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  1. I much prefer the ray tracing settings in warzone vs rt off. There is a performance hit but not enough for my 75hz monitor to notice. Now they have dlss on top of that and I'm getting enough for 144hz on my crappy 2060 at 1080p. Nothing about GPUs is a value these days and none of the manufacturers will care until they stop moving product again.
  2. Omg, everybody buy more security products. /sarcasm. PetSmart and mypillow will be lining up for this data. Seriously though, it's a nice reminder that your data is essentially public domain for sale to the highest bidder.
  3. That's normal temps but what is loud?
  4. First, what are the temps and which fans are loud? Verify that the case fans are setup to provide proper airflow and make sure there is nothing blocking the case.
  5. More space invaders? Was it running 247 or just a couple hrs/day? It's a strange failure mode but I'm hoping it's repairable.
  6. Ya, it looks like they're leaving it up to the individual apps to do their own remapping or you can buy a Microsoft kbm, but no one wants to do that. I haven't tried sharpkeys as the apps I use have their own custom setup but they popped up in google so maybe worth a try.
  7. Did you try the Microsoft mouse and keyboard center?
  8. Call your original provider and have them enable it, fee of course. Mail the Sim to home country and have someone relay to you. They might be able to setup sms to go to email too. In the future, when traveling to foreign countries, always check ahead for communications compatibility. If they don't have a network in the country, there is nothing they can do.
  9. Sounds update related. Make sure updates aren't going on in the background then check the usb drivers and kb drivers. Try another USB port. Update windows again.
  10. They can't keep them in stock, I'd say it's good enough. It looks great and no doubt performs better than the crap I'm using now.
  11. Nfts are so five weeks ago, I'm sure they'll have some new and wacky ways of creating hype with epic at the helm.
  12. Sounds like a driver problem, make sure the old drivers are cleaned out, ddu seems to work for some and reinstall new drivers. Maybe a bios update is required and double check that the pcie slot is configured properly.
  13. Do you have a second slot to try the gpu in? If not, try gpu in another machine or try another gpu in yours.