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    i7 6700
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    Asus H170 "Pro Gaming"
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    16 gigs
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    RX480 8gigs
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    Meshify C Dark
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    2 SSDs and 1 HDD
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    EVGA G3 750W
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    Four 120mm helicopters
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    Logitech G413
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    Logitech G305
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    Audio Technica ATH-M30X
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    MS-DOS 10

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  1. Filters aside, muted for 3 days? That's quite excessive. Oh well guess they really don't want people to screw around with it.
  2. exactly what then i have no clue whats better than that
  3. I got the ES01, a PCI card with a remote control. Loooove it.
  4. Just get WinSpy++ and point it to that UI, it should tell you the origin.
  5. System on mine is under 800mb. I've seen some go up to a few TB which is quite insane. Sucks that Resource Monitor nor Process Hacker can show details to which images are responcible for sending and receiving data under "System" like you can with CPU cycles per thread. Should be resolved If you can find a way to see that somehow.. If it isn't windows updates or some sort of cumulative figure could be a service communicating back and forth all the time.
  6. They are? Thats pretty interesting considering there were a lot of tech companies in Texas which later moved to other places.
  7. I like how people are being excited about the Macbook "redesign" meanwhile I'm just like dude it's just Apple realising the color black can also look good on a laptop after too many years.