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    Origami, VR, computers, TF2, 3D models
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    r7 3700x
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    ASUS X470-i
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    32gb 3200mhz Gskill Trident Z
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    Zotac 1080ti Mini
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    Sharkoon C10 ITX
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    8tb HDD, 4tb SSD
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    Corsair SFF 600w Platinum
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  1. Not my PC, but it will be used for multiple VM's and coding and stuff like that. But i have to say that i run 32GB in my laptop and desktop and quite a bit of times i get near the 31Gb mark, so the extra 32gb can't hurt.
  2. ok thanks @whm1974 and @Dr0idGh0sT, but I'll just go for 64gb atm, i figured out that even 64gb is kinda overkill, so no need for 128gb, buit ill keep it in mind for the future.
  3. yeah i know. I could get a threadripper 2920x for the same price as the 5750g, but i don't need 256gb of ram ever, and the motherboards are insanly priced for threadripper.
  4. oh okay, what sites, i didn't find any? Maybe the laptop variant can only support 64gb?
  5. @FRSHPRNCFBLR @--SID-- @jj9987 @ShrimpBrime @AndreiArgeanu Thanks guys, that is what i thought. 32GBx1 DDR4 3200 CL16 DIMMS are just so cheap, that is why i thought about getting 4 of them, because why not. Motherboard says it supports 128gb. So @Dr0idGh0sT please explain why you said that it only supports 64gb. My brother also found that "fact" somewhere, and im just trying to make sense of it. I know that it has 2x less L3 cache, but that should have anything to do with memory support, on AMD site both 5800x and 5750G say they support dual channel.
  6. I'm talking about the R7 PRO 5750G, one forum member told me that it can only accept 64gb. Where is it written? I didn't see that warning on the AMD website, and just read 4-6 reviews and none of them mentioned that. You would think that were true, they would talk about it? So can someone point me to some evidence of that? Thanks, Origami
  7. Does it really? Where does it say that? I didn't see that anywhere on the AMD site?
  8. All the AMD driver uninstallers and DDU were done in safe mode. It just seems that the microsoft store app is somehow in a limbo where it has been uninstalled, but windows hasn't understood it yet. Im thinking that maybe there would be a way to fix it inside registry editor or something, things like this usually are.
  9. Have tried everything, the official AMD driver uninstaller, DDU, etc, still no progress. Problem seems to be caused by the way AMD sends out their laptop drivers, through the windows store. I have a blank AMD radeon Software, and i can't click on it, can't reinstall it, can't do anything with it. Why is that a problem? I can't access the AMD control panel where all the options are, integer scaling, freesync etc. When i try to manually install AMD drivers they just add a second icon, and they work for a while, before getting overwritten by windows
  10. Some songs you just have to listen too:


    Okay you don't, but they are pretty good, nice to listen before sleep for example



  11. Seems like the USB issue is an MSI issue, so if you want to switch to intel, also don't buy MSI motherboards for that. If you want to use the Motherboard video ports, AMD makes lots of APUS with very powerful graphics cards built in, for very affordable prices, might be worth looking into.
  12. But lets look at this way. Presumably he had an prebuilt intel i5 7400 PC that worked just fine for all these years, then decided to build a brand new pc with an AMD processor and MSI motherboard, and at the same time win 11 came out. If he is not tech sawy, how does he know whose fault it is. He just feels that he switched to AMD and THEN all the troubles began. His intel pc had worked fine for years on end, but suddenly he has dozens of problems, all which require a lot of troubleshooting. So to him it seemed like it was AMD fault, even if it wasn't. As i said, it
  13. https://mynoise.net/


    Really nice website if you are sleeping in a void with absolutely no noises, really helps you sleep/study better. It even has server room ambiance as a choice.

    Also as a bonus, if you need some background noise for a video, works great for that too.

    My favorite sounds:




    Here is a list of all noises:https://mynoise.net/noiseMachines.php

    So if you want to sleep to server hum or the soothing sound of B-17 flying fortress, or maybe just your normal rain with thunder, it is all there.

  14. Welcome back dude, or should I say, clone #1.

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    2. lewdicrous


      Life takes priority.

      Hope you're feeling better now. Good luck with the grind.

    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Yeah, good luck/life for you too!

    4. Schnoz


      1 hour ago, Origami Cactus said:

      Yeah, good luck/life for you too!

      Nice to hear from you again! Hope you're feeling better!