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    Running a 960 on triple 1440p
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    tech stuff
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    Test subject @ Aperture Science


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    x99-e ws/3.1
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    32Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000mhz
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    EVGA GTX960 SC
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    Powermac g5
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    950 pro 512gb and mushkin 240gb ssd and WD Blue 1tb
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    Corsair AX860
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    3x Dell u2515h
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    Full Noctua
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    Logitech g710+
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    Func MS3 r2
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    jbl speakers and sennheiser ie80's and sennheiser rs175
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    windows 8 pro

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  1. You do need an asus board with a thunderbolt header. Gigabyte has something similar with their boards.
  2. it is a LACK rack (Google it )
  3. If you can have a third power supply (laptop style but 12v) you could use a relay per computer to switch on the power to the pump.
  4. Nope, to not be a bottleneck the physics card needs to be nearly as fast as your main GPU. Which is not worth it...
  5. With this many tabs you are probably getting close to the maximum amount of threads that Windows can manage. Each tab probably (This is my guess) has its own thread assigned to it. and 6000 threads is a lot to manage... (about 100 per core to schedule...)
  6. I think you want to wrap the option selection and the switch statement in a while loop, and use one of the options as a way to stop the loop. If you want to keep information persistent between iterations of the loop you want to declare those outside (before) the loop.
  7. Yup no problem, it's a similar card to what I linked. There are many others. StarTech has many weird expansion cards which can come in handy.?
  8. The card you have there is a m2 key A wireless card, not a mini pcie card. m2 is slimmer than mini pcie. There even are adapters from mini pcie to m2 key A.
  9. @Bruno_A It is a mini pcie card slot, often used for wireless cards. There are normal network cards available though: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Syba-Ethernet-Controller-1000Mbps-RTL8168C/dp/B00B524102 Also, while the slot is physically compatible with msata, it will not recognise a msata ssd.
  10. Belegen zit gewoon tussen jong en oud in. Heeft alleen maar te maken met het aantal weken dat de kaas gerijpt heeft.
  11. ftfy oude kaas > jong belegen kaas > jonge kaas
  12. You want to look at creating a Nginx reverse proxy.