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  1. A vertically integrated seller like EVGA (who is manufacturer, supplier and seller) would change more in their price, compared to a store reliant on a manufacturer and supplier. At the same time, I don't foresee a huge change in price. Just because new graphics cards are coming out doesn't mean the older ones will be free to manufacture. They will still take up raw materials and time in the production schedule of a silicon manufacturer (which is definitely at a high demand at the moment). So it might change a bit still - depending on the MSRP of the new cards - but I don't for
  2. You can't fool me, that is just Hungry Hungry Hippos cosplaying as a 'pizza'! Although for traditional calzone it's pretty typical to have some filling on the top of the crust too.
  3. Corsair fans have two cables coming out of it: PWM: the cable responsible for making the fan spin RGB: the cable responsible for the LEDs in the fan There are multiple ways to go about installing the fans, one of them is using two RGB LED Fan Hubs (which come with a 3-pack of LL120's) and a Node Pro (which comes with a 3-pack of LL120's). You'd connect the RGB wires like so: That of course leaves the PWM wires unconnected though. The Zenith II Extreme has 6 Q-Fan controlled header on the board, so for seven fans you do need a single splitter, but al
  4. InDesign is indeed the 'correct' program to use for any type of printed bookwork. I say 'correct' in quotation marks though, because there are other programs not made for this work, but would still be fit for this use. The reason inDesign is recommend is because of its specific toolset made for printed material, which includes: - Vector based, as opposed to raster (pixel) based, which allows for infinite scaling up/down of graphics (whereas with pixel based objects you can't really upscale without trying to add detail). Of course this doesn't apply when you're importing r
  5. Your case has two USB Type A ports ('normal USB') and one USB Type C port (one of those newer reversible ports). The case's USB Type A ports are 5Gb/s, also known as 'USB 3.2 Gen 1' (previously known as 'USB 3.1 Gen 1' and before that 'USB 3.0'). Your motherboard has the correct connection for these two USB Type A ports on the case (it's the connector just below the 24 pin, on the far right hand side of the board). The USB warning on your PCPP list is regarding the USB Type C port on the case, which can run at 10Gb/s, which is known as USB 3.2 Gen 2 (previously known as USB 3.
  6. DigiKey/Mouser/RS-Component/Newark/Farnell There are quite a few options out there. If you're making a particularly large purchase, or are looking for some more 'special' components, it would definitely be worth it to make up a cart using Octoparts and see pricing/availability across multiple vendors using that website.
  7. 4 pin fans that are essentially 3 pin headers, that's quite strange and something I haven't seen before. a 4 pin PWM fan can still be controlled with voltage control (3 pin), just with a lesser degree of precision than PWM (as in not a smooth curve, but a stair step curve). "NC" stands for "No Connection", so the 4th pin on those 3 pin headers does nothing
  8. It will give video out by default, using the Windows built-in/standard drivers. Once you are in Windows though you'll want to download and install the drivers separately though, for the best performance/stability.
  9. 360p was the highest quality supported for a while, but I remember back in the day people saying stuff like "HQ refers to the audio quality, HD to the video quality" when people complained about "HQ" videos being 360p. Other than resolution, there are other aspects of a video that are important to the quality too, like bitrate and framerate.
  10. Pretty sure it's the MGS 3: Snake Eater main theme: Check out 5:10 and onwards.
  11. My point about M2_1 was that an M.2 SATA SSD wouldn't work in that. You'd need to use M2_3 for a SATA M.2. Because M2_3 turns off SATA 5/6 you'd need to move that drive on SATA 6 to SATA 1. I am assuming that is the type of answer you're looking for, but if it isn't please list the hard drive(s) and SSD(s) in the system you want to connect in the system and what isn't working right now. From your original post I assumed you want to hear "Use M2_3 and SATA 1/2/3/4", but if that wasn't the answer you're looking for, it is unclear what your specific question and problem is.
  12. From the manual: And the M2_2 slot is for WiFi/Bluetooth cards. So only the M2_3 slot (bottom slot) supports M.2 SATA devices. When using that slot, SATA 5 and 6 (top ones) are disabled. So when using M2_3 for your M.2 SSD and SATA 1/2/3/4 (so not 5/6) for your other drive(s), does that work?
  13. IMO the first two (NES and SNES) are in a category of their own, while the next two (N64 and GameCube) are in a category of their own (together with the Wii U Gamepad, Wii classic controller, Wii U/Switch Pro Controller) as controllers with a modern thumbstick design. The Wiimote if a class of its own too, same with the Joycons, although those two do have quite a bit in common. I think those three/four categories of controllers are the distinct types of Nintendo controllers: - Classic D-pad and button controllers - Analog sticks added - Motion control and a clas
  14. 'nintendo oldie' and 'nintendo newie', I am just wondering what would fit in what category? There really isn't one distinct style of Nintendo controller: (And this chart is even omitting some stuff, like the Wii Nunchuk or Classic Controller (Pro), the Wii U pro controller and more). So I am more just curious where you draw the line between old and new here Either way, I have used most of the controllers in the list, it just depends on the system I am playing on. As for PC gaming, I tend to stick to the Xbox One controller, because I have it, it's pretty comfortab
  15. You can use the "Keystroke assignment" to assign scrolling Up/Down to your keyboard's Up/Down arrow keys: You will probably want to up to "Thumb wheel sensitivity" quite a bit, but still at the highest setting it scrolls pretty slowly. Another annoying thing is that when you're in a text box it wouldn't scroll at all. Come to think of it, maybe set it to Page Up/Page Down instead for quicker scrolling.