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    Origami, VR, computers, TF2, 3D models
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    r7 3700x
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    ASUS X470-i
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    32gb 3200mhz Gskill Trident Z
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    Zotac 1080ti Mini
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    Sharkoon C10 ITX
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    8tb HDD, 4tb SSD
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    Corsair SFF 600w Platinum
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  1. The intel one would probably be better. Any reason that you can't use the r5 3600 instead?
  2. Ok, i don't care too much about the microsoft store and setting sync, but the downloading stuff part sounds kinda annoying. I'll stick with win 10 pro for now i guess. Win 10 workstation doesn't seem too different from pro, so i don't care much about it too.
  3. Interesting. From just looking at it briefly, it seemed to function fine, but ill take your word for it.
  4. I've heard that windows server is more secure etc than the normal consumer windows, but it is still useable as an normal everyday operating system. I currently run win 10 pro, but i have a key for the windows server 2019. So should i use that instead of the windows pro?
  5. before. Some people already have nvidia 3000 gpus at their hands for testing.
  6. Nvidia benchmarks on their official slides were performed on an i9 cpu, meaning they were tested on pcie 3. If pcie 4.0 changed so much about the performance, they would have tested on pcie 4 hardware. Also pcie 4.0 is not that much faster, only 2x. But just wait for the benchmarks if you really worry that much about it.
  7. PCIE is backwards compatible, the 3070 will work fine in your pcie 3.0 motherboard.
  8. Quote

    "The more you buy, the more you save!"




    I dislike Lenovos pricing. On the one hand, the pricing for the bottom laptop is bloody marvelous. On the other hand, Why is the first laptop basically the same price? Shouldn't it be like 400€ cheaper?

    They really trying to push a certain pricepoint huh.

    1. CircleTech


      This is a common tactic done in marketing to create the illusion the product they want you to buy is “better value”. Ex: I go to a movie theater and the 16oz bucket of popcorn is $10, but the large bucket of popcorn is 48oz for $12. The theater wants you to buy the larger bucket of popcorn, so the marketing department creates a smaller one to manufacture greater value in the larger one.

      You see this in software all the time too. The website will have a bunch of monthly subscription tiers with the “best value” being the second choice, while the super expensive tier gives you only a tiny bit more, and the slightly cheaper tier gives you way less. I would have to guess Lenovo is pushing everyone to the Ryzen 7 version of this laptop by making it only slightly more expensive.


      But who will buy the Ryzen 5 laptops then? Probably corporate customers. They can come to Lenovo and tell them we need 10 thousand of these laptops for our employees, please give us a discount, and Lenovo will do that for them.

  9. They look fine for phone pics imo. If you want better quality use the 48mpix sensor, otherwise they look totally useable imo
  10. Sir, are you a bot? Please take the following test:
  11. What is going on over here? He is not running a threadripper 3990x, 550w is perfectly more than enough for the rtx 3070 and even 3080. B450's PCI-E 2.0 support??? What? It has PCIE 3.0 the last time i checked, so no bottleneck here. No it won't be. These guys just don't know what they are talking about. But as always, wait for the release, maybe the 3070 needs PCIE 4.0 for some new and fancy feature? (most probably pcie 3.0 16x will still work fine tho)
  12. 7200rpm, 2.5inch, inside a laptop. A perfect trifecta for a failure. Personally i would use a QLC ssd instead of an hdd inside a laptop. But if you don't shake your laptop etc, then maybe the wd black will survive for 5 years. laptop
  13. So, if my 1080ti has 3584 CUDA cores at 1811mhz, does that mean that the 3080 with its over 8000 cores will be over 2x faster at normal games? Does it mean finally 4k 60fps gaming?