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  1. Have you tried cleaning the cartridge contacts and also the Game Gear's contact points?
  2. yes trash, better give them to me now ! /s The reason they mention not touching the gold contact points is because those are used as contact points between the RAM and the motherboard. Your skin is naturally oily, which can rub off on these contact and make them not work. If you RAM works, it's fine. You can use a bit of alcohol to clean them if you want peace of mind.
  3. Provided the label on the PSU says it can handle 220V (which it should, it came with a European cable after all), it's just a matter of buying a C13 cable with the appropriate plug on the other end for your power outlet. But again, you shouldn't have to buy a power cable for a PSU you bought new in your region. That cable is something that should've come with the PSU
  4. that's not a question to ask me, that's a question to ask the company you bought it from. they may have bought PSU's intended for the European market. contact the store, but before you do double-check there aren't any other cables in the box.
  5. A ground prong on this style of European plug is only used in some parts of Europe. These parts on the side interface with the grounding parts of the socket: Are you aware if your power socket is actually grounded?
  6. it's a sort of marketing terms of key rollover. Sometimes on keyboards you can't press too much keys down at the same time. Usually keyboards that claim "anti-ghosting" have their matrix set up so most people won't encounter a situation where you press a key and it won't register. entirely personal preference. if at all possible, try out both on a keyboard (for example in a store, if possible).
  7. it's probably just you being used to curved monitors, or just the fact that humans don't have flat eyes that throws off your vision
  8. there is still a good chance the motherboard will have the right BIOS on it, just from my experience some 500-series boards did not yet. depends on how new the stock in the store was.
  9. The 1600X won't work on B550: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/All-series/PRIME-B550M-A/HelpDesk_CPU/ this board as far as I can see doesn't have a feature like BIOS flashback, which would allow you to update BIOS without a working CPU installed. that means it will either work, or not work, in which case you would need access to a working Ryzen 3000 CPU to update the BIOS.
  10. I feel shame for making this pogchamp1080pWM.mp4 only for partially making this. Sources: greenscreened video: https://linustechtips.com/topic/11302-post-linus-memes-here-original-thread-has-returned/page/317/?tab=comments#comment-12597020 other video: https://twitter.com/Peargor/status/1327618996338790400
  11. This isn't the first time I've heard it. Personally I haven't encountered issues with it (on Android).
  12. minibois

    Fan setup

    Yes you can connect them with molex, but they will run at full speeds at all times. I would rather suggest a simple fan splitter. Either going from one connector to two fans (and get two of those) or get a one to three splitter. Examples: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-2-Pack-Way-Splitter/dp/B07PXLHNZ6/ (3 to 1) You actually only need one of those, or two (2 to 1) splitters, but just checking Amazon US it seems like those are mostly unavailable (but that may be because of my location)
  13. ???? your post has been made on the idea of things being better in the 90's/early 2000's ("(circa the turn of the millennia)") And if you're going to say "well movies/games/etc. from then were better" you're basically admitting today is the best time to be alive, because you can experience movies from today, yesterday, 10 years ago, etc. That just sounds like you being a younger person, not thing being different years ago. "normies" definitely took over the internet long before 2009 and there are still a lot of smaller communities of enthusiasts in all subjects out th
  14. Could you explain further? From my perspective it's much easier now that say 10-15 years ago. if I am looking for a community of people now, it's just a as easy as searching a couple terms on my favorite search engine and check out the first couple of results. Those first results are likely a forum, a YouTube channel and maybe a Subreddit (which might have more Subreddits affiliated). From there I can go further or ask my questions in any of those places. Compare that to 10-15 years ago, where many of these forums were still in their infancy and didn't have th