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  1. Agree
    simson0606 reacted to SolarNova in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    I dont think the idea is unpopular, but most certainly the practice itself isnt common.
    "Spend more on your Display than you do on your GPU, as much as 2 times GPU cost"
    Basically the display is THE thing u looking at all the time, there is no point buying a $500+ GPU and then looking at what it produces on a sub $300 display.
    I have a bunch of other non techie related opinions that are most certainly not popular, but they're way to 'spicy' for here
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    simson0606 reacted to Drama Lama in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    I don’t like leather seats especially in cars
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    simson0606 reacted to TempestCatto in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Being cold is better than being warm. You can always add more layers, but there's a limit with how much you can remove.
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    simson0606 reacted to Red :) in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Hawaiian pizza is actually pretty splendid.
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    simson0606 reacted to Mr.Meerkat in Molex connector for 12v is 120mm fan plugged in the wrong way. What could I have damaged?   
    Fun fact: Non-PWM fans changes speed by lowering or increasing the fan voltage. This means that by reversing the molex connector, all it should have done is made the fan spin really slow with no harm to other components. However, the voltage can be too low for some fans to start spinning and if you supply 5V to it for too long, it can overheat the motor and potentially cause damage but chances are, all that would happen is you may need to buy a new cheapo fan. In other words, don't worry about it! 
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    simson0606 reacted to Kilrah in What VR-Headset is the best?   
    I have the opposite experience. My Quest loses tracking less often than my Vive (sold now, Quest is better in every meaningful way). 
  7. Agree
    simson0606 reacted to Arika S in What VR-Headset is the best?   
    Valve index is the "best"
    otherwise i would highly suggest the oculus Quest (just got mine today) 100% wireless operation for a significantly lower cost than the competition is incredible. and now with Oculus Link, it can be used just like a normal desktop headset flawlessly
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    simson0606 reacted to AluminiumTech in Github changes branching terminology.   
    BRB. Lemme just move all my GitHub stuff to GitLab real quick.
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    simson0606 reacted to Brooksie359 in The same SketchUp you love, a new way to buy   
    Scetchup cost money now? I thought it was free and fairly garbage last time I used it in like 2012. 
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    simson0606 reacted to LinusTech in Linus Apple Watch Series 5 Review?   
    This site has a policy of not censoring anything that doesn't breach our community guidelines, but I'm actually getting personally pretty tired of your attitude. 
    You've been making a lot of assumptions about both my company and me personally that are patently false and posting them on this site. I'm not going to address each of them individually, but I will say that I expect some kind of citation for future speculation about things like the finances of my company or how I treat my staff or (on topic) what I'm being paid to do.
  11. Funny
    simson0606 reacted to WereCatf in Rand on "collateral marketing" by LTT   
    You were whining about Linus talking about HDDs costing about $40 and then you link to an HDD that costs about $40? Whoop.
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    simson0606 reacted to tatte in IMHO, "IMHO" is contradictory.   
    I thought it stood for In My Honest Opinion, and your status update pretty much supports that one, as it makes effortlessly more sense.
  13. Funny
    simson0606 reacted to minibois in Warcraft 3 reforged is a complete disaster   
    When you open Gmod for the first time without getting the old Counter Strike textures 
    It's almost as if they didn't do enough ''''crunch time'''' (read as: 12 hour days, 6 days a week)
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    simson0606 reacted to Radium_Angel in Tech Scams...   
    Windows 10.
    Biggest scam of them all
  15. Agree
    simson0606 reacted to IrshaadH in GN: How AMD Sabotages Itself & Its Partners   
    They really need to step up their GPU game. Bring back the days of the 7970!
  16. Funny
    simson0606 reacted to DeScruff in Cooler master gets tired of telling parents about thermal compound, changes tube design   
    I'm imagining this scenario now:

    Mom: Jimmy we need to talk, your father and I are concerned about you using this... "Arctic Silver".
    Jimmy: Oh don't worry Mom I moved onto Thermal Grizzly now!
    Mom: *starts crying* Hes moving to stronger things.
    Jimmy: Well yeah its lot better, and makes everything cooler.
    Mom: JIMMY! Drugs aren't "Cool"!
    Jimmy: ... Wut?
  17. Agree
    simson0606 reacted to minibois in "It's the biggest battery you can get on a plane"   
    This is one of those scenarios where I know all individual words, but don't know how they form to create a full thread
    my person, what are you trying to tell us?
    is this about laptops limiting their battery size to be allowed on airplanes?
    having a universal standard for batteries, having them be removable and then just selling larger batteries would solve this.
    but that is just something no manufacturer would do, it doesn't make financial sense.
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    simson0606 reacted to Delicieuxz in Security updates for Windows 7 ostensibly end tomorrow, but also officially continue until 2023   
    Windows 7 continues to be a solid OS that does pretty much everything Windows 10 does outside of UWP and DX12 requirements. It's more reliable than Windows 10, less bloated, and can be more private. It also has a more functional start menu. I think those are some good reasons.
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    simson0606 reacted to ashinu77 in Arduino CPU Temp monitor on 16x2 LCD   
    Hey everybody,
    Just solved the problem! Thanks for the help anyway. It alternates between CPU and GPU every 2 seconds. And also shows CPU usage all the time at the bottom right of the screen.

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    simson0606 reacted to murph0981 in I found an old pc article   
    So in humanities we have to make a collage of stuff and I found this in a pc magazine article from Christmas of 2007. I found it interesting. I’m holding onto it until 2027 to see if this comes true.

  21. Agree
    simson0606 reacted to minibois in TIL Asoos or Ace-us?   
    In my native tongue I pronounce it as 'Ahh-shush'. As not to confuse it with Acer.
    When talking English, I would pronounce "Ay-Soos".
  22. Informative
    simson0606 got a reaction from Bruno_A in Fujitso S720 Thin Client PCIe expansion   
    The card you have there is a m2 key A wireless card, not a mini pcie card. m2 is slimmer than mini pcie. There even are adapters from mini pcie to m2 key A.
  23. Agree
    simson0606 got a reaction from Selle in Fujitso S720 Thin Client PCIe expansion   
    The card you have there is a m2 key A wireless card, not a mini pcie card. m2 is slimmer than mini pcie. There even are adapters from mini pcie to m2 key A.
  24. Funny
    simson0606 reacted to Murasaki in Reports of Google Stadia overheating and killing Chromecast Ultras   
    problem solved?
    edit:stop reactin plz
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    simson0606 reacted to dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd in YouTube updated Terms of Service coming on December 10.   
    I never clicked agree.  I only tell YT to "Remind me later".  If I keep the same browser session open for several days, eventually (usually after about 5 days) they tell me that I need to review their terms and agree to them "today".  That's usually when I close the browser, which on my PC clears the entire cache, cookies, history, offline data etc.  That resets YT's counter.
    And seeing as I don't have a Google or YT account, I'm not bound to that ToS either.