charging isnt good for devices and usually lowers their life spans, thats why IT rooms are usually air conditioned as cool as they can Linus did say before on a WAN show that the heat issue is the main reason he doesnt fast charge, and I agree your phone gets really hot, but in terms of actual data I am unsure
  3. Apparently not, and even the orange and chocolate flavor isnt as well, because when I bring up Terry's Chocolate orange No one usually knows what it is, But I know its quite common in the UK, also I make Ice cream for fun sometimes and I made Dark chocolate and orange Gelato and no one around me at the time knew of that flavor before, it blew their mind
  4. It has worked a couple of times, I don't mind it
  5. Yeah for the price its definitely the best all rounded cpu for that price, on the intel side you might get similar clock speeds with less cores but if its not too urgent, a 5600g might come out later for abit lower price
  6. You can try using Magician that comes with your ssd to boot off of your 970 evo, to see if you can atleast boot from that also I think your cpu might only be able to supply 4 pcie lanes for storage, which is taken up by the one drive, I could be wrong though, cause you should have additional lanes to the chipset but i think that might just be for Sata and other longer pcie connectors
  7. I just tested it again, and it was 0 watts both ways, with wifi only and wifi and ethernet, so it could just be that the ups is probably not really accurate
  8. The router is plugged into the UPS which shows the power draw, the wifi is always in use, without any ethernet cables in the router the power shows 0 watts on the ups screen and 5 watts when ethernet is plugged in. The router is the only thing plugged into the UPS and it can only show Integers
  9. So I recently upgraded my Internet from 1.5 to 20 Mbps down and since I live in a underdeveloped country I get regular power outages so I also got an APC UPS which has a built in watt meter, If I use wifi only the power shown is 0 watts, so something very small (there is no decimal on the screen) and when I connect ethernet it pulls 5 watts, or at least that is what is shown. Just wondering why that is so much more. It is just a standard looking box nothing special, just the box the ISP provided. It is Gigibit ethernet and I am using a cat 5e cable
  10. When you said Noctua build, I though you just meant you had all noctua fans, but you went all out, also that sounds so weird, but cool at the same time
  11. Linus mentioned this on the WAN show on Friday, that although it probably isnt illegal, its very immoral and hence why its still in essence a scam, he also mentioned he was going to include defrauded in the title, but since it probably isn't illegal he couldnt, and used scam because it has little legal meaning
  12. Thats great, hope all else went well with the build !
  13. I had no idea, though it was similar to 32 and 64 bit, thanks for responding, and thanks for asking OP
  14. Yep i completely agree, i have a Note 5 which lost support maybe 2 years ago, and i will likely upgrade next year, so I would have had to own a phone with 3 years without support out of the 6 years of owning it, which is not great, especially since i have missed out on major security and new features, i especially miss OS level dark mode, but yeah an iPhone user doesn't go through this and in a normal phone update cycle of about 5 years, their users are guaranteed use, which even now isn't assured for android also i love the note line, but the new 10 and 11 are a bit too expensive