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  1. Most driving courses instruct you to check mirrors every 5 seconds.
  2. I use cash quite frequently as some of my income is paid in cash. Easier to spend a couple hundred dollars than going to an atm. I won $150 in cash from a lotto last week, bought $140 of groceries today. Gave my nephew $50 bill for his birthday. Gave my son the change from groceries for his piggy bank, he learns how to count and saves money for his games. It'll be a long time before we abolish cold hard cash, at least 20 maybe even 50 years. On the other hand, 98% of my transactions are paperless. The pandemic has helped coax several of my customers into using digita
  3. I rarely have a desktop to look at or need to tweak a ui. I rotate my wallpapers out every once and a while, my work computer usually has a nice verticalmag calendar of the month. My gaming system I slapped Win10 on and can't even pick a wallpaper, don't care, game is running. I always shut off my monitor to save power. Edit: I totally forgot about my laptop startup sound, it's a jet engine starting but I usually mute it now.
  4. They do a great job of claiming that the metal price doubling should equate to the finished product doubling in price even though the product contains only a small amount of the metal. It never goes the other way though for some reason?
  5. Bullshit numbers made for investors. They listed a year ago low point versus todays high point, not averaged so ya, the gains look huge but they're not as the prices still fluctuate on the daily. The article is really focused on rare metals but throw tin and copper in there for comparison. I have no doubt there is a strain on some products and limited quantities available but it'll either run out completely or someone will find an alternative. Corporations are looking for any excuse to squeeze and as soon as one supplier does, everyone else
  6. Greed and stupidity has ruined the headphone market. Quality has dropped across the board and prices have skyrocketed. Pretty much happened when Beats came out with their weighted low end speakers that caught on with the bass=good quality misconception. I recently went to purchase a couple of wired mid tier headphones for field/studio work. There's nothing for under $100 that sounds decent, you need to spend hundreds of dollars for proper quality and it's uncalled for.
  7. Seems like normal multitasking, the drives are holding you back a little.
  8. Was the scam the art? Banksy showing off how dumb people are again?
  9. The last update screwed around with our systems also. Weird print spool shenanigans. Seems like some type of access user level bug. My IT pals had a hell of a time, had to virtually access each machine, some incompatibility with our multi layered mess of a network. Just keep smashing keys.
  10. Someone nailed it earlier, you can't force people to buy a phone, millions of Americans probably can't even afford a phone. Maybe the government will give away free phones? Muahahahahahaa.
  11. The military has their own systems already but I'm sure starlink could bid on contracts, standalone to consumer network. There's already a bunch of sat tracking options for commercial use and other technologies like that available, Malay air didn't spend on it.
  12. These are hot dogs. Put them on a bread and you have a sandwich.
  13. Uh, no they did not invent satelite internet.
  14. Have a look at the system requirements for Win10. Now, see how many computers are running Win10 that aren't on the "supported" list. Just because it's not listed doesn't mean it won't work.