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  1. It looks unfinished, though I want to see more. Are settings, control panel unified, made better that it's less clicks and more intuitive to get to things you search for. Is dark theme present everywhere where it was lacking. Etc.
  2. True, that depends on person to person how much they will feel fine with for now. Laptops only ship with SSDs for a while now. PCs all have SSDs too as boot, some addition HDD but yeah. Hopefully not lower quality SSDs for cheaper in future, but proper quality with lower price.
  3. I mean yeah, if you need multi TB storage now HDD is there and will be fine. Though 1TB SSD now is fairly well priced. We'll get there.
  4. Yeah I know, I'm sure they'll have their space in enterprise and some cold storage. But yeah, we've seen multi-actuator HDDs as well as hybrid to aid in speed.
  5. I know, but in consumer space it's really SSD only now who ever is buying a PC or laptop. Most are fine with like 1TB or so. These super high capacity HDDs will be more server space and such.
  6. Cool and all, but for consumer space really SSDs are a thing so cheaper with higher storage over time is what matters.
  7. I'm looking to get a custom mechanical keyboard, don't really mean building one myself with parts, but the online builder configurator choosing size, switches, layout, language legends, keycaps and such. I've looked up some sites and so far I'm looking at wasdkeyboards site which seems solid with options. They also offer my own language legends which is neat. Their pricing for a custom configured keyboard is modest too. What I've been looking for: Size: TKL Layout: ISO Switch type: Linear (Cherry MX Speed Silver) Bonus options: LEDs: White
  8. So many companies hacked lately eh.
  9. Neat, excited to see next gen SSDs from them. I'd like to see them release their Z-SSD for consumers too.
  10. Some of those were funny. Sucks it got released buggy, but oh wow do all games... Still for me it plays well and I haven't noticed too many bugs that made it unplayable, which I definitely did in other games so. As long as they continue working on the game, improving it all good. Game is nice and has a potential to be better.
  11. Eventually you need to clean the cloth pad and they can't last forever. Maybe search for synthetic ones that are like hybrid pads and spill resistant and what not, they're more durable. Just one of the reasons I use glasspad.