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  1. I got myself NeueChair lately it's fully mesh and adjustable, great quality too. It's awesome.
  2. True, though W10 will be supported for a while and will also get DirectStorage as 11 even though 11 will be better overall.
  3. Maybe, but still odd to see polarizing outcry with W10 upgrade/update and W11 upgrade now though. You can use offline local account.
  4. As for VM aside. Still confused about 'outrage' about this remembering how so many were vocal to not upgrade to 10 or even basic updates yet for 11 it's like everyone needs it immediately huh. Then again those with older PCs no super reason to really need it and those with newer PCs and those buying a new one will get it with no hassle.
  5. Seems great. The subscription thing is confusing. 4K 120fps HDR is awesome.
  6. Well that's neat, future will be very interesting in CPU and GPU space.
  7. It all depends, though software be it games, videos and such definitely is getting larger and SSDs are more pricey vs HDD GB/$ too. The 'everyday use' really can mean a lot of things to different people. Maybe a general or a casual user would be a better fit. Those maybe needing up to TB at most for example and some say that just use phone use storage they have and use Cloud for everything.
  8. Definitely not. Depends, some just, surf the web... I mean anyone gaming or saving stuff, work, TBs is quite common. I easily can use 5TBs+ and should we add that a single modern game can take 100s of GBs yeah and on top of that SSDs being the go to adds price.
  9. I'd expect for final release that there's simply 'check all' tick option as you'd expect in Windows options. Really I find Edge great, it really flies.