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  1. Man... for personal use I just can't see myself spending for a new car at all though. But yeah political pressure > entertainment huh.
  2. Well many are fighting for the same fab too. Not sure about the 'mistake' part though.
  3. Well, I'm pretty sure most buy used older car and those buying new and expensive cars are a drop in the ocean though. I get modern cars needs this stuff, I find it funny like some priority though.
  4. Yeah definitely skip VA one it's worse. While TN is the faster tech, modern fast IPS are very good so yeah get that one.
  5. It's an awesome phone. Yeah it's expensive and came just now, though it is a pro targeted device of it's consumer version.
  6. It's possible it's probably just out. It's on some etailer stores too for pre-order. https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/980-pro-pcie-4-0-nvme-ssd-2tb-mz-v8p2t0b-am/
  7. Right, that's all on your though, how much capacity/speed you need and do you need it soon.
  8. Yeah I guess best to buy what you will use now, can always upgrade in the future. You should check 980 Pro reviews and other competitors and decide what fits you.
  9. Any workload that can use high throughput like work with video, export, and such. Unless you copy hundreds of GBs every day and do said workflows you may not need it.
  10. Well yeah, that's a copy. If you work on the faster main drive, that's the idea for it's use.
  11. It's a great drive, depends how heavy use you are and what workflow. This gen the Pro variant is cheaper than in general. So depends on you.
  12. Ooh, as someone with low blood sugar, this would be quite neat. If it ends up in next Galaxy Watch and it's shown to work well and be precise, might get one really. Never even cared about smartwatches though but hey this would be great.