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  1. Well, you should've asked that, then. As for the answer, I have no idea.
  2. That's a BGA-package with a fuckton of pads -- if you have to ask a question like this, then no, you don't have the required expertise to handle it.
  3. I was just about to mention this myself. OP will blow a fuse, if they try to pull 200W out of the socket in a typical car. @Jerry202you'll typically find the maximum you can pull in the owner's manual for your car.
  4. Tesla did push an update that removed ConnMan and therefore the vulnerabilities of it already back in October last year -- you most likely have gotten the update a good while ago already.
  5. Why is that relevant? And you never park your Tesla anywhere? You're always just sitting in it, nervously staring at the skies?
  6. There are a billion different reasons. Just speaking for myself, I use my NAS for a lot more than just sharing files with. I also don't want my PC running at all times, since it's close to my bed. The NAS is in a different room, so it doesn't matter that it's noisy 24/7. The NAS is used by multiple people, so me rebooting my PC doesn't affect them. My desktop is built for gaming, the NAS isn't. And so on and so forth.
  7. I'll have to try to remember that, just in case I ever need to answer similar questions again. I don't have any Apple-devices, so my knowledge of their devices and supported features is rather limited. I ain't a Murican and I don't speak English natively, either, and thus also make a ton of mistakes all the time. Let's just all be imperfect together, eh.
  8. It looks like a slimline SATA used for optical drives in my eyes.
  9. As I said, the filesystem does not matter when transferring files over the network and yes, that applies to all of these devices. What matters is how the files are shared, like e.g. Windows uses a file-sharing protocol called SMB -- SMB is supported by Android and Linux, but I have no idea about Apple. SMB is not suitable for access over Internet, though, so you'd need something else for that.
  10. How much are you willing to pay?
  11. Increasing the amount of RAM won't make the iGPU any faster. If you find yourself running low on RAM. Only you can answer that, really, but if I had to guess, I'd guess that you can't really run anything particularly heavy on those specs and thus you wouldn't benefit much from more RAM. No.
  12. I don't understand the relevance, then. If the phone is connected to your PC and you copy files to the phone, then it's your PC that is reading the files, not the phone. As I said, the filesystem does not matter, if you're accessing the files over the network. If you mean that you'd connect the NTFS-formatted drive directly to these devices, well, Linux can read and write NTFS just fine, but I have no idea about Apple-devices and for Android it depends on the manufacturer -- some manufacturers include NTFS-supports, others don't. Well, you'd have to be running some software on
  13. I don't understand your rambling question. How would the phone be connected, if not wirelessly? Yes, your PC can read files on NTFS-formatted drives. NAS is a file-server, so that part doesn't make any sense, and whether the NAS supports NTFS or not depends on the NAS. Do you mean NAS with "NTFS PC"? If so, that, again, depends on the NAS: most of them do have some sort of a service for remote access even other the Internet.
  14. If the files are accessed over the network, then it doesn't matter what filesystem is in use.
  15. It seems @HanZie82is correct and there is an MXM-slot at the top-left, the large area covered by the black plastic. That said, finding a GPU for it will be difficult, if not impossible and entirely not worth the money.