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  1. Check if you have a small flathead screwdriver that can still get a grip on the screw. Otherwise you might need to resort to using plyers to try and twist the screw out.
  2. There is stuff like putting "jk" or "sike" at the end of your message, to signify the above has been a joke/a lie, but not sure about other instances. Of course there are other sort of abbreviations used too. IANAL for example meaning "I am not a lawyer". Single-letter phrases I can think of are people saying "F", usually used when something bad (but not too serious) happened to someone and you want to pay respects. For example: Speedrunner: *Fails trick in a game* Twitch chat: F This comes from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, where you're at a funeral and move to
  3. Any properly made will do, but I can't vouch for the quality of the cheapest ones of course. If you get the splitter from somewhere, just check the reviews.
  4. Get a fan splitter. https://www.amazon.com/ThreeBulls-Splitter-Computer-Extension-Converter/dp/B07MXNT6V4/
  5. I thought about that yesterday too and I think it's a good solution, except for the fact that they often have quite a bit of info to put in the charts, which may not always fit on the bottom of a vertical histogram.
  6. I meant different directions relative to the screen they are presented on, I didn't mean different directions meaning better/worse. the better/worse is made apparent by the voice-over already. data is meant to be able to be seen in a glance, understood after knowing the context and/or seeing what the data points mean. looking at a right to left graph and understanding "more to the right = better" takes just as much effort as seeing "oh this measurement is in minutes and seconds, lower = better) in my opinion. but again, the visual medium is less importa
  7. ehhh I don't find your 'fix' any better than what we have now. if anything, I find it worse. to me, the graphs in the videos are only there to support the voice-over. i.e. "just look how much better product X is compared to product Y" *shows graph, where you can see a bar is twice as small/large on one vs. the other* These graphs usually work well enough for that purpose. no need to complicate it with different directions too
  8. Only upgrade things you need to upgrade. Don't fall into the trap of "spending money because surely stuff is cheap now!" That's just my opinion. Get something because you need it, is the way I look at it.
  9. C: is where Windows is installed, which is Disk 2 in your case. It might be there are some dependencies on Disk 0, causing it to not boot when it's not installed. Did you have the offending HDD plugged in when installing Windows? Can't say if that's normal or not though, not sure about that. I don't have anything like it though. Including BIOS time? Likely. Go to Task Manager and look at the "Startup" tab. In the top right it says "Last BIOS time", which could very well be 10-15 seconds. The boot time of 25 seconds doesn't seem that bad in such cases.
  10. https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/amd_radeon_rx_6800_xt_review,5.html Depends on what cards you're looking at I suppose. This review shows the power consumption per videocard under load, so that might give you a bit of a clue as to which consumes the most. Of course performance per watt has to be taken into account too. If videocard X uses 200W at most and outputs 400fps, it's a better option than videocard Y which uses 150W, but 'only' outputs 200fps. When you set your fps to a certain number, one of them uses less watt per fps, so could use less power in your u
  11. Were you logged in to your Microsoft account on your other (broken) computer?
  12. A supermarket does bring extra value, which (in my opinion) constitutes the added margin: - A supermarket has customer service, in case the bread is not to your liking - it also brings all the ingredients needed for a sandwich to one convenient location, so you don't have to go to the cow farm for cheese, veggie farm to get cabbage, etc. for your sandwich. - generally supermarkets are in a convenient location to get the product and its accompanying products If a price increase doesn't bring extra 'value', your business shouldn't have to exist. Of course the bene
  13. I haven't seen options with two adapters, but have seen options that use an adapter and bluetooth (bluetooth being built in to most if not all laptops). Logitech M590 and MX Master for example.
  14. You'd have to turn on the iGPU in your motherboard BIOS, assuming your CPU has onboard graphics (which not all do). It would be easier to get a displayport to HDMI converter adapter.