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    i7 6700
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    Asus H170 "Pro Gaming"
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    MSI RX480 8GB
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    FD Meshify C Dark
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    3 SSD / 1 HDD
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    EVGA SN G3 750W
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    1x Ultrawide 10ADP, 2x Wide 10ADP
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    Logitech G413
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    Logitech G305
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    Audio Technica ATH-M30X
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    Bill Gates

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  1. Too lazy to flip my monitor upside down to see that, sorry!
  2. Might wanna try clean installing the driver or use DDU. Or if that fails try another driver version. Latest doesn't always mean best. My display driver is from January still.
  3. Just saw the last Tq video and at the end the sponsor....a keycap with a fidget spinner... really? why??? ....and aren't those things dead?

  4. Yesterday I was busy and forgot about it. it's not going to be as daily as I thought. But anyway! *changes category name* It's getting increasingly hard to do these, I keep losing orientation around the traces and the discrepancy in distance overall is getting kinda yikes. I'm not stopping though but it will slow down the pace as I continue to get confuzzled. Revisions later may be needed if I care enough or it gets terribly bad.
  5. Every time I see these "slashproof" bags I know whats going to happen. Thats just not how it works, its a goddamn textile bag and it won't protect anything. Considering their website says "this bag achieves an ANSI A9 cut level, the highest there is!" then you can safely say slash-resistant bags in total do not exist and those who claim they are, are full of shit and are scamming people.


    1. Sauron


      to make a bag actually slash resistant it would have to be made out of chain mail...


      though to this one's credit, LPL is technically piercing the fabric and not just slashing it. it would be harder to do this while running by a person wearing this backpack.

    2. Murasaki


      3 minutes ago, Sauron said:

      it would be harder to do this while running by a person wearing this backpack.

      Normally people don't really do that, they'd just steal the bag itself and then cut it open 😆

  6. I'd open the tape and peek inside, could have been spooled incorrectly idk.
  7. Is it only happening with this vhs tape in particular? I think it might be a good idea to open your VCR and check what its doing while loading/ejecting the tape. As for the tape twisting no idea how that happened but I think it needs to be opened and manually untwisted.
  8. By looking at your computer: does it work? Yes. Health is good.
  9. This sounds like something out of a future-era oriented videogame. Not sure how to feel about it but one thing I know is if I worked there I'd be showing up with clothing all covered in smileys.
  10. Yeah things will not look aligned to the original but eh it'll work out!
  11. That movie feels more and more relevant. Some say it's an accurate prediction and can somewhat see why. Can't wait to see "Ow my balls!" in 8K.
  12. Feels like they either wanted to fit the day of the week string on the clock by default or want to imitate the MacOS dock but full screen width in size. Other than that idk why it has to be taller, was fine as is at 40px at 1080p