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  1. OK, so Telegram is distributed as a Tarball, which IMO are a bit of a pain to setup. The easier option would probably be to setup Flatpak and use that for installing and using Telegram. https://flatpak.org/setup/Debian/ Follow this guide for setting up Flatpak and Flathub, then getting Telegram, Discord, etc. should just be flatpak install telegram LMK if this works out.
  2. Vanilla Debian usually isn't the best place to start as a beginner, but it's definitely not the worst place. That said, there are a couple questions I have first. First, how did you try installing the apps, via the software center or through the terminal? What DE are you running, IIRC Gnome is default but you could've selected something else during install. What are you trying to install? What files did you try downloading? Screenshots of your errors would also be helpful if you wouldn't mind sending them.
  3. Not a great deal on the system. Personally I wouldn't pay more than $250 for it, but then again I'm cheap and part out systems as a side hustle so take that for what you will. That said, having a dedicated streaming PC in general isn't usually that practical. With the advent of super high core count CPUs and Nvidia's NVENC encoder, streaming off your main rig is usually the best option. That rig will work if you get a capture card and everything, but you're probably better off just upgrading your main rig to something high core count or with the NVENC encoder for the price that yo
  4. Something like a GTX 1060 or 1070 should be plenty to get this rig up to being VR Ready, but for a truly great experience it might be a good idea to upgrade the CPU as well. Depending on your motherboard you can either go for a 5600X (preferred) or if you can't you can go for something like an R5 3600.
  5. If you can, try to salvage an old computer buzzer to try to get some beep codes as to why the board isn't posting. You can sometimes salvage them from old prebuilts, but worst case scenario you can buy them on amazon for under $5. That said, my first instinct is that the PSU died. I can't recall any 350w PSUs made in the last 5 years that were actually pretty good, so it's probably really old and just died, or pretty bad and just died. It's not 100% that, but if you get to the point where you need to swap components that's the first thing I would swap. It's possible that the CPU,
  6. Yes but actually no. There actually 3 different versions of G-Sync. FreeSync - Just a rebrand of the VRR spec for displayport. It's the cheapest for display manufacturers to implement. G-Sync Compatible - The exact same thing as Freesync, just validated to work with Nvidia GPUs. Most Freesync monitors will work on Nvidia cards, but there are a few that have issues. Buying one of these basically guarantees there won't be any issues. There might be some licensing that the display manufacturer needs to pay for to get this sticker which would explain why they're a little mo
  7. Ryzen 6000 is supposed to come out not long after Alder Lake, so it still might be a good idea to wait even if you strictly want to go AMD.
  8. Add in another 8GB stick of RAM - ~$40 Add a 2TB HDD - ~$50 Maybe a new motherboard since IIRC HP have power throttling issues (they might've fixed recently, who knows) - ~$150
  9. https://it.pcpartpicker.com/list/HMRrTJ It's about 30€ over budget, but it should be one hell of an upgrade. 5900X so you've got 12 cores with some of the highest single threaded performance out now, so you can run a lot of VMs off it. 32GB of RAM, I would have preferred it to be faster but I was really trying to fit a 5900X in there so some concessions had to be made. Very well rated 750w PSU so you won't have to upgrade it as long as you aren't gonna get like a 3090. The motherboard isn't the greatest, but it should be enough as long as you aren't overclocking like crazy.
  10. A 550w PSU is enough for that config given that it's of a high enough quality. Doing some quick and dirty research on that unit, supposedly it doesn't provide the cleanest of power for your components, so unless you're getting a really good deal on it I'd probably go for something a bit more well-rated. It's probably not gonna blow up and take anything with it, but it's something to be mindful of.
  11. The 5700G's APU competes more with the GT1030 than with the GTX 960. Keep your current card and run it and get a 5800X instead.
  12. There are splitters available, just get one of those if all your stuff doesn't connect fully.
  13. I forget the exact reasons why, but it is possible that the dongle has noticeably less latency than Bluetooth. They may both be over the 2.4GHz band, but the protocol used by those dongles is usually lower latency than Bluetooth which is known for its very high latency. Engineers/anyone who knows what they're talking about feel free to correct me or add to what I said if I'm somehow right on the money.
  14. yup. If it has an internet connection and can use a USB drive, it'll work.
  15. You're supposed to download on another device like a laptop, spare computer, even an Android phone will work if you have the right adapter. It might work out of the box, most boards now do ship with Ryzen 5000 series BIOS preloaded, but in the off-chance it doesn't, you need to get another computer to download the file and put it on the flash drive.